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Ergo carrier?

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I've never been able to master the back-carry in the Maya and I'd like to be able to wear Zoe while I'm cooking.

I just ordered an Ergo carrier and I'm wondering how easy/hard it will be to get Zoe in the backpack by myself.

Any thoughts?

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We love our Ergo! However, the instructions that come with it are impossible!!!!! The best way to do the back carry (IMHO:LOL ) is to lay the Ergo down on a bed or couch (works in the back seat of a car or a picnic table too!), lay the baby on it, buckle the waist belt, pull on the shoulders, sit up and then snap the chest buckle. Its easy and fast! Enjoy!
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i had not heard of the ergo carrier, so i checked out the website. it looks like a great product, very comfy and secure. i can get ds into the sling on my back, but worry about him falling out the bottom. my suggestion is to insert the child, then sit said child on the sofa, up against the back. sit in front and slide your arms into the straps, the stand. of course, someone who's used the carrier may have a better idea. the website mentioned an insructional video which probably shows just how to do it. side point...the picture of the nursing child was cute, but how many of us are to saggy to do it that way?!lol.
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I have no trouble at all putting my babies on my back in the Ergo. I do it standing up. I put the Ergo on, put the left shoulder strap on, slide ds onto my back from my hip, pull his left leg through, then I put the right shoulder strap on, wiggle around to get ds settled right, and buckle. I don't worry about dropping my babies as much as some people do. When people watch me putting them in the Ergo/Kozy on the street I get lots of and "Is there anything I can do to help?!"

But, I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out one way or another!

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It took a bit of practice for me but I can get my dd into the Ergo alone if I have to. It's such a comfy carrier.
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