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Serious backed up plumbing. Anyone else? What to do about it!?
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Me too! Although the last few days haven't been too, too bad. I had TERRIBLE constipation with my last pregnancy, though. Drinking lots of water seems to help. I'm trying to drink smoothies with ground flax and spinach, not sure if that's helping but it's healthy all the same. A couple of times last pregnancy, when I was absolutely desperate, glycerin suppositories were my friends.
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Drinking lots of water and eating fruit are helping
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Are there any foods in your everyday life that loosen you up? Raisins & grapes always clear me out in a hurry (TMI!) and of course there are always prunes.
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Man. I have just the opposite!
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I always have horrible constipation during pregnancy. I can drink gallons of water, but my digestion just slows sooooo much that it doesnt help as much as I need it to.

I eat a couple Tbsp of ground flaxseed soaked in pomegranate juice every day, which helps. I try and eat 2-3 dried prunes a day and yogurt for a snack every morning. I eat much smaller meals so that my digestion has time to move things along.

If its been a couple days I drink some coffee.. and everything above.

If it is more then a few days I take colace 2x a day. I hate pregnancy digestion/stomach issues.
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What is colace?

Fruit and water aren't doing the trick. I ate a handful of prunes last Friday, which worked. 5 days here!
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oh that SUCKS.

A friend of mine had raisin bran every day (almost typed raisin brain lol) and said that really helped.

If you're looking into the big guns... I have bentonite and fiber pills for "special" occasions. Bentonite is actually clay in liquid form that pulls toxins from the colon and the fiber pills work with it. However, you can't take it within an hour at least of eating or taking prenatals.

I have this for times I've done juicing... not specifically for pregnancy. I'd totally try ground flax/raisin bran/ that kind of stuff before getting into anything else.

I have taken the bentonite and fiber while preg but I'm not a doc so if you're curious maybe check it out with yours.
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If you are taking an iron supplement, that may be contributing to the problem. Getting iron from blackstrap molasses instead could help. (It also comes in pill form--you don't have to eat molasses.) I think Floradix (iron supplement) is easy on you too.
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I'm not having too bad of problems, but I can tell things are on the sluggish side. If I lay off the skim milk that I've been craving so much then it eases up, so I think mine is dairy related.
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I had horrible constipation when I started Zofran in my last pregnancy. I had one dose of Miralax to start things moving and then took Dulcolax every day I took Zofran and never had another problem.
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ooooh, yes. But I have a problem with this anyways so, now, on top of eating a diet that promotes elimination (ha), I need a little help.

I have found chia to be a lovely aid for now. I keep a container of it, already soaked and add it to a glass of water every morning when I wake up. If I'm really backed up, then I also have a glass of it before bed.

With my last pregnancy, before the m/c, I was eating prunes and drinking prune juice. But it was so early in the nuaseas stages that one day, my stomach decided prune juice was just disgusting and I couldn't go near the stuff without wanting to hurl!
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Apples, carbs and water seem to help me.
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