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17$ a month child support

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is what i was awarded. DDs father is lying about his income and i'm too broke to have him investigated.

any suggestions?
i live in canada as does he, though we are in different provinces.
i had a lawyer who cost me way too much money and now have an apt with legal aid in 2 weeks or so, so any BTDT advice i could go with to this meeting would be greatly appreciated.
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You need to know the answer to the following questions:

How does he pay his rent? ANY income - even gifts - should be considered
Where does he work?
Is it under the table?

Also, does he have to help with expenses?
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GET LEGAL AID!! You can persue this without it costing you! IF he is working under the table that can be difficult. My ex did the same thing and even quit his regular job to avoid paying. I don't know if they can do anything about it unless you maybe have specific info about where he works? Good luck.
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Whatever judge made that assinine ruling should see if he can live on $17.00 a month.
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Originally Posted by MissLotus View Post
Whatever judge made that assinine ruling should see if he can live on $17.00 a month.

um yeah. WTH?
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That's crazy! It won't even buy diapers!
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CS in Canada is not up to the judge. There is a formula to clculate it according to % of time with each parent, income of each parent, cost of living, etc so it is definitely possible that it works out this way if he does not make a lot of money or if custody if close to 50/50 or if you make a lot more money than he does. If he is working under the table, you definitely need to seek legal advice.
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Holy crap, how is that even legal?! Here in Texas if the biodad doesn't have a job (or gets away with claiming now income or income that's less than minimum wage) they just go by minimum wage at 40 hours a week and take the usual percentage out of that. My DS's biodad thought that just because he didn't have a job that he wouldn't have to pay a thing.
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When I was discussing CS and custody with my lawyer, she showed me a projection of what would happen if XH got 50/50 custody...Because I made substantially more than him, I would have had to pay HIM 44$ per month. So if 17$ a month was ordered, according to the formula used here in Quebec, then he definitely misrepresented himself.
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How is that possible? Do you have joint custody? Or is Canada screwed up when it comes to child support? I've dealt with child support in Hawaii and Oregon, and they are the same as a pp mentioned is the case in Texas. They will attribute minimum wage to them if they don't have a job. Based on minimum wage in Hawaii, I got $280 a month (not that I've ever seen it).
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the way it works is the income of both parents is put on a chart. because x makes $$, he should pay ~450$ if the kids are in my custody. because i make about three cents, i should pay ~14$ if the kids are living with their dad. if we split them more or less evenly you subtract the smaller amount from the larger, and the party that makes more pays that. in my case, if we split the kids my ex would hypothetically pay about 440$.

it's not perfect or anything, but i have yet to see a system that is.

also, in canada cs tends to be lower because low income custodial parents get monthly cheques from the government. the government is my sugar daddy.
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