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DD, yesterday: "I got a baby in my tummy! Hmm... not very much. Maybe just a doughnut."
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While listening to "You Can't Say That on the Radio" by Trick Pony (in which there are a lot of strategic "bleeps" to demonstrate you can't say *that* on the radio)......

DS (8) "Mom, I've never been able to figure out where curse words go in a sentence. I mean, are they nouns, verbs, adjectives....?"
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DD is 6 and we're all still sharing the family bed/s. I asked her the other day when she'd be ready for her own bed and her reply was, "When I'm 24." 24?!?
I'm so never going to make baby number 3...

A wandering magazine salesman came to the door a couple of days ago. He had a cane and he walked up our 1/2 mile driveway. I could tell DD was fascinated. He was a little creepy though so I tried to get rid of him faster. Then he got out the REALLY hard sale by telling me how nice my yard looked, etc. He remarked that all the fresh air must be why I didn't look a day over 30. That's when DD piped up with, "How long have you been walking?!?!"

I'm 38...
And I look it too. Even DD thinks so!
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