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Yay for Kaiser in San Diego

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Just had my 2nd child a few days ago at the same hospital where I had my first. When my first was born, I would say that the hospital was very breastfeeding friendly - rooming in, available LC, no pushing of formula... they did give me a diaper bag that was clearly sponsored by a formula company. I ditched the useless stuff and kept the real BF support stuff.

This time around, things have changed. Now they are truly a Pro-BF hospital. A few weeks ago, at my OB's office, I saw the BF book they are giving out now. All the info in it seems spot on and it was full of helpful internet links to sites like Kellymom, breastfeeding.com, and LLL. When baby came out, she was put on my chest and no one ever suggested moving her to weigh or do eye goop or anything until after she had nursed. I had GD, so she was subjected to frequent blood sugar checks, but I was assured that she would only be given formula if her sugars went really low and even then, it would be given along with the breast using an SNS. Fortunately for us, her sugars never dropped low enough to have to do that. Milk started coming in within 12 hours and her sugars stayed stable.

I was given a diaper bag this time around, too. This time, it had in it: a changing pad, receiving blanket, a trial tube of lansinoh, and some gel booby tubes things. That was it! Oh... and maybe a coupon for diapers & wipes. There was nothing in there even related to formula. So awesome!

So anyway, I just had to rave!
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Yay! I'm glad you had a good experience there. I had my DS there a couple of years ago and it was just ok. They never offered formula, but I got very little help from any of the nurses.
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It has definitely changed in the last few years. My midwife told me that earlier this year is when they all had to go take lactation support classes, so maybe that's when the overall changes started.

I do still have to say that the PP nurses are the worst. The L&D nurses were supportive of pretty much everything I wanted, but the PP ones were just annoying. They couldn't seem to coordinate much. DD had a blood sugar check every 3 hours and yet they didn't seem to want to do our vitals checks at the same time, wanted to do them randomly... DH put a stop to it, though. Told them that we understood the BS checks, but do not come bother us in between!
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Congratulations on your daughter's birth, and kudos to your hospital!
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But...how crowded was it??? lmao......

I had my dd at Kaiser Zion last month. IT was unreal crowded and thankfully I was an experienced breastfeeder and didn't need too much support. I had to ask for an LC to come and check babe's latch on day 2. I felt that they should have come and offered immediately. I think they felt I had it covered since I appeared to be doing fine? The girl that they brought into my room on my last day asked TWO times for someone to help her with bfing her babe and the nurse said, " He's too sleepy...it'll be okay" and left. I then said something to the Charge nurse that she needed and was asking for bfing support and they got someone in there thankfully.

I do agree though that things were better than in the past. I had a csection. Babe NEVER left the OR. They didn't wash her after being born. They barely wiped her down. Dh held her while they stitched me up right next to my head. As soon as I went into recovery, they unwrapped her and stuck her on my chest skin to skin under the blankets. They helped me get her latched on within an hour of bfing, which I think makes the WORLD of difference! She was a pro from birth. They never said boo about babe sleeping in my arms or dh's arms the entire time we were there ( fri-sun).

And yes...>GREAT bag! Brown diaper bag with pad, thermal cover for water bottle or whatever, and a cute green and white blanket. NO formula or advertising. Just a little Kaiser stitch on the bottom.

One thing I said when they called to check on me at home ( which is awesome...nurse called to make sure babe and I were good) is that they need a lactation clinic like at Kasier Anahiem. They have a room where they have two full time LCs employed that you can come to anytime without an appt. on the PP floor for you to come to after your baby is born and after you go home. I was having some latch issues after getting home and I spoke to an LC on the phone, but I would have rather went in to see someone so they could see what I was seeing and check babe's latch out personally. There was nothing available. Even Tri City in Oceanside has an LC that you can see after babe is born with appt.

Congrats to you......and oops....just looked at your baby's birth date. We were there at the same time!!!!!!!!! lol........ I had my dd Friday morning
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