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I'm getting really anxious lately and just needed to kind of let it out...maybe someone has felt similarly? I'm not anxious about the birth exactly (other than what would be normal lol) and not really anxious about being postdates, but its more about this overpowering worry that something is wrong with the baby.

This baby has been really mellow compared to my last, although it's been 7 years since I've been pregnant so maybe I'm just not remembering it clearly. I feel like this baby is overall pretty quiet though. It's movements are still within normal range, and heartrate is good, etc...I just worry that baby is...I don't know, sluggish maybe?

My other worry is that I just won't go into labor. I had a cesarean with my first and never went into labor, and I've sort of had that fear from the beginning, even though I *know* it's ridiculous. Being so far postdates doesn't help the situation. I'd really feel better if I was having some prodromal labor or something, even though I know that can become quite miserable, at least I wouldn't feel so...broken.

I guess I just need a place to vent today.
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I had that worry... it was so bad. I worried something was wrong with her, that her umbilical cord was wrapped around her and not letting her descent, that something was wrong with ME, that my body had totally forgotten how to go into labor.

But everything turned out to be fine.

Every time you post I am hoping that it is to tell us you are in labor. Trying to send you all the labor dust I can!
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Thanks Mae...that really does make me feel better I think I needed to hear that someone else has felt the same way and everything was ok.
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Both pregnancies. Totally ruined my enjoyment of either.
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Originally Posted by bri276 View Post
Both pregnancies. Totally ruined my enjoyment of either.
Thank you! Thats kind of how I feel too
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Me too Marilyn! Thinking of you!

I started to feel that way with my Andrew and I *did* have the prodromal and two "almost!" labors. Is there anything you can do that will ease your mind? Urine check, etc? Sounds like you're monitoring heartbeat and movement, so you're doing some of that, but if it sets your mind at ease, I recommend anything extra (well, not to the point of invasiveness/danger). I hope your anxiety...and your pregnancy!...wrap up very soon and we'll hear all the euphoric news of your little one's arrival!
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I was very anxious through most of both of my pregnancies....if movement slowed down, I was always convinced that something bad had happened with my first. This time around, it wasn't as bad as the first, but it was still there. I had twice weekly NSTs with this one starting at 34 weeks, so that helped to keep me calm, but it wasn't entirely enough.

I much prefer baby on the outside so I can see and make sure it's ok.
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I went two, almost three weeks longer than I expected with dd (she was born at 41 weeks, by far my longest pregnancy!)...and I felt exactly as you did. Worried, broken, and starting to wonder that she'd slowed down so much.

It was all normal.

Getting an NST helped me feel better, though of course I worried it woudl show something bad and I'd be forced into labor. Turns out she was fine--her slowed movements were just part of being term, and my body DID decide to go into labor finally!

Sending you s.
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Are you being monitored for baby's reactiveness? I've had 2 bad experiences (one mine, one a close friend's) with going pretty far post-dates, so I'm a little more skittish. The testing revealed that my baby was healthy but she was born in great distress so I distrust it some, but in your case, I'd want the reassurance.

That you say the baby is sluggish worries me - have you told your midwives?

I worried through pregnancies #4, 5 and 6 (had complications with #3)... there are no guarantees in life.

I hope your baby arrives soon, and in perfect health.
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Oh yes, I can commiserate with the anxiety.

I'm "only" 40 weeks and 2 days. But I am pregnant after a loss due to placental abruption, and I keep waiting for the "other shoe" to drop.

Just yesterday I was at my weekly OB appointment and for my NST. I was first in the ultrasound room and we had an ultrasound and I see baby moving, I see him breathing, I hear his heart beating, doctor tells me everything looks great.

Then we walk across the hall to hook me up to the NST machine. It's been maybe 5 minutes since I saw my baby moving on the ultrasound. Yet it takes the nurse maybe a minute to find the baby's heartbeat on the machine. In that minute, I feel profoundly anxious. I mean, I just saw him!

It was one of those moments of "split consciousness" where part of me is freaking out and another part is rationally saying, "he's fine. You KNOW he's fine."
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i was also very anxious this pregnancy.. off and on, i really worried i wouldnt go into labor (as in i couldnt even picture it happening ), and that something was wrong .. everything is fine, i went into labor, got baby out, she is healthy & growing ...
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