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Nipple Crust?

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Okay, so I have noticed little bits of whitish stuff on my nipples. Like, in the holes. Does anyone else have this? Is it milk/colostrum?

I usually pick them out before I shower. Then I shower but don't soap my chest. Should I leave them there? I pick them out because it feels better after I do and I don't want to plug a duct or anything. But if my body is doing it maybe I should just leave it alone...does anyone know???

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i don't know what it is, but i have the same- well, similar- mine looks a little more like tiny scabbing over the nipples. like i said, i don't know what it is, but i don't think you should pick it off. i had it with my last pregnancy as well- i don't think i did with my fisrt. i'll ask at my next mw appoinment.
while taking a shower the other day, i asked my dh if he thought it was yucky and he said "no, it looks like a little bee came and sealed you off till the next baby comes." this is a much prettier way to imagine it than "scabs"- i like it.
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I have the same thing. I put oil on my belly, breasts, etc to keep everything moisturized, otherwise I itch. When I rub the oil on my nipples, all the crusts come off - feels like sand:-) But, once I do, my nipples stop itching like crazy.
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I've had that every pregnancy. I think it must be colostrum. I, too, think it looks kinda yucky, so I occasionally pick at it, but it always comes back. Also, it looks raw and "open" after I pick it out, so I really try not to do that. All I could think about last pregnancy, though, was how DD's first swig of colostrum was going to have crunchy stuff in it . But, of course, I never thought about that as I was nursing her the first time, and then when I remembered to look later, it was all gone. Our bodies work
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I have had this for, like, six years! It went away a lot a year after weaning but even then I would have a little every week or so. Totally normal.
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I also have had this since I first started breastfeeding like 6 years ago. It didn't even go away in the one instance where I wasn't pregnant or nursing.
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Jenne--I'm so glad you asked this question... i was just looking at my nipples yesterday scratching my head. anyways, i just leave mine alone, but they neither hurt nor bother me. but good to know!

btw, i did just read in a nursing book whenever you deal with the nipple to wash hands before touching...so if i was going to regularly pick it off, i might consider washing the hands just before, if i wasn't doing it already. but it doesn't bug me at this point, so i'm just leaving it as is.

thanks again!
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friendly psa

I have it, too. I have to warn you, though. When I was pg with my 2nd child, I was a little obsessive about picking it out. Well, somehow, I must have picked more than the crust, because a piece of my nipple came off and now I have a permanent crater in my left nipple. So, pick with caution. It's been 3 pregnancies since then, and my ugly nipple doesn't look any better.
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Yes i do believe it is colostrum and it will continue to leak more. I remember when I was preggo with ds, it would leak out onto my arm at night. I'd wake up with a little trail of crusty/stickyness from my nipple onto my arm (if i was topless haha sorry tmi) or some inside my shirt/nightgown.
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Yup, I had it last time - hasn't started yet this time.
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I heard before that it's dried colustrum. I'm not sure though. I just checked now and when I tried flicking a piece off my nipples started leaking.
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I've had it every pregnancy and it just started this time too (in conjunction with breast growth which has just happened in the last week or so).

I rub it off gently in the shower but otherwise leave it alone.
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Actually I lied - there it is, with a leak underneath. (I'm a complusive picker of all things.)
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I'd be willing to bet it's colostrum. I had the same with DS but assumed it wasn't colostrum because I never actually leaked. Later on I realised it was probably just so little that it stays in the nipple pores and crusts up instead of actually leaking onto stuff. Then about a year and a half ago I noticed a bump on my nipple, kind of like a pimple, and when I popped it it looked just like milk. I'm pretty sure it was a milk blister. Then I started examining my nipples more closely after that and realised I had a very small amount of whitish stuff in the pores and if I squeezed it a tiny bit more would come up...not as much as when I was pregnant with DS and it really was hardly noticeable, but it was definitely there. This was a year after DS weaned. I've pretty much noticed it ever since, whenever I bothered to pay attention. Around 16 or so weeks with this one I noticed it increasing, very similar to with DS. There's definitely some stuff in my nipple pores and I'm 99% sure it's milk. It's just way too little to actually leak, although at 16 or 17 weeks I did have one incident where I wasn't wearing a bra and I felt a slight tingling/midly burning sensation in my left boob and a few minutes later I realised my shirt was wet right against my nipple (every time I've had the sensation since I've been wearing a bra so I can't see anything on it). The only difference so far with it this time and with DS is that with DS my nipples itched BIG TIME and I think was part of that. That said, I'm pretty sure I was further along when I noticed it (though I wasn't exactly inspecting my nipples on a regular basis so who knows how long it had been there). So we'll see if I itch this time...I'm hoping not!
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I remember it last time around, but not when it started. This time it started at around 17 weeks. I didn't think I'd make colostrum so early.
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Me too, white crust, like dandruff. I have seen it since DS weaned recently. I did pick it though and now there is very little that rinses off with water, I am pretty sure it is little amounts of colostrum that dries out...
I won't pick anymore, but if there is stuff that is stuck, I will prolly use the wash pouf or gentle loufa or something, cause I'm obsessive compulsive with such things. I just can't stop it.

with DS, I started leaking around 26 weeks or so, so I guess the issue will resolve rather soon when a heavier flow of colostrum will start... I already got the nursing pads out of the basement and washed them again. Ohhh and I brought those wool/silk ones from back home, they are so soft!
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I've had this through most of my pregnancies and I recently tested my boobs with a hand pump and to my surprise, tons of clostrum came out!
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yup normal..... wouldn't stress about it
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