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How many diapers should I keep?

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I'm posting it here instead of in the diapering forum because I'm decluttering and trying to figure out what to keep.

I used prefolds for Ladybug and then towards the end switched to flats. Then I discovered WI2s and ordered some from a WAHM. But, we also ECed so she was completely out of dipes by 18 months.

So here's my current stash:
48 cotton flats
6 hemp flats
24 standard prefolds
36 infant prefolds
4 one size PUL covers
2 of each x-small, small & medium PUL covers
10 wool in twos (6 one size 4 newborn)
15 newborn fitteds
10 hemp prefolds
and about two dozen hemp doublers

I need to downsize, even washing once a week or if the next one is actually twins that is way too many dipes!

Here's what I'm thinking of doing:
36 cotton flats (I layer two together starting around 9 months)
6 hemp flats
15 newborn fitteds
1 dozen hemp doublers
1 dozen of each size of prefold to use with the Wi2s (they snap in)
6 total wi2s (these can be used as a cover over any diaper)

I'll only be able to wash once a week, but with EC I actually use fewer diapers so once a week isn't that bad.

Thoughts? Is this still too many? Diapers are the one area I am loathe to downsize but I must because I need to clear out space in the chest of drawers for the baby's things.
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Honestly if you have the room Id keep the diaps.. but my kids tend to go through a lot and Im bad at keeping up with laundry when I have a newborn. Id love to have enough diaps to wash once a week but I was washing daily with the newborn phase and it was so tiring (specially with nursing issues and a baby who spent a week in the NICU).

I say your numbers look good. Also, talk to your partner and make sure they don't have diapers they prefer. I found out when I got pregnant this time that my DH didn't like certain covers/diapers so thats why he never used them. Duh! Now it all makes sense to me, hes so good at changing diapers (even getting up in the middle of the night to change them so I could sleep if the baby wasn't hungry) I wondered why he never used certain ones.
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Yes, DH prefers the Wi2s, I like the flats but he never could fold them

Part of me wants to stockpile the dipes not for this next one but for future kids. I know so many mamas of large families who used diapers for so long that they are holey! But, we have an 800 sq ft apartment and if we move it will be to a similarly sized place.
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Yea, I kept even the ones falling apart because DH and I don't use birth control (leaving family size up to Heavenly Father) and I know we were washing a lot with the last one. Im getting a bunch of prefolds for day time use but DH won't use prefolds or fitteds/covers.. I love the guy but Im lucky if he will remember to button up the onesie after a change, especially when the baby becomes mobile.

Honestly if you are planning on a big family or think you might have one Id be tempted to keep the flats and diapers without elastic. Just so you know elastic degrades overtime so diapers with elastic will not work well after I think its 6-8 years (you could look it up, I don't remember off the top of my head). If you don't know how to repair them/don't know how to sew its probably best to get rid of those with elastic because otherwise you might end up with diapers you can't rehome and can't repair. I had a few with bad elastic but luckily I can figure out a way to do just about anything sewing as long as I can find a tutorial or someone to explain to me what to do.
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