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new to this, want to wear baby on back

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Hi everyone, I hope you can give me some good tips. I'm due to give birth to child #2 in a month, and this time around I want to use a sling more than I did with the first one. With the first, I sewed a hand-made sling suggested by my midwife, but I chose a kind of stretchy cloth, which was stupid, because the baby ended up hanging down by my hips instead of up close where he needed to be. Ha ha ha. Plus, he fussed, protested, and wiggled every time I tried to put him in a sling, so I eventually just gave up, pretty much.
But this time, I'm determined to do things differently. For starters, I'll just bite the bullet and buy a professionally-made sling; that should help. And use the sling right from birth, so the baby just gets used to it from the start.

My main question, though, is this-- what is the best sling to use for carrying the baby on my back? That's how women from traditional cultures do it all over the world, and I see why. It's just plain hard to get anything done when the baby is in front. Even though your arms are free, you still have to reach over the baby, which is inconvenient when you're trying to cook or clean or type on the computer, and so on ...
So my priorities are #1--comfortable, #2--easy to use, and #3--at least somewhat stylish (sounds vain, I know...)
What brands and styles do you recommend, and what have your experiences been?
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if you are going to be putting a newborn on your back I suggest a woven wrap (make sure its not stretchy)

if you arent putting LO on your back until later on after they are bigger w/ head control, I'd suggest a mei tai or SSC.

In the beginning, I prefer a pouch/ring sling or a stretchy wrap on front when they are tiny. About 4 months I usually switch to a mei tai/SSC on front and about 6 months is when i started putting LO on my back this past time.

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Does anyone have a good guide for using a woven wrap for back carry (of an infant)? I've seen it suggested several times, but no one includes any information (or links) on HOW to do it. Or what websites carry woven wraps.
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Here are some backwrapping videos. This is how i learned!





There are TONS of different places to find woven wraps. I got mine at a local nursing store. I found another from a store online. I ordered one used from thebabywearer.com. Just do an internet search for "woven wrap" and see what you find!
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I agree with the PP definately go to www.thebabywearer.com and check out their wrapping section for tuts on how to wrap a newborn. and then check for sale or trade there for buying. I've always bought there, so i wouldnt know where to buy new (but i dont live in a very crunchy area so I dont have brick and mortar stores that would carry that stuff.
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I'm with the rest, thebabywearer.com and see if you can find anyone in your area with some experience. I found some ladies and evetually it became a BWing group and I learned and practiced with those ladies. It was a big help when I wanted to do a back carry since they could spot me and give me feedback.
I've bought all of wraps used from thebabywearer.com but there are several great online store for ordering new, like pieceofcloth.com.
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