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I'm 5w1d and so far I've had some heartburn, which is unusual for me. Can't figure out if it's pregnancy related, though, since--really--what would be the cause? It's not like my innards are rearranged at this point.

Also, I'm incredibly irritable and have been having crazy mood swings. I'm pretty sure my middle-school students have been wondering what's with teacher. One minute everything's happy and funny and the next I'm freaking out about a name not being in the right spot on their papers.

Also, diarrhea cha-cha-cha! Not sure if it's pg-related, but I told my DH I was having morning sickness out of the other end the last few days
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Oh, forgot the chin acne--makes me feel like a pregnant teenager!
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7 weeks. Needing about twelve hours of sleep. Crampiness and very sore breasts. I'm having to sleep in a bra. In fact, I'm tempted to shower in a bra...they hurt so much. That's why I thought this was just PMS, haha. Then there has been the food aversions...anything that smells stronger than boiled pasta is right out. The one thing I do want is Powerade slushies...and they come right back up. Thought I just had the flu.

Also an aversion to smells...candles, soap, shampoo, perfume, deodorant, toothpaste. Even my cats breath. Last night I was asking my partner if he could smell her breath from where he was sitting! I swear, it was powerful!

And last but most torturous...getting very, erm, amorous. Unfortunately this happens at about two-thirty p.m. when partner is at work. That should have clued me in that it was not PMS!
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I forgot to mention the diarrhea too and also read online that there is an ingredient in my prenatals that is also a laxative so it may be from that.
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I just gotta say...

My boobs are so sore!!!!!!!


I'm just sayin'.

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Super tired and waiting any day now for the nausea and puking to begin. I'm sick my entire pregnancy (this #4) and now I know more things to try back then either.
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4w 6d. Mostly fatigue so far - for a few days I had dizziness, probably due to low blood pressure, but it seems to have subsided. No nausea yet, thank goodness. I have felt a bit more weepy, but so far only for non-fictional things (like weeping at YouTube Hypnobabies births). No nausea yet, thank goodness!

I think I'm a little fatter, but I can still fit into everything just fine. It's funny - with DD it was six weeks before I tested, so I can't really compare this to last time, but it still feels odd knowing I'm pregnant and yet not feeling terrible.
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The nausea is beginning! Not fun. Last pregnancy, I controlled things well with "settling foods" (bananas always worked!). I only was "sick" 4 unhappy times. Now, I am laying awake in the middle of the night feeling icky and wondering if I should raid the fridge or just try to get some sleep. Yuck. The first trimester is the worst.

I also am having circulation problems with my hands falling asleep easily (already?), but I am trying to exercise 3 days a week and that helps so much (also helps with lower back pain). Oh, and I measured myself (partly for inspiration with the exercise) and I gained two inches in the abdomen. Not sure if this is right or not, but very possible, I suppose!

But I'm so tired! I just want to sleep and nothing is getting done. It is hard having a toddler to feed and change and keep out of trouble. I think with my first pregancy, I slept 16 hours a day and felt great!

Sorry. . . whine, whine, whine. I am so thankful that I am growing a baby. I have so many friends who want to and don't have this blessing right now. I need to keep things in perspective. It will ALL be worth it. Now I'm getting teary eyed. Yup. I'm pregnant!
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I'm due the same day, June 1st, and I am very nausous, can barely eat, VERY sore breast, extremely tired, headaches, dizzy, etc!! and I actually just went in yesterday because I had my HCG levels drawn on Monday and they were at 20,000 which is probably why I am having lots of symptoms. They did an ultrasound as well and I saw my little peanut's heart beating away!! Originally the dr wasn't going to do an u/s but said with my hcg levels so high he should be able to see something! The heartbeat is always a reassurance!!! Congratulations to everyone, and you will get symptoms soon. With my second I didnt' start getting ANY symptoms till around 9 weeks and they all hit at once, so just be patient, they'll come!! :-)
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suddenly, on Monday the symptoms really started kicking in (Am 5 1/2 weeks now). I just fell asleep whilst settling my daughter, and really wanted only salted chips and orange juice.
Next night it was 7pm. Last night it was 6pm and I just woke up from a 2 hour nap with my daughter today, cranky that I could not sleep more.
How on earth do people do this with one or more children already running around the place needing so much attention? And, what on earth do I eat with m/s! I remember last time eating very little, and those feelings have suddenly returned. Hello OJ, chips and dry toast!
I also feel bad complaining, as a few days ago I would have done anything for some symptoms to show me that things were progressing normally. Now I just suddenly feel so overwhelmed at how to continue loving and caring for my daughter whilst giving the new developing little baby the nutrition and care it needs!
Ho hum. I am sure this too will pass and that things will get easier and/or I will simply find survival strategies :-)
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I'd been doing pretty good ... a little nausea (no actual ... being sick ... though ), very sore breasts .... but today, OH MY GODS I'm so exhausted. I could - literally - lay on the tile floor beside my desk at work and sleep for at least an hour. I'm not sure how I'm going to drive home, or take care of the kids/animals or make dinner ... soooo ... sleepy ...
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Good to see I'm not the only one with the sleepy thing going on. Yesterday I slept on the couch for three hours, woke up and puttered for another two, then went to bed and slept another nine. And now, at only 1:30 pm, I could do with another nap (but I have things to do, so I'm skipping it until I can't skip it anymore).

No appetite. Not sick, and I'm only really queasy when I ride the bus, but I'm not interested in food (which is bizarre for me!) and when I do eat, I can only eat a little bit until it hurts to breathe. My waist is thicker already and I have a bit of a tummy pudge, guess I'm bloated. I'm also eating different - some days I just want apples and cucumbers, and today I just ate three small cookies for lunch, when normally I don't really go for sweets.

And ohhhh, the mood swings. One minute I'm cheerfully bopping along to music, and the next minute I'm crying on the floor. I've gotten a really short temper lately too. Sometimes I feel like a complete psycho.

Breasts aren't quite painful yet, but they're sore and they're definitely big! That's the good part I guess, haha.

I'm not complaining one bit though! The more symptoms, the better for my peace of mind!
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