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RI doctor rec....

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who takes Neighborhood health and is OK with little to no vax? I'm in desperate need of a new PCP!

Thank you
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Are you talking about a PCP for you or for your kids?

I've been seeing Dr. Michael Rosenberg on the East Side for the past couple of years. He's a PCP, but a DO, not an MD. I'm not sure how he is regarding vax, but for some reason I think he'd be easygoing about it.

My kids see Dr. Joseph Singer in Riverside. He's a pediatrician. He doesn't seem to be pushy about vax, either....although my kids were fully vaxed as babies so it hasn't been a big deal for us. He did tell me what my oldest might want to have if he were to go off to college, but wasn't forceful about it. He just wrote the names of the vaxes on a slip of paper and handed it to me.

Both doctors are personable and thorough. Both take Neighborhood Health, afaik.
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