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labor question

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Hey everyone! Just joined today after lurking for a few days and have a question that's been on my mind for a while.

Do you absolutely HAVE to start pushing as soon as you hit 10 cm? The reason I ask is that with my second, I had that overwhelming urge to push, but not with my third. As soon as I hit 10 cm with my DS, the midwife had me lie on my back (which I wasn't expecting, esp. from her!) and start pushing even though I didn't have the urge yet. It scared me a lot because I was expecting to feel the need to push. He still came out in under 10 minutes... you just can't stop once you start pushing... but I was wondering if there's a medical need to push as soon as you hit 10 cm. Thanks ladies!

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NO!!! I hit 10cm at some point, my midwife checked me, I got into the pool, she sat at the table next to me to write a few things down, and after 10 minutes or so (time stopped for me) my body took over and pushed the baby out. I did nothing voluntarily except try to slow it down so I didnt tear (mission accomplished!). So no, absolutely not!

Hey, I see you're from lancaster! I'm about half an hour north of you! Where do you go, if you don't mind me asking?
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Welcome to mothering.com!

wow thats a good question i have no idea cause this is my first, but i wanted to post here so i make sure to hear the other replies
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Oh, wanted to add... If baby's heartrate is worrying the midwife or OB, maybe they want to have you push to get things moving, but otherwise it's probably better to wait, then you'll work with your body to get the baby out. Less stress for your body!
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Originally Posted by butterfly1001 View Post
Hey, I see you're from lancaster! I'm about half an hour north of you! Where do you go, if you don't mind me asking?
Thanks for the info! I go to Womens and Babies, which has worked out pretty well in the past. With some of the requests I'm thinking about making, I don't know how it will work this time!
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No, no medical need to push just because you are at 10 cm.
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I *think* Ina May mentions this in the book Guide to Childbirth. I thought she said no.
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I don't think people have been stalking cervixes for all that long. Like 100 years?
No other animal needs someone to tell them to push. You push you when HAVE TO, I mean I felt "pushy" when my second but then you have that overwhelming OMIGOD i need to push now and I can't stop awesome feeling which to me feels SO good compared to contractions at that point.

FWIW, I didn't have my cervix checked at all with my last.
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I didn't have cervical checks with my last, but I "knew" I was complete for...probably an hour? before I felt an urge to push. My MW (and I) ascribe to the theory that there could very well be a reason we just can't see for the urge to push to be delayed, and in absence of something like fetal HR decels, that should be respected.
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You absolutely don't (unless medical necessity says BIRTH! NOW!, which is rare). I have been at birth where moms actually take a nap between being fully dilated and pushing. Let your body and baby lead the birth! Good luck!!!
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If there was indeed a pressing situation going on, and that was a special maneuver to help with it, I would want to know... because otherwise, being on your back is a bad thing that is usually only practiced in obstetrics (can cause fainting, and/or reduced oxygen to mother and baby, more pain, smaller opening to get the baby through, etc). As is coached pushing, unless again, you are at a hospital, on an epi, and can't feel your body's own promptings.

I certainly hope she had good cause to have you on your back, as well as telling you when to push... otherwise, it sounds like you got a medwife by accident.

I would ask her for an explanation, especially if you ever plan on using her again. It's important to know the whys and whether they were warranted. One would hope they were, but you have to know.
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Nope, nothing special was going on. I had gotten quite frantic during transition and wanted an epi (which I totally did NOT want beforehand, but I was thinking I have hours and hours of this and I'm not going to be able to do it). The nurses were told to check me - I heard someone say it was probably time if I was that upset and sure enough it was.

This time around I will have a doula with me, who will hopefully be able to help voice my requests (no coached pushing, not being on my back, etc.), as the practice I go to has 15 midwives so I have no idea who will deliver on a given date. I try to see each midwife at least once, but this one was new to the practice, so I'd never met her before that night.
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Originally Posted by finnegansmom View Post
I don't think people have been stalking cervixes for all that long. Like 100 years?
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