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Mastitis from Ergo?

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Hi Baby-wearing mamas!

I am sick from mastitis for the 3rd time this month! My very first case of it came when my LO was 6 weeks old, and that wasn't related to any type of carrier. We recently bought an Ergo for my husband to wear, and I happily tried it out. I really like it...it helps to have him on my back when we are cooking or cleaning. Each time we take a long walk in the Ergo, or do some other type of extended activity...the next day I get mastitis. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have a suggestion for a back-carry product that doesn't have back-pack type straps? The straps seem to cut off circulation or something under my arm pit, leading to the mastitis. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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For circulation issues, I think a wrap-style carrier would be best, so there will be no pressure points.. it distributes the weight all over. If you're going to do a back-carry though, it should be a woven wrap and not a stretchy, for better support.
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