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October Mamas--week of March 22nd

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Well, not sure where Piglet got to; but, I'll do it!

Roll Call

chrissy 09/28 (honorary October mom!)
snugglebutter 10/01
mirthfulmum 10/03
FutureMama 10/04
TracyK 10/04
mhurst 10/04
kraftykathy 10/04
water 10/06
allformyboys 10/11
Lucysmama 10/12
bendmom 10/12
momadance 10/13
wannabmommie 10/18
Piglet68 10/18
BeauGeek 10/20
BeansMomma 10/20
CourtneyandLogan 10/21
ScooterMama1 10/21
Stanleymama 10/23
3boyz4us 10/24
aspiring mama 10/25
truebluexf 10/27
ameliabedelia 10/29
flitters 10/30
Soogie 10/31
AnnR33 10/31

Well, me and Piglet aare about to be 11 weeks! Nausea is subsiding, I have even gone w/o my bracelet! I mean it goes sooooooooo well with everything. I have heaved though, thinking I'm gonna toss. Now, my blessings consist of, "Lord, please let this stay down." He answers! \o/

Question: Weeeeeeeell...what can I ask....who has gas? :LOL Wow! I contributed to air pollution all last night and dh got *up and told me I was disgusting! : I felt this *awful anal pressure and when I shot the breeze I felt better.

I think more of a ladylike question would be fess up! who's bought something!

I've got a rings rattle, 2 diaper gardens, and some sugarplumbabies I just got last week. I think that's it. I got a bottle cleaner, since I needed one for my water bottle, I just got one for bottles. Now I'm so..I guess I'll just use it for the water bottles.

God bless your families and those blessing from God inside of you! Its starting to hit me and I have been so thankful! And to our new mamas! OK, chat away!
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I had my massage Sat. after my adjustment and man..... it was so great. I think she did a little Reiki on me at the end and she was nurturing and motherly. It was just what I needed. Feeling pretty good. Going for my 1st prenatal visist on Weds and looking very forward to hearing babys heart. I think I'm going into week 12. I'm slightly irriatable lately. I feel real bad but I just wish DS would be a little independent today. He has been next to me every moment for weeks! It is so sweet too though. Bittersweet I guess is a better way to describe it. As far as being gassy goes . I have been since the start of this pregnancy.:

I have been getting winded and dizzy a little bit here lately. Wondering if it's an iron issue or blood pressure. I have VERY low bp and it was a slight problem with #1 (I passed out) So I look forward on getting the skinny on that. Feeling fat but no weight gain as of yet.

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wannab - thanks SO much!!

I was stuck in the lab today and didn't have time to post this thread.

My dinner-time nausea is still around. Went on a nice binge this weekend. Ate a bag of cheesy poofs and had perogies for dinner - the frozen kind, lol. What crap!

I haven't bought anything for baby yet. Other than diapers, we pretty much have everything we need. Unless this is a boy, lol. Also, we're not sure if we'll be moving before the birth (may go back home, god willing!!) so don't want to accumulate any stuff yet if we just have to move it all!

Gas? Oh yeah. But strangely, it isn't the kind that "escapes the usual way", lol. It's all in my UPPER digestive tract. My mid section gets visibly bloated and I feel all puffed up around my middle. I can feel the gas bubbling around in there, lol. A good toot would probably feel good, LOL. Instead, I'm doing Maalox shooters, heh heh.
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GAS? Well today I was :LOL But it doesn't bother dh too much And it isn't an everyday thing.

Anyone else having a hard time drinking water? Sometimes I am fine but the thought makes me gag. The one thing I drink that tastes so good and makes me feel better is 7up. I consumed a lot of 7up when I was pg with Samuel. It is the first thing I have in the morning and it chases the icky feelings away

Hope everyone has a great week
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12.5 weeks here and still dealing with nausea......

I think it has gotten better overall. Still..... I am REALLY ready to enjoy food again.

EDD 10-02-04
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I'm wearing my maternity pants today!

And I really do look pregnant!

I'm craving Orangina. They don't sell it in this backwater town.

I drank it alot during my last PG. Anybody know this stuff? It's real orange juice with fizzy stuff, lol.
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Ugh! The m/s is horrible for me this time and the last 2 weeks have been pretty boring for my kids since we've just stuck to the house-they've been so good about it but I feel so guilty!
I have the m/s even when I wake up at 3am to go pee-I hate it! I don't throw up every day but I gag all the time-even 2x as i type this I've been trying to eat good but it ends up being comfort foods that help the most-of course the high calorie carb stuff!
I need to try those sea bands I think I've heard others try-anything at this point! I'm only 8wks so have about 5 more wks of this misery if it follows the schedule of my last 2.

As far as shopping...I'm so weak. I bought 1 new BabySoftwraps AIO and 2 little things from a consighment store- a fleece vest and cute little Gap striped jumper for a boy. That's all so far but once garage sale season starts in a few weeks I'll be buying a lot more!

Take care
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I have this ache in my lower back. Really closer to my butt. Dh has become a massuese. These cravings are nuts! I was in yogalates and wanted chicken rice soup--Campbells. I don't *eat canned soup! Then I was in the store (that's why u don't go hungry), and I saw Krispy Kremes. I got two. Then I couldn't decide if I wanted a salad with green olives. I wasn't sure and came home. Now guess what! I *just got home! I didn't eat the soup, btw. And the KK made me sick when I got on the second one, so its still sittin here. Its just insane. I feel like my brain is misfiring! I have so *many cravings at once! The baby is growing! I got an email from a site I'm on,and its just amazing! This is an awesome gift from God!
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Originally posted by Piglet68

I'm craving Orangina. They don't sell it in this backwater town.

Of course they sell Orangina in Cleveland!!!

It's one of dh's favorite drinks, we always have it in our fridge! And cheer up, once Spring/Summer gets here, Cleveland is a lot nicer. This is just the disgusting part of the year. When summer gets here, try to get to the Emerald Necklace and explore as much as you can. It is really lovely. And where I live, in the CVNP, it is gorgeous. Come see Peninsula! I live right on the towpath in the heart of the National Park. It's beautiful.
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I've never *heard of Orangina. : Do you buy it at the hfs?
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hello! doing pretty good here...feel fine...i seem to be really sensitive to smells. i never want to throw up or anything, some things just make me go "EEWWWWW" , kwim? don't really remember that with the other 3.

i had to recertify for Newborn Resusitation this am and was able to tell a couple of good friends from the hospital, including asking the dr who has assited with my section on the previous two. i asked him what he was doing in Oct...he's like "oct, hmmm, am i going to assist on a section?" i said "yeppers!" that was fun.

so all the spotting i had a couple weeks ago stopped the middle of last week and then yesterday i started having this drk brown discharge...i'm assuming just old blood from the implantation bleed that has just worked it's way out. my dr agreed. i can't wait till next week when i can go to the OB floor and try and listen to the HB, i'll be 10 wks...kinda nice being an OB nurse and being able to just go up there whenever i get a hankering to have me a listen...

have a blessed day, everyone!
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It's funny you mention Orangina. I drank it for 2 summers straight while in Italy and never had it over here. Yesterday I was grocery shopping and noticed it and thought that sounded pretty darn good! I didn't get any though, but all this talk is making me wish I would have! I guess on my next avacado run I'll grab some.
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hahahha, i haven't had orangina in years but they have it at the regular grocery store here. now that you mention it, that sounds pretty good! my food situation is still pretty messed up, but like ann i'm only at 8 weeks (and 3 days!) so i suspect this will last for a while still.

my first pregnant appointment with my midwife is next friday - less than two weeks away! i will be 9 weeks 6 days at that point and she plans to listen for the heart and i guess take a bunch of blood for various tests. i'm so excited! i've decided after hearing the heart beat i will celebrate by buying something for the baby, probably some cute diaper type purchase.

as for my ladylike gas, it isn't super bad but a couple evenings i have deflated rather impressively. it always feels so good afterwards!
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I love Orangina! I've only had in Europe, though I did start seeing it here, just can't remember where. We've been on a kick of mixing celtzer water with all different kind of juices around here. It's so good. I haven't bought anything for the baby yet, still waiting. I go to the midwife tomorrow for my first prenatal and cannot wait to hear the heartbeat.

The sicky feeling has pretty much passed, which is weird cause I was sick until 4 months w/ the first, and I'm just 10 weeks right now. Oh and the lovely sciatic pain has made it's appearance, only this time it's on both sides. For me the pain starts in my butt and shoots down the back of my legs. Oh well. I can't believe some of you look pregnant already, I wanna look pregnant!

Ds went for a whole 7 hours yesterday w/ out nursing, it was Heaven. Nursing is becoming unbearable, it feels like someone chewing on a sunburn. I have to stop him in the middle of it sometimes and he gets so upset. I just don't know how much longer I can take. Hopefully he'll keep slowing down.

Take care everyone!
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Originally posted by CourtneyandLogan

Oh and the lovely sciatic pain has made it's appearance, only this time it's on both sides. For me the pain starts in my butt and shoots down the back of my legs.

Is *that what it is? : Folks at church are sayin that they can't believe I'm as far along as I saw b/c I'm so big! They say its a big baby (nooooooo...I wanna deliver vaginially) or twins. They don't believe the baby will fit in the nb dipes I got! I have been pg before; but, m/ced in the first tri. I know yall second timers poke early; but, I wonder what bearing *my first pg would have. Or, is it just I'm eating sooooooo badly. :

Pig, I'm right behind ya with maternity pants. Now if only I *feel like going shopping. :
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Sorry to all of you dealing with the sickies. was feeling nauseaus for about two weeks there, but I haven't felt that in a couple of days. With DD I never felt sick.

No extra gas or digestive problems here, but my nipples are sore, sore, sore. Last night, I was about to go crazy, DD kept waking up and wanting to nurse, nurse, nurse and it was making me bonkers. I am also really tired and IRRITABLE. DH said I was moody with DD, as well, I don't remember that, but I am defintiely moody this time.

I haven't bought anthing yet. I am holding off till I am a little more sure about this pregnanct, and until I actually have money to spend LOL. Plus, I keep hoping someone will offer to give me all their old baby clothes. I am really sure this is a boy, so we will need all sorts of boy clothes, and I will need diapers, since I didn't start CD'ing until DD was 18 months, but I am holding off on those as well. I also will need a double stroller and a carseat, but that is it. We are waiting on those things.

I am only 8 weeks, but I swear I look really pregnant. My pants still fit, but I think that is because I wear them low, on my hips all the time, and I seem to have pooched out high. I totally have this stomach that sticks out. Can't wait until I am 8 months, I willl be HUGE!!
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I've now gone two whole days without feeling icky and vomiting (knock on wood...)! Can it really be that this morning sickness is over just like that, literally overnight? I'm looking forward to actually ENJOYING food again! This also means that I really start to eat better. For the past month or so I've really not had good eating habits- lots of junk that baby doesn't need, but at the time I was really only concerned about what I could keep down...no more excuses now!

Gas? Definately. A couple of nights ago was the worst. My husband said that everytime I rolled over I let out a thunderous toot! I even woke myself up a couple of times because they were so, um...so loud... Nothing ladylike about that, eh? Oh well.

I'm excited because tonight we have an appointment to interview with a homebirth midwife! The thought of a homebirth is scary, but the hospital scares me even more! I certainly don't want to be confined to a bed with moniters and IVs everywhere. I've been working all afternoon on a list of questions for her...I think I've come up with a pretty exhaustive set of questions!

Oh, and Orangina. Yes, many health food stores carry it (although I should add that it isn't really a health food, more of just a fancy soda!) but you can also buy it in many regular grocery stores, especially more upscale ones. Look in their gourmet foods section. Oh, I've also seen it frequently at international/ethnic grocery stores too. Yummy!
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Well we survived our weekend without dad. But boy oh boy, was I ever happy to see my husband walk through that door on Monday morning. 4 days of being the only parent is really, really really hard when you're pregnant. I'm way too embarrassed to say how many times my son watched the movie A Toy Story. I was just so tired and by 4 in the afternoon all I wanted him to do was just be still. So on went his latest favourite movie and I could get a few moments of quiet.

You gals have been busy here and it looks like I have a bit of catching up to do. Okay the gas issue. Yes, yes, yes. Soooo gassy. Nothing I do seems to help except for just throwing social decorum out the window and tooting away. I haven't bought any baby stuff. We already have a lot of the essentials and when pregnant with my son I didn't actually buy anything 'till after I hit the halfway mark. I'll probably do the same with this one too.

wannabmommie - I totally understand about being big early. I was always being told that I must be carrying twins and by the time I was 7 months pregnant people on the street were saying "wow you must be due any day now!". Everybody carries differently, some of us gals just carry around a lot of baby! (And by the way, my son was big and born vaginally)

Is anyone else's brain going to mush or is it just me? I swear in a few months I'm going to have to write my name and address on a piece of paper just so that I don't get lost when I leave the house. I try to read a book or magazine and I find myself just blankly rereading the same sentence over and over again. I'll be having conversations with my friends and I'll have absolutely no vocabulary beyond "you know that thing... what's it called again? That thingy?". Or today I went grocery shopping, just for few items, but I made sure to write out a list knowing that my mind is like Swiss cheese lately. And yet despite the list, I still forgot to buy milk, juice, bananas and bread. Looks like I'm going to be making another trip. Although I'm sure I'll forget something else.
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Hey I am not on the roll call!! LOL then again I am horrible about checking in....sorry I am a busy woman.... (aren't we all though right?)

Letia, gas is my middle name, this baby is SO different from the others (shoot the pink vibes here people) the first three I had no big problem with gas, I was horny as all get out, and never sick, this time I am a HUGE gas bubble, could care less about sex, and was as sick as a dog! LOL

Now I am 12 weeks and not feeling bad at all, thank goodness, the jeans are getting a bit tight but not looking pregnant yet.

I am glad everyone seems to be doing well, Letia I am SO thrilled for you really, I am glad we are due close!
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OH well lookie here! She's too busy dreamin about Spongebob and getting fcb nb dipes! :LOL I see you've been busy assembling a tushie team too!

Tell me you edd Marnie and I'll add u right on!

Here's praying you'll get a girl!

Dh is sooooooo glad the gas has subsided; but, I gave him and eviction notice for the bed.

check when ya get the chance! I've missed ya!
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