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Eastern WA midwife?

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Anyone know of a midwife who serves rural eastern WA? Ideally, I am looking for one who will do homevisits, VBAC, and be very hands off. Oh, and accept insurance.
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FYI- Blue Bradley out of Twisp doesn't do VBACs at this time.
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What is the closest major city (town) to you?
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FYI, if you can't find a midwife to do a HBAC and you end up in a hospital, Yakima Memorial Hospital has the lowest c-section rate in the state - somewhere around 17% (including VBACs). If you want a VBAC in WA that's the hospital to birth in!

Yakima, of all places! *marvels*
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midwife eastern wa

Depending on where you are in Eastern Washington, Dana Combest is great!
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If you are near spokane/idaho, Cathy Weston has been with me through two births and I can not recommend her enough. bloomspokane.com is a great resource for finding midwives in the Spokane area, and could maybe help you find someone in your area if you are further out.
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Dana is great, yes!

I think you are way northwest from me, but here in Colville, we also have a new midwife named Colleen Donavon-Batson. She is warm, competent and just an amazing lady! Phone: 684.2914
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