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Which of these two breast pumps is best?

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Hope this is the right forum to post in...

My question is, are there any moms out there who have used both the Medela Symphony 2.0 breast pump and the Playtex Petite Double Electric Breast Pump? And who could tell me which one, generally, they prefer and think is the better/more effective pump?

Back story on why I'm asking: I currently have, on loan from the hospital, a Medela Symphony 2.0 pump. (Needed because I had a baby in the NICU, which is a long story you can find elsewhere on these forums. ) ANYHOW....so I have that one.

Well, the hospital also applied for my insurance to get me a pump and that FINALLY went through, so I just got in the mail a Playtex Petite Double Electric Breast Pump.

I'm mostly breastfeeding my LO and supplementing with formula, which we're slowly trying to wean her from while we increase my own milk supply. This entails pumping, so I'm still pumping a few times a day. I should also mention that I have issues with low milk supply and even when I'm pumping round the clock the most I've ever gotten from the medela pump is 1 oz. per pumping, on a good day.

So anyhow, long story short, I have at my disposal these two pumps and I was wondering which one is the better one. If it's the Medela, then I'd rather not take the time (time I barely have) to open and assemble and have to learn the ins and outs of the Playtex system at this time. My life is pretty crazy right now so I'm big on easy. TIA for any replies!
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I haven't used either, but it looks like the platex one (from the webpage I looked it up on) does not have a cycle adjustment and only 3 different suction settings. I'm pretty sure the symphony has way more suction settings and cycle adjustment, so I would stick with that until you get your supply more established or have time (hah!) to get the other one out.
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The Symphony is a hospital grade pump whereas the Playtex is a standard double electric. Why on earth your doctor and/or insurance would think a standard double electric would be anywhere near sufficient for increasing supply when you've been using the hospital grade pump and had a NICU baby, I don't know. Definitely stick with the Symphony. If you don't HAVE to give back the Symphony, it's not worth it. I would be worried about trying the Playtex, it seeming to work, and then giving back the Symphony and soon after finding out that your breasts just don't respond to the Playtex as well. IMO, not worth the trouble or risk.
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I also think you should stick with the symphony. That's what I've been using when I visit the hospital, and it's significantly better than my home pump, a Medela "pump in style," which I understand is pretty good as non-hospital-grade pumps go. The symphony is quieter and has far more adjustable settings. If you need a more portable pump occasionally, there's a handpump piston attachment which fits onto the medela bottles.
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The Symphony is the Cadillac of Breastpumps!

You *will* have great luck finding the right comfy settings on the
Medela. I agree with the above poster, a hospital grade pump is the best for your needs! I loved that pump!

Good luck with it hon!

Maybe do something relaxing while you pump like closing your eyes and thinking about your beautiful babe or watching tv/reading? With my first born I could pump for 30 min for 1oz. until I got the knack. But you will. The letdown button on Medela is great.

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