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Hi everyone!! Been away in freezing Boston for the week....we arrived to 10 inches of snow!!! DS got to play in snow for the first time which was neat (though he was really not impressed by it) but I am glad to be back in the warmth.

M/s is taking it's toll. For the first time the other night, I really really thought I was going to throw up. It has moved from generalized ickiness all day to some daytime ickiness that gradually increases as the day progresses til I feel like total crap at night. I'm 9 weeks now, I really hope it lets up soon. And I'm so tired I'm going crazy. I have to pee 3x a night.
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i'm happy to hear that some of you are starting to have a break from your morning sickness! like truebluexf i'll be 9 weeks tomorrow and mine is still mostly getting worse. i'm not actually puking which is nice, but mostly i don't feel good and it's hard to eat but i'm sort of constantly hungry. mine is worst around dinner and bedtime too. i'm looking forward to liking food (and sex) again but it makes me smile as it constantly reminds me that i'm pregnant! (as if i'd forget...)

kraftykrafty and everyone who has heard the heartbeat already - congratulations! that is so exciting! i'm really looking forward to my appointment in 1 week when my midwife is planning to listen for sproglets heartbeat. i'll be one day shy of 10 weeks at the time (or a couple over if you go by LMP) so it's a bit early but i hope she can find it.

my brain has felt all mushy lately too. i've had to work extra hard to get my work done. it's really hard for me to concentrate when i'm constantly thinking, "yay i'm pregnant!!!" oh - and wannabmommie - your story about making up the words singing cracked me up!

and i'm also excited to grow enough to need to go get some maternity clothes! old navy is my store of choice too but i think it'll be another few weeks - my pants aren't even tight at all since i normally wear them loose.

i hope everyone is doing well!
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Well, I hate to say it yall....week 9 was the *worst * week! :Puke But, its only one week....

I'm not sure our Old Navy has maternity....are yall in larger areas? I be needing some pants for church. The rubber band trick is failin me. dh found my rubber band at the altar and last night it broke! I need to break down and get some real mat pants. :

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Here's the link for old navy maternity. You can put in your zip code to find out if there's a store near you.

I'm so tired today, gotta go, Logan needs me....
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momdance, I am sorry to hear about your friend's baby and your problems with the midwife, I hope you can find someone good soon.

I am 9 weeks today!! YAY!! Either next Friday, or early next week I will have my first pre-natal visit with the mw, and I am keeping my fingers crossed to hear a hb. I can't wait to hear the hb!!! After that, we are going to start telling people. We have only told a very few people now!
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I ordered a bathing suit from Old Navy.com last night. I got the black halter top one. Super cute. Looking forward to our pool opening up. Its 78degrees here today and feels WONDERFUL! I bought some of the nylon type cream colored pants from ON yesterday in the store and I highly recomend them! I have them on right now and they are low wasted so there great for 1st tri - 3rd. Plus there light weight for my anti-shorts days I know I'll have being a pregasaurus this summer!

hope all you ms sufferers are outa the woods soon!
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Originally posted by momadance
Its 78degrees here today and feels WONDERFUL!

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Originally posted by momadance


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Hello Ladies!

Hello Ladies - This week's topic is cracking me up. Most of my gas has been in the form of burps - and lots of them. I actually caught myself burping loud and proud in a work meeting the other day. Thankfully, there was only one person in the room at the time and she knows I'm pregnant. We had a good laugh over that one.

Haven't bought any baby things or maternity clothes yet, but I've definitely put my toe into the water to see what's out there. I have a good friend who is a month ahead of me, she's raving about the pants with the three-inch stretchy bands at the top. Some clothes aren't fitting anymore, but I still have plenty that are on the 'big' side that are still working for me. (But personally, I can't wait to get into maternity closthes - silly, eh?) :

We had our 2nd visit to the OB today. She tried to hear the heartbeat, but says it's pretty hard to find until about 12 weeks. We're at about 10.5 weeks today, so she was very assuring this is normal.

I had a vaginal ultrasound during my first visit, so we know it's only one baby and progressing right along.
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I am 10 weeks now and my m/s is just starting to let up some. I am very excited about everyones posts that they are starting to feel better. The orangina (that everyone was talking about) sounds really good... I have been making a yummy lemonade mixture that my son loves. I will pass it along, since it also seems to make my tummy feel better.

Toddler lemonade
2 Tbsp White grape juice concentrate
1 Tbsp Lemon juice
1 1/2 cups water or sparkling water

I usually mix this up with a few ice cubes and it tastes delicious! It reminds me a lot of Lemon Recharge.

I am feeling really pregnant this week. Only one person at work has guessed that I am pregnant so far, but it was only because I was caught eating smoked oysters. I bought a pair of maternity jeans, because I cannot stand to have any pressure on my abdomen and I have already had a number of drama queen mornings where I threw myself on my bed in tears because I had nothing to wear and just looked fat. (It seems so silly to type this when I am not having a drama moment ).It will be nice when everyone knows that I am pregnant in a few more weeks. We are planning on waiting until 12 weeks, when we try to listen for the heartbeat for the first time.

I have been quite gassy too, but only when I eat green vegtables or dairy products. Theoretically I should be able to avoid these foods and be ok, but I crave them!

It is good to hear that everyone is doing so well! Sleep well...

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Old Navy does have great maternity clothes. I went shopping there a few weeks ago and am loving the couple of items I bought. I bought the same pants that you have momadance except in the olive green. I would heartily recomend them to anyone. They are soooooo comfy! Although I have my suspicions about them fitting all the way through the thrid trimester.

It has been almost a week since I've had any nausea problems !!! It is so nice to able to cook dinner without having to quit because the smells are making me sick. And I can actually eat almost anything I want again (just as long as it is not too oniony or garlicy).

But there has been a tradeoff. Since my nausea has gone I have now developed the worst skin. My forhead, nose and chin have been breaking out like crazy and I've even found a few spots on my chest. I can't believe how oily my face is. My skin was never this bad in high school. So much for that lovely pregnancy glow.
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Originally posted by ScooterMama1
I have already had a number of drama queen mornings where I threw myself on my bed in tears because I had nothing to wear and just looked fat.

I have these, too...dh refers to them as "Clothing Meltdowns." There are always tears, and I usually trash the bedroom in the process of my tantruming...clothes strewn everywhere as I madly try things on.

Now that I am 12 weeks, and I look pregnant, I haven't been having them as much. But I had quite a few in weeks 8-10.

I am LOVING this Old Navy jean jacket. I have worn it everyday...it goes with everything. And it's stretchy, so it is super comfy. (We sound like an Old Navy commercial)

I have been getting a lot of excercise lately...it's finally warming up here in Cleveland, so my dd and dh and dog and I have been going for tons of hikes. It feels so good after a sluggish winter.
I noticed, though that I get a bit crampy after I excercise. I am hoping that this is normal. : We usually hike a mile or two...do you think I could be overdoing it?

Hope you all are well! to all those still feeling queasy!
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Stop it! Stopit! No ON maternity near me! Don't they *know that Raleigh-Durham is the Silicon Valley of the South? I guess folks are workin to much to climb the ladder of success to be thinking about families. Weeeeeeeeeell, I've got some returns to TJ Maxx and Target, and I thought Marshalls and Ross might be able to get me into some pants and I can leave the rubber bands behind.
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Letia-- order online! You can return stuff to a regular Old Navy near you or exchange for free via mail. My ON stuff is my fav from last time, can't wait to buy more this time!!! My town is so lame we don't even have a regular Motherhood, just the outlet. And I don't think Motherhood's stuff is nearly as comfy as ON's!! (Oh yeah, we also don't even have a regular Old Navy: )

On a down note, I just went to the bathroom and noticed spotting again.: It's been 2 weeks since I've seen anything. Hopefully it's nothing to be worried about!! I've got a lot invested in this gummy bear already.
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Easy returns are my friend!

You checked out the spotting before right? Maybe let your provider know its started up again. Are you having sex?t :LOL

Hey have yall seen this?
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Just to let you all know...I'm going to start the October mamas thread this Monday in the Due Date Clubs subforum...

Well, great news! Seems two people are interested in our property and we should have an offer coming in soon. OLD NAVY HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucysmama: I went for a walk with DD today and it was truly the first real exercise I've had in months. I also felt crampy this evening, so I guess our bodies just aren't used to the fresh air and exercise!

I'm definitely looking pregnant now.

Do any of you not-my-first-pregnancy mamas feel a bit guilty that you aren't as obsessed with this PG as your first? Who has time with a toddler running around, right? but sometimes I feel like this baby is already getting shafted compared to DD.
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Originally posted by Piglet68

Do any of you not-my-first-pregnancy mamas feel a bit guilty that you aren't as obsessed with this PG as your first? Who has time with a toddler running around, right? but sometimes I feel like this baby is already getting shafted compared to DD.
Nah, I'm just as obsessed. Really. I had been TTC for sooo long, and that lends itself to obsession. So when I finally got pregnant, I guess I just switched my object of obsession. It's not my charts, my basal body temps, and my cervical fluids anymore - it's the baby and pregnancy.
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I haven't really experienced any guilt yet about not really being in to this pregnancy but I think that that has a lot to do with that I wasn't all that obsessed with my first pregnancy either. I found the whole experience of pregnancy and birth so surreal that I was constantly having to remind myself that we were going to have a baby. A whole new person was growing inside me. I intellectually understood the process but in all honesty my brain just couldn't wrap itself around the idea that *I* was going to produce another human being. So of course I didn't really bond that strongly with my son in utero.

With this pregnancy, now that I've done this once before, I am much better prepared emotionaly to accept and understand the wonderous process of pregnancy, but I don't have the time to give it my full attention. I know that no matter how much time and attention I can give to really focus on our newest family member while pregnant, like it was with my son, I will fall madly in love with him/her once I lay eyes on them.
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Feeling guilty for not obsessing with this pregnancy? Yes, but for different reasons... I am so NEGATIVE with this one since I've been so sick (much sicker than w/ my previous 2), tired, and feeling generally useless. My house is a mess and my DH is starting to complain. I keep thinking this is all a hint we shouldn't have gone for 3-but of course that's the m/s talking
I obsess now about food in that I eat what will be least offensive coming back up how terrible!
I know things will get better but I guess I'm just older and it's taking it's toll on me and I do have 2 kids this time to take care of.
OK, done whining....

As far as Old Navy-are their maternity clothes for "skinny" people or for bigger people too? I can wear their tops fine but their pants never fit me-my hips are too big or something. Just wondering if their mat pants may work for me-I'm actually small framed-about 130lbs now but am pear shaped so hips get me every time And i REALLY need pants too! Down to just 3 prs of ratty ones that fit now.

Trueblue-hope the spotting is nothing. I've had it all along and all is well so hope all is well with you too!
Take care everyone!!
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Thought I'd check in and say I only had that one spot so I guess the little gummi bear just did some nuzzling around or something LOL. We had sex the night before, but the spot was towards the end of the day and red not brown so it had to be newer than that. At any rate, all seems well so I'm not concerned!!

I have my first midwife appt tomorrow. I can't wait, I hope we can hear the heartbeat (almost 10 weeks, should be able right???). I am really nervous about twins. I'm sicker than I was last time, which I know doesn't necessarily mean anything, but grandmother had twin pregnancies 3 of 4 times. Fraternal twins, so the possibility is definitely there in my genes. I'm really hoping we can hear something and that there is just ONE in there. Twins would be so overwhelming....I mean, I could handle that though, what realy scares me is the birth of them. The OB's in town, well I would not trust any of them as far as I can throw them, and midwives can't deliver them at home in Florida. So fingers crossed (though like I said two would be as welcome as one in the end!).
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