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I'm Kate, mama to two awesome kiddos who are DD 4 and DS 2 and one sweet little boy in heaven that we lost at 16 weeks in February and another loss this past June. I'm nervous, crazy nervous, that for some reason this baby won't stick either and I feel a bit like the boy who cried wolf with the last two pregnancies that we announced that never turned into babies in arms. But I need an outlet, someone to share this with...so here I am, cautiously hoping that this baby will join our family around June 6th. DD's birthday is 6/11/6 and this baby is due 6/6/11 so that seems fun!
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Welcome, welcome, welcome!!

to all who have had losses. I'm having trouble figuring out what number I should put behind your name in some of these cases...maybe the #1, #2 isn't the best way? Like Kate, for you I put #3 after losses but I'm not sure if that's how you'd prefer it or not.

So, if anyone doesn't like the way I interpreted your post and added you to the roll, please let me know and I will change it. And let me know if you guys think I should just take off the #s or if there is some other more relevant way to put that or what.
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Thanks for the welcome, Mel! I have no idea about numbers either...I know that losing Parker at 16 weeks was so hard and I have his ashes, a necklace with his name and my other two and that all felt so real...but again he is not a baby in arms so I wonder if later in life when someone on the street asks me how many kids I have (saying this one sticks) I would say three...not because I want to discredit him or the other baby (blighted ovum....still not sure how I feel about that) as a member of our family, but just to simplify and maybe not get into it with strangers...so I'm ok with you listing #3...it could just be # of living babies? Is that too morbid? In the heaven I've created in my mind for Parker he knows where he stands with or without a number in our family if that makes sense....what to other mamas with m/c think?
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[QUOTE=BarefootScientist;15899225]So is this your second? Congrats!


This is my second. First one is a girl who just turned 4.I have to write my signature,as soon as I figure out how to!
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Well, I'm still here. I had some pink mucous yesterday when I wiped, but I have no period. I still have to get a hold of my midwife to chat with her about things. My hubby won't be back until the end of Oct and that is when he'll find out (if things stick). I still can't believe he was home for 10 days (5 days of those I had my period) and we made a baby. I know the day we conceived and everything. And for the roster....just put down early June for me. I like being vague so there is no expectations for my babies and when the come
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Siobhan, I am pretty convinced that we conceived on the night of our 7th year anniversary!
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Anniversary babies are the best. I hope we have one someday. A September baby would be lovely. My parents have 4 kids, two of whom were born within a week of each other, just about 9 months after their anniversary. Hmm.
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I've had two m/cs, so this is my 4th pregnancy, but we're still trying for #2. I'm happy with #2 after my name -- since I mention the losses in my signature.
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I just told my parents and sisters. Everyone was thrilled! This will be their first grandchild. My mom said she saw me last week (before BFP) and told one of my sisters that she thought I was pregnant. She had 5 children so she knows pregnancy! She said that the timing seemed right (with our anniversary) and that I seemed different. She is so proud that she guessed right!!! We are telling my In-laws via skype on Saturday. They live in England and I know they will be so excited but sad that they can't be here! Anyone else have family overseas? Love this thread!
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Hi, I just found out that I am pg with #5! We have 3 girls and a boy, ages 8, 5, 2, and 1. I think I am due 6/12. We've been married 10 years this month! I think I'll be delivering again at our local FSBC.
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I'm Laura and have been married to DH for 3 years. This is our first, and I think my due date is around June 2. I've suspected for about 2 weeks (lower back-ache, running hot) but have known for a week. I feel like I've had some slightly unusual symptoms (running how and lower backache are were most obvious)- which has actually been nice since it's demonstrated to me how different everyone's experiences with pregnancy are.

I'm looking forward to being here and getting to know you ladies, there's such comfort in chatting with people in the same position.

Here's to happy, healthy pregnancies for all of us!
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i've been reading what you all have been writing for a few days now, since i found out i was pregnant last sunday. it's been so reassuring, i thought i'd come out of hiding and join the party.
my due date is june 7th. this is my first, we've been TTC for 5+ years now, so needless to say, we are tentatively very, very excited.
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Hi all! I'm kmarie. I've been married for almost four years to my great hubby and have a 15 month old little girl who is so fun We were not really trying to get pregnant, but we weren't really preventing either. As far as I can tell, this was pretty much the first month I could have gotten pregnant since DD (due to cycle wackiness from nursing). My due date is June 8th, but I'm thinking it'll be closer to June 1st (DD was a week early). I'm so excited that we get to do this again and can't wait to meet whoever this little one is!
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Hi mamas, it's so nice to be joining you here :-) I'm Laura too, so I can go by LauraG. I live in Germany, but I'm form CA. My husband is German, we met here 7 1/2 years ago. We have one 2 1/2 year old wild (and still nursing) monkey daughter and after trying 2 years for #2, had an IUI with only a trigger and got pregnant on our first try. We are absolutely thrilled.

I'm due June 9th, but dd was 17 days late, so we'll see. Dd was planned homebirth that transferred to the hospital after over 24 hours of labor and ended in a c-section. I'm fully convinced having full on pushing contractions and not being able to push might be the worst feeling in the world. I can't wait to be able to push with them this time. We're planning another homebirth :-)

This is also my firts ddc, I'm really looking forward to it.

Oh yes, just as with dd #1, we are very open about our pregnancy. I may regret this later, but I think it would be obvious to anyone I know if I suffered a loss anyway, and I would want to talk about that too.
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May I join you girls? My name is Jessica, I got my bfp on Thursday, but am still a little cautious as AF wasn't due until tomorrow . This will be our 6th baby, and we are keeping it to ourselves for a while for several reasons. Would love to be able to share here since I can't IRL just yet. I am due 6/12/2011

I am still bfing my lil girl who is a year old, and this is my 1st experience bfing while pg. I already noticed a slight drop in supply b4 my bfp, so I'm hoping we will be able to continue bfing....
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Originally Posted by KingsDaughter76 View Post

I am Kellina.... due with baby #8 for our family. EDD is June 10th. Praying this little one sticks!! :-)

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Hi LauraG, I transfered to a hospital too after 36 hours of labor (24 with broken waters). Ugh, ugh! I'm so sorry that your birth ended with a C-section. I was able to birth vaginally, just with pitocin and the works (including a strange, unfriendly male doctor). Anyway, I am also planning another home birth (VBACs aren't legal at home here in Alaska--not that I might not find a way around that if I were in your shoes). I have been doing a lot of soul searching about what to do differently next time. I really think that I was so tense that I never allowed my body to relax and do its job. I'm considering investing in a birthing tub and Hypnobabies! But we'll see. I hope you share what you are planning. But I know we have LOTS of time.
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Oh, ha! Just realized I clicked on June, not May. Well....my first was 1.5 weeks after my EDD, so I may very well jump back & forth between May/June.


I'm a little surprised to be here on MDC again. I got two positive results on Wednesday night using home pregnancy tests, though we haven't been trying. I haven't posted much (at all?) here since my first was born.

I haven't been to see my midwife yet, but I did go to my general practitioner's office yesterday to get yet another test since I still can't quite believe I'm pregnant (the dr. was clearly humoring me, told me that false positives are extremely rare, and congratulated me as she wrote out the order for the lab test).

I'm a little dubious of the dates I get using EDD calculators, as my period never really returned to being normal since I started getting it again about 6-8 mos ago--still, the EDD I keep coming up with is May 22.

A little about me: I'm married, a mama of a just-turned 2-year-old girl that I'm still bfing, I work outside the home, and live in the SF Bay Area in a wonderful interfaith, multiracial family.

It's sort of random, but the title of a book by one of the rabbis I studied with for conversion has been echoing in my head the last few days: This is real and you are completely unprepared. The book is about the High Holidays, but man....it sure does apply to how I feel right about now.

I'm actually quite happy to be sure, btw--this is pregnancy is not an unhappy thing. Just unexpected and definitely sooner than we were envisioning for our second.

Anyway...hello all!
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Hi! My name is Tiffany. This will be #2. Our son will be 14 in December. We've been TTC for over three years. This was our first month switching from our OB to our RE! I'm very nervous, but excited at the same time. We've had several miscarriages, so we are also cautiously hoping this baby makes his/her appearance around middle of June.

Congratulations to everyone!
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Originally Posted by vivica2 View Post

Awwww! Thanks!! :-)
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