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Cankles already ?!?! >:(

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Hi Mommas,

L.A. just broke a record with 113 F day on Monday in Downtown. I work Downtown and it took a toll on my ankles. I stayed hydrated and was indoors with A/C most of the day. Both of my feet are swollen but the left looks worse. This happened with DD too but not until about 34 weeks and would subside after 2 days or so and start up again if I wasn't elevating ABOVE the heart as often as possible. I worked until the day DD was born. Basically, left work at 4:30 pm and went into labor at 4:30 am the following day.

My chiropractor said that acupuncture will help and provide immediate relief at this stage, I am 28 weeks. Any mommas out there who went this route?
With DD, the swollen cankles didn't go down until a week AFTER she was born. I just don't feel comfortable about accupuncture before 37 weeks.

What else can I do? With Julian due 12/15/10 it's not really an option to wear open toe footwear or slip on shoes. Granted if this heat wave keeps up, who knows. I may have to breakdown and buy some UGGS.

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oh mama. that does sound early for this to be happening. please make sure your health is ok.
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Assuming the swelling isn't related to anything serious like Pre-E, I HIGHLY suggest nettle tea. Nettle is a mild diuretic (so drink a ton of water, too!) and will help remove the swelling.

I mix in nettle with my RRL....with DD, I managed to keep my rings on/have no swelling anywhere else until I delivered.
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I had some swelling issue several weeks back when it got so hot and humid here. I have never done well in super hot weather, doesn't even matter if I'm pg or not, I still swell in my fingers and feet. Now that it's cooled down, everything is back to normal again. It's so nice to have ankles again (not that I can really see them over my tummy). I do agree that nettle tea will help. Dandelion leaf tea is also very good for swelling. I upped both in my pg tea to help with the swelling.
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My Midwives and I second that suggestion on Dandelion root pills. I take as many pills of dandelion root a day as I am months pregnant, so right now I take 7 pills a day. Plus, eat a low carb diet, and drink my pregnancy tea which is made up of Rasberry leaf, dandelion leaf, nettle leaf, and peppermint leaf....those three things sure do keep the swelling down.
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Thank you!

Sonrisa: What brand are the dandelion root pills? Also is your pg a custom blend or did you buy it like that already?

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Had the same thing with DD, way worse on the left side and it's starting again. I wore tight knee socks under my scrubs-don't know if that's an option for you in an office.

Why no acupuncture? I've been going from the start for all my pregnancy-acquired annoyances...
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def. try to increase nettles and dandelion (though I think it's the leaf, not the root that is advised...I'll do a quick search through my books).

a nice blend that I think I've mentioned before:
Lemon Balm
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I take dandelion root made by by Nature's Way and my Mother's tea was given to me by my MW's, the label is western botanicals. HTH, cooler weather here in Cali...thank goodness.
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