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THanks for all the replies. I feel much better.

I'm nervous she's going to ask about my weight gain at my first prenatal appt this week. I was about 15lbs lighter at my last visit with her in MAY. I keep rehearsing my story.

I had just lost that weight and it all came back on when I got injured and couldn't run 5 miles a day anymore. I also went off birth control and my blood pressure medicine (diuretic) and my Indian in laws came to visit for a month and mom- in law is a terrific cook and I just fell off track. It's all recently lost weight that unfortunately didn't stay on.

She seemed pretty ok with my weight when I was 187 and told wanted to get pregnant - I even questioned her on it and she said, "well, we recommend it because you would be more comfortable" but you should be fine.
I was basically 202 when I conceived. My OB is a tiny woman - heck so is my family doc but she has no concerns.

And I'm not puking my brains out in my first trimester. In fact, eating makes me feel better and all carby stuff. I just don't want to feel guilty.
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Yep. I`m a size 18-20 now i think. (not 100% sure if UK sizes and US sizes are the same?) European size 44-46.
When I was pregnant the other times I`ve never been so big to start with.
I usually not gain much, first time 16 kilos, second 9 kilos and last (twins) 12 kilos. I hope I`ll gain even less this time. Not keeping track of food, but eating quite healty (because I tend to dislike sweets when I`m pregnant)
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Plus size pregnancy

I started at 181 (I'm 5'3") and am now 39 weeks and 201 lbs. I always thought that I would be one of those women who packed on pounds and got incredibly big during pregnancy--since I gain weight easily--but the reality is that I've been eating whatever I wanted and exercising less than I was before (thanks, pelvic pain!) and still only gained 20 lbs. In fact, I bought some maternity clothes in my early 2nd trimester that ended up being too big, because aside from my belly, the rest of my body didn't grow at all. I had terrible morning sickness in the 1st tri, and never really got the insatiable hunger that people talk about in the 2nd/3rd tri.
My BP has been fantastic and my glucose tests were good, too. I think it helped that I had good health to start with, but I definitely think that bigger women can have good pregnancy outcomes!
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With my DS, I joke that I gained a belly and lost my ass.

I was a size 16 and was pretty much able to wear the same stuff throughout my pregnancy - with the help of some bella bands - because it seems that even though I gained a little, my butt got smaller. This was a good thing because I really, really, really REALLY hate maternity jeans and sweatpants. Hid-e-ous!

Here's to hoping this time around I have the same thing happen.
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