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hey, i haven't joined this ddc yet but think i'll be due in june too. and am nursing my 20 mo old... was worried about nursing issues during pg but so far no effects. maybe a bit less milk produced because he asks for a bottle sometimes while nursing, drinks some milk and then goes back to nursing. ? we co-sleep too though i'm thinking of trying to have him spend part of the night in his own bed, to see how it goes. i loved reading everyone's responses, it makes me feel more normal. thanks to those who posted.
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I too love reading everyone's responses. Interesting about breastfeeding possibly lessening morning sickness.

I still breastfeed dd (she'll be 3 at the end of Jan) quite often. I night weaned her about a month ago, which I am very grateful for. We still cosleep, and it was really not that big of a deal. She was old enough to understand when I explained that she doesn't really need milk at night anymore, and her body is waking up because it wants it and it's affecting our sleep. I told her that once her body realizes there's no more milk at night it will just go on sleeping. The first few nights were a bit tough, but it been great since. And sleeping through the night has been very nice :-)

It has become pretty uncomfortable to nurse her. I always thought tandem nursing would be nice, but she's old enough where I'd pretty much be pleased if she weans during the pregnancy. We'll see!
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hi! I'm just now joining this ddc got my pos monday and may have an early july babe but yes I'm still nursing my 3 y/o son quite a bit. I'm not very sore yet (no more than when I ovulate) . I will tandem if it all works out but I'm not putting too much pressure on myself. We shall see how it all goes! As for nursing two dc's WOW! I admire that! I think you will know what to do as time passes! I think the hardest thing for me right now is between getting up to pee and not being able to sleep through night nursing I'm pretty tired!
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I'm still nursing my 16mo old DD. She nurses a lot at night, and a few times during the day. I am thinking (dreaming ) about night weaning her, but I want to wait and see if I am one of those who loses the milk while pregnant, so I wouldn't go through the pain of weaning her just to lose my milk a few weeks later.

Anyone know what time frame is typical, if you are going to lose you milk, when does it happen? Right now we are still nursing as usual. No pain, no sore boobs, etc. I keep waiting for something to change.

At this point my plan is to do some gentle night weaning after the new year or slightly later, if I don't lose my milk.
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Beauchamp, I believe it's typically after the 1st tri.

I'm planning on night weaning when my milk goes. In the meantime I want her to have every drop she can.
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Thanks! I agree about giving her every drop I can. I hope I am one of the lucky ones who keeps her milk. I mean, once the milk goes, you sort of have to night wean (or completely wean) by default, right?
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Try to get ahold of Adventures in Tandem Nursing if you can, mama. Tons of questions are answered there. Also...


I figure once my milk goes and as my body grows and sleep becomes increasingly difficult I'll want some uninterrupted night hours. But, if I know anything, it's that life is magnificently unpredictable. I'm just taking it one step at a time.
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I'm currently nursing my 17 month old DS and was completely surprised by this pregnancy. I plan on nursing through pregnancy, mostly because I wouldn't even know how to begin to have him stop! He's not even 18 months old and still nurses many times throughout the day/night. My first weaned at 2 years, while I was 8 weeks pregnant with his brother. I am feeling very conflicted about cheating my youngest out of his milk/such small spacing between the two. How can I have a baby in my belly, when I still have a baby at my breast!?
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Man, if nursing makes m/s easier, than I'd hate to feel what life would be like without nursing! It's interesting that the milk might diminish after the first trimester. We will have been nursing for nearly 22 months at that stage, and I really think I'd be okay with it, although whether SHE would is a different story.

I read a story about a recently weaned little boy who saw his newborn sister nursing and went ballistic with envy, insisting on nursing at the same time, every time, day and night. I think it might seem like a betrayal to her. However, she is understanding so much more every day and maybe by that time, snuggles, book reading, and games will be enough to fill in the gap nursing used to have for us.
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I strongly second the book Adventures In Tandem Nursing.Super easy to read,simple and fun comics,fun for kids too-of all ages,well formatted to short, busy catch some info reading.It helps the soon to be tandem sibling to see pictures of siblings at the breasts!
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What a great thread. It's been fun to read. I think I'm taking a let's just see what happens approach. I'm nursing my 3 year old son. I did work with him to reduce his nursing frequency while I was TTC (I had progesterone issues). So he's done to nursing only at bedtime right now. I am definitely open to tandem nursing if that's what he needs to feel okay with a new LO around. But I can also see how that would be exhausting. I'm curious to see what happens with my milk supply during pregnancy and how he responds to changes.
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I'm nursing my 2.5 year old. He isn't night weaned and is still nursing quite frequently. I'm trying to put some limits on the night nursing, trying to get a 4 or so hour block of no "nah nahs". I do hope he night weans when the milk goes, but I think I'd like to tandem nurse him and the newbie. It seems like tandem nursing would really help them bond and lessen jealousy issues. That is so important for me, for this to all be smooth for him.
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i tandemed dd1 and ds with dd2's pg. i just had to set limits, b/c i'd get the creepy-crawlies when they nursed. all of my nurslings were night-weaned by 2 1/2, so i could take care of the newborn at night (i could not physically nurse 2 or 3 all night long, and raise them during the day), so i had to set limits. i was going to triandem nurse, but dd1 suddenly weaned when my milk came back in after the birth (she was 4 1/2yo), b/c she thought it was disgusting. weird, huh?! LOL!!!
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I'm glad to see there are some tandeming veterans in here. I'm trying to stay positive, reminding myself that not every mama loses her milk and stuff like that. My little guy still nurses a lot, and he needs the comfort, for sure. I hope he and I are able to keep it up!
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I am still nursing my almost two year old, I have mixed feelings about weaning, she is my little baby still and I want it to be about when she is ready, though since being pregnant, nursing is a bit much to handle, she has a this habit of twisting my skin and pushing against the top of my boob which is excruciating, not to mention she is going through a phase where she wants to nurse ALL THE TIME. Distracting is tough, so I try to set limits...long response, just wanted to say that I want her to nurse as long as she wants to and I am definitely open to tandem nursing, I think with a new baby that wil help her and I connect
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I have no advice -- I'm just making it day to day myself. My DS#1 is only 9 months old and I am 8 weeks pregnant with #2.

I haaaaate the idea of DS weaning, intentionally or not, but I am so exhausted. We still nurse 3 or 4 times a night and probably 5 or 6 times day.

Just this morning I was fantasizing about a weekend away by myself with a king sized bed. I swear I could sleep for a few days straight!
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puffnstuff~ i did lose my milk around 2 mo into both pg, but i dry-nursed (ICK!!!) and then when the milk came in, the toddler was pleasantly surprised!
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I'm still nursing dd11mo and ds2. I'll keep nursing dd as long as she will continue to nurse (I lose my supply around 10-12 weeks generally) but I'm planning to wean ds2.

I got preg with dd when ds2 was 5 months and felt awful about having to give him formula when my supply tanked when he was 7 months so I feel pretty good now that I've gotten him past the two-year mark.

Hopefully dd will continue to comfort nurse in spite of my impending low supply. Not sure yet if I'll give her milk - our cowshare cow is preg, too, and will stop giving milk in another two months so it would have to be commercial milk which I'm not keen on...
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hi i just posted my intro on the intro thread.

my son will be 3 on the 27th and he is still nursing quiet a bit. i am hopeful that he will be able to nurse the whole time even if it means dry nursing unless he weans because he is ready. i really want to do child led weaning with him and have already talked to him some about how the milk may taste funny or disappear for a while but more milk will come with a baby and he smiled and said he would like to share!
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I have to agree; I have really enjoyed everyone's replies. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people have tandem nursed, even into toddlerhood

I'm pretty surprised DH hasn't commented or asked about dd still nursing now that I'm pg. I have always had supply issues from about 6 mos on with my dc, and this is the longest I've been able to nurse any of our dc (though she does get a small amount of cow's milk in addition at this point, and has always gotten someformula from about 9 months.)

I have dreams of tandem nursing; though, I have to admit I'm starting to worry about the whole sleeping arrangement! My dd sleeps with us throughout the night and usually ds (3) comes into our bed at some point. I think I may have to start setting limits with ds and get him to stay in his own bed. I have a hard time sleeping as it is with the 2 of them; I can't imagine how it would be with a newborn in the bed as well. Not to mention the safety of that!!!! I have only ever had 1 baby in the bed with us at time until dd. Ds is just still very attached to sleeping with us .
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