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Edema/Swelling in early pregnancy/help getting enough protein to combat it

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Girls I could really use your help with my diet,
as I'm on a very restricted diet due to bacteria/yeast overgrowth, and am NOT getting enough protein (between being severely hypoglycemic, and just not digesting protein well, my body needs tons to survive right now).

My midwife wants me to try to triple my protein intake, to try and stop the swelling/edema I already have started in my legs/ankles. This is further complicated by nausea of course .

Here's two lists of foods, one of foods I'm not supposed to eat, one of foods I 'think' are okay. Tips, suggestions, recipes, hints, encouragement.. all are welcome.

Can't eat:

Can eat:

I think part of the issues is many of the meats I can eat are high fat, I need to find some lower fat meats so that I can eat larger quantities without getting over full. Plus I'm kind of having a pregnancy 'thing' against fatty foods.. if it has visible fat on it I have a hard time putting it in my mouth and it often turns my stomach icky too.

All this to say that last night my ankles were pretty bad again.. I had done a little better for a day or two.. but yesterday the nausea started and made things a lot harder.
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Wow! I feel for you. I have had to do diets with restrictions for the same thing however my standby was almonds and that's the first thing on your do not consume list

Are you eating meat at every meal? Is is just snack food that you are looking for?

I would definately get some nuts to eat for snacks.

Could you make some stirfries and casseroles that have what you can eat in them and freeze them into snack size portions so that you can eat them througout the day?

I really think it's just going to be making a conscious effort to snack on nuts and making sure that you have large portions of meat at meals.
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I'm trying to have meat every time I eat.. snack/meal whatever.. the only nuts that I know I can have are walnuts (ran out) brazil nuts (have some, but need to find a cheaper source) and pistachios (love them, and have some). I throw them in as 'toppers' for snacks if needed.
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And yeah Almonds were hugely reactive/near allergy level for me right now , my body is digesting so poorly it's treating several of my most often consumed foods as allergens !!
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It might help to mention that I eat 8 times a day approx.. in order to keep my blood sugar steady. 3 main meals, plus 5 snacks..
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So sorry you're dealing with all this! That does sound like a challenge. I might have missed it on the list, but what about lentils and brown rice? Don't know if those are things you can or even like to eat or not. I'm drawing a blank beyond that right now.

PS... I think we were in the same Oct 08 DDC with our last babies, though I didn't post all that often so you may not remember me.
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Because of the carb levels I don't think I can do the lentils or rice, not sure though.

But yes actually your name is quite familiar.. howdy there.. neat that we are in the same DDC again !
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Ah, I didn't even think of that. I guess it would be a lot of carbs, especially served together. I'm borderline hypoglycemic and am trying to make sure I eat every 2-3hrs and that all snacks and meals are a balance of good protein and not too many carbs. I'm finding that I can get away with a healthy higher carb snack(still not too high though) right before bed, but if I do it any other time of the day it makes me feel yucky. I hope you can find some good recipes that work for you. That has to be so tough, especially in the midst of nausea.
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How about quinoa? I thought it was pretty high in protein...can be thrown in anything from salads, to scrambled eggs, to soups. A super easy dish would be some cooked quinoa, black beans and some taco seasoning. And then if you have the energy and if the diet allows, you could add sour cream and cheese (but maybe those aren't good for candidiasis?)

Isn't spirulina super high in protein (or is it chlorella?) and (or is it iron?). I'm not sure. Maybe a protein shake with spirulina or chlorella added in.
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canadian bacon is on your list and does not have much fat on it. also, if you can stand it, cook steaks and then cut the fatty bits off (or have your husband do it).

hamburger meat is a great idea. blend with different foods like red bell pepper, basil, and walnut or whatever combination you like to make them more interesting.

have you gotten your albumin/prealbumin levels checked? i ask just because the swelling might not be a protein issue, and if you know your albumin level, youll know for sure.

i dont have yeast overgrowth, but i do follow a diet somewhat similar. i am paleo. you could check marksdailyapple for recipes and see if any appeal to you.

i wish you the best of luck!
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