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No Freaking Way - I'm Pregnant Again?! UPDATE: POST #23

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Went to get IUD today at 7 weeks PP and the preg test came back positive. WTF?! All I could do is laugh. We are getting a blood test to confirm, will know in 24-48 hrs. DH was in waiting room w 2yo when I came out and told him. Older lady said "time for the pill" and I said it was a little late for that. "The morning after pill" she says with a scowl. I replied it was too late for that too. We left but her comments kept bugging me. We went to the cafe to eat and process, and there she was. I wrote her a note that said "When you overhear that someone is expecting a child, even under the worst circumstances, to suggest the morning after pill without being asked is very rude. Just FYI!" After I gave it to her she just left. I am still in shock. Laughter is my coping mechanism right now!
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WOW!!! I am speechless! Congrats on the new addition and that lady had better learn to keep her mouth shut. Wow! What a horrible, sad person! Anyway, congrats on your Irish twins. Let us know when you hear the confirmation.
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Oh my goodness! . Sounds like somebody just couldn't WAIT to be a part of your family! That happened to a friend of mine and those two kids are thick as thieves and best friends.

What a rude lady in the waiting room! I would be flaming mad if that was me. Good for you for writing that note. Maybe she will think twice next time.

I would love for this to be me since I want more but DH is done. I will have to live vicariously through you. . Laugh it up mama! Way better than crying!
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Congratulations! I think it is a wonderful blessing! Sometimes the way we plan and time things leaves us a bit speechless when it doesn't end up that way, but what a wonderful blessing!

Are you EBF? EBF has not worked for pregnancy prevention for me, either. We have 2 that are spaced 12 months apart (not quite as close as yours will be) and then 15 months. Both conceived while breastfeeding with no fertility signs!

Anyway, congratulations again, and know the toughest part will be the rude and ignorant commentary from worldly people who don't see the joy and blessing of children...we get it a lot...(13, 8, 7, 5, 15 months and 3 weeks) confusing, too..because it's usually right before the "wow, your kids are well behaved comments", leaving me wondering why then they are so bad to have and raise!
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Yes, I am exclusively breastfeeding my 7 week old, and in fact was also breastfeeding my 2yo as well, up until a few days ago. I thought EBF was 98% effective within the first 6 months PP?! I can't believe it. Aren't there health risks to getting preg so soon? I am 40 for crying out loud! Oh well, I should have thought about that and used a condom with superman DH. He already got me pregnant on the minipill once (with the now 2yo). How could I have been so lax and let this happen? Ay yi yi!

Oddly I feel excited more than upset... for now. I may be crying my eyes out tomorrow.
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Oh my goodness! How very exciting! Congratulations to you and yours! I don't know if I would have been able to laugh, what an ignorant woman!
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Wow! Congrats! I just told this to D. and he freaked out and said he thought it was a sure thing that ebf kept us from getting pregnant now that we've been dtd for the last 2 weeks. Then he ran up the stairs happily yelling "We're gonna have another!"

I agree with quiver, children are wonderful. I have a grocery bag from Lululemon that has a bunch of sayings on it. One of them says "Children are like Orgasms, you never know how wonderful they are until you have one."
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Congrats...it's exciting! my first 2 are 15 months apart and then I had another 12 months later. EBF and no period in between my kids. It's crazy. But fun! I get A LOT of comments everywhere I go...especially the "are they twins" NO. WHAT???
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Congrats mama!

And I can't believe how rude that woman was. You did the right thing with that note.
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Thanks for all your congratulations. I suppose I should thank the rude lady from the waiting room, too -- she knocked any negative feelings out of my mind and sent me right into defending my baby, ya know?
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Well, I was EBF my first, co-sleeping, nursing on demand, the whole she-bang and I started my period at 6 weeks pp and went every 28 days after that until getting preggers when she was 10 mo. So I could've been you! This time I have been freaked out about using protection bc I could start ovulating whenever. Guess you're just really fertile. I have a friend who just had her 6th in 6 years and she seems super healthy, not my cup of tea but I think you should be fine. Of course I'm not a medical professional.
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Good call on the note to that nasty woman. Some people are so callous.
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Originally Posted by HaikuMommy View Post
I thought EBF was 98% effective within the first 6 months PP?! I can't believe it. Aren't there health risks to getting preg so soon?
Looks like you are in the lucky 2% Maybe you should go buy a lottery ticket or something, you're beating the odds...

I'd say talk to your OB/MW about the health risks, but mostly make sure you are eating, eating, eating and drinking, drinking, drinking. It's hard on your body, you need to fuel yourself, get lots of nutrition and drink lots of water-- take care of yourself! And Congratulations!
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Yeah, in general, I think if your body is fertile, it is accepting to some degree of a new pregnancy.

I would say keeping your protein intake very high, and drinking lots of RRL and nettle tea for iron and iron absorption would be very helpful. Your MW or OB will help direct you...I know there are some who become very alarmed at closely spaced pregnancies, and others are all for it...you just need to be extra attentive to nutrition-yet, the baby takes all from you before you'll get it, so if anyone "suffers" it would be you, not baby...

I think it's great, as I said earlier, and you are right about being thankful to the woman for making you already a champion for your babe!

MANY blessings to you and the new LO!
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DDCC...congratulations! And holy crap, that would have meant you conceived at what, 3-4 weeks PP? I didn't even know that was possible! I'm pretty sure I would have fainted dead if it were me...I would not have even had a clue that you can get pregnant at a month postpartum, especially while breastfeeding! :
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I'm on my second period since Edie was born 2 months ago so it's definitely possible. Yikes!
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And good for you for giving that nurse a note-how rude of her!
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I am so in shock for you! You seem to be handling the news really well though. That woman's comment just...ugh...I don't even know what to say about it.

Congratulations though and have fun in the May(?) DDC!!!
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Originally Posted by lisalulu View Post

And good for you for giving that nurse a note-how rude of her!
That rude woman wasn't a nurse, just an OBGYN patient in the waiting room.

We may have conceived at 6 weeks PP. We first DTD 2 days before the 6 week mark, and 2 more times within the next 7 days. That's it!

I'm not even 8 weeks PP yet! If I am pregnant, I would have conceived less than 2 weeks ago. The nurse had said the positive result on the test was faint and was consistent with having conceived a little less than 2 weeks prior.

No confirmation yet...
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Honestly, I have to say congrats for even making conception possible already. DH and I still haven't gone there yet. I must admit, even though I don't want to be pregnant again anytime soon, I think it's exciting that you might be. Probably because I love little ones. Can't wait to hear the results.
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