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My baby is one today! I can't believe it. A part of me just wants to put my hands on her and say REVERT! REVERT! Go back to that tiny baby. Then I remember that I actually get sleep now and like it that way!

I have not been on MDC for awhile. I have lurked briefly but haven't posted. Congrats to all the yearlings and their mamas!

It sounds like everyone is busy and that all the little ones are growing up so quickly. Bridget doesn't walk yet but she does stand up in the middle of floor and then sit back down completely unassisted so it is coming. I'm not in any rush, though! Those walking, running toddlers are a lot of work!

starmora-That was nice of your mom to drive so far for his birthday! Did he not like the cupcake or did you not want to give him one yet?

MsVyky-How'd the cutting of that molar go? Bridge has 7 teeth but no molars yet. When she gets really cranky I think one will show up anytime but they never come!

Harmony96-How is baby's skin? I have missed the last several months.

Norasmomma-Yes, I know what you mean about them throwing tantrums! Bridget is quite contrary. Any question you ask her, she shakes her head no. She gets MAD if she can't have what she want swhen she wants it. It has happened too fast. On top of that you have a climber. Oh my! Good for him, maybe not so much for you! He sounds athletic.

abeecharmer-Awesome that she signed nurse!

Serenyd-My favorite (said with sarcasm) is when I'm sorting laundry form that hamper into laundry baskets and as I fill that baskets, Bridget is on the other end of them pulling out the clothes and throwing them on the floor. I'm sure she would love the drawers like Kara, too. She just hasn't had the chance yet!

Bridget can give a high five, and point out her facial parts, i.e. where's your nose?, ect. She can drink from a cup and likes eating a wide variety of foods. She still nurses like a champ. What is everyone going to dress their babies (ooops I mean toddlers!) up for on Halloween?
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Happy Birthday Bridget!

Ugh, today Owen has turned into that tyrannical toddler of my nightmares, in addition to his climbing, he also can now lift up the toilet seat, and get into the garbage. WHY is the garbage soooooo interesting to toddlers is beyond me, they friggin LOVE it though. I came out of the bathroom, after I had removed him from the toilet, then he went into the kitchen(and it got way too silent, IYKWIM) and of course there he was eating a banana peel he'd found in the garbage He was macking on it like it was the most delicious thing he'd ever eaten.

He's being incredibly difficult and yes toddler-ish. He is mirroring my DD around this age, except he is about 2 months ahead of her physical development at the same age. She signed and spoke much more, he is signing, and understands signs. He signed milk a long time ago, and now signs "yes", and also shakes his head "no" for most things. Also he barely is napping.
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a big fat DITTO to laundry/toilet/garbage monsters! And mine is absolutely hellbent on getting into the "off limits" stuff like gadgets, batteries, medicine bottles, scissors, pens, nail clippers, etc. Removing the item or the child results in a tantrum.

It's comforting to know I'm not the only one feeling bittersweet about our new LO's turning one already. we had DS's birthday party last weekend and I just got around to uploading pics (http://www.facebook.com/album.php?ai...9&l=8e61c09358).

Today he started climbing! Save me! Still no walking on his own yet (so not complaining; I'm not looking forward to chasing after him) but he will walk holding hands and is pretty much velcro'd to my legs anytime I'm not down on the floor with him. He doesn't seem very sure-footed (takes after me in that area) so he might be a late walker, but what do I know.

He's so communicative, using more signs and words, and really into his songs and books. He can point out his nose, hair and ears, and whenever anyone says "mouth" he says, "Ahhh" and pats his mouth. I don't know how he picked that up, but it's hilarious. I am so enthralled by his sense of humor. I'm just astounded by how he's matured so far. Aren't babies amazing?!

I think he's working on some new teeth. He has 8 so far (4 top, 4 bottom) but I don't know what's next. molars?
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Originally Posted by firewoman View Post
MsVyky-How'd the cutting of that molar go? Bridge has 7 teeth but no molars yet. When she gets really cranky I think one will show up anytime but they never come!
Not too bad, actually. She's working on the 2nd molar now!
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Checkin in! Persephone has been walking since 10 months, and is easily running now. (she has to learn some coping skills to get away from her siblings. LOL) The only words we know for sure are "Mama" and "No" but they aren't super super clear. She has such an awesome personality that she is easily my most laid back baby, though Odin comes in close behind her. She's still our little PJ no matter if she can walk or not, even if we have to put her diaper on backwards because she pulls them off already. And even if she refuses clothes just like her other two siblings with sensory issues. She's our "Mimi" which somehow became her nickname despite our best efforts not to call her that. Ivy insisted that she was "Mimi" because it rhymed with "baby" and therefore it was only logical that she be named "Mimi" LOL And wouldn't ya know it.. the other kids picked up on it so fast that we really didn't have a choice. LOL

Anyway, I'm here. Its nice to see updates on so many DDC'ers!

PS. The garbage can has a home on the washing machine. Been there for months or she'll pick things out of it to eat! EWwwww
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I have one of these babies! Less than a week away from her birthday and I can't believe it. She has week walking for a few weeks now and she is getting really fast already! She has a few words, but her favorite is "Hi!" Depending on her tone, Hi means all sorts of different things. Man, this year has flown!
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hi everyone! we've had a rough go with allergies (seasonal) lately but things are going great in the developmental areas. we signed out of EI a few months ago and we haven't looked back. millie started walking right at 11 months and she practically runs now. it is bittersweet because she's my last, but honestly i'm ready for some sleep.

my depression is getting better, but when we go a week with horrible sleeping, i get over tired and can not cope. sleep deprivation will do weird things to you!

the best thing about toddlerhood: she's starting to tell us what she wants and can follow simple instructions.

the worst thing about toddlerhood: she already thinks she's 18!
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Originally Posted by Norasmomma View Post
Does anyone else have a climber? Owen is climbing, pulling the chairs out from the dining room table and climbing up ONTO the table. He also climbs the picnic table. Yesterday was a very pivotal day of maturing into toddler status, it seems like every month Owen has a developmental leap a week or so after his month birthday.

Yesterday he was just acting so little boy. Not baby-ish at all.
Um yeah.. this is Israel. He is a major climber. Today he is 1!!! Where did my baby go. He is started to walk too. 6 steps yesterday!!
Glad to see there are now 3 of us crazy enough to get pregnant this soon!
Ill post pics later today after cake
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Originally Posted by Norasmomma View Post
Does anyone else have a climber? Owen is climbing, pulling the chairs out from the dining room table and climbing up ONTO the table. He also climbs the picnic table. Yesterday was a very pivotal day of maturing into toddler status, it seems like every month Owen has a developmental leap a week or so after his month birthday.

Yesterday he was just acting so little boy. Not baby-ish at all.
Checking in! My LO is crazy!! She is a total climber. She loves to empty out the cabinets and play in there. If I put boxes or things to block her from getting into things, she'll climb right over the top. Going around is not in her vocabulary. ha!!
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Israel and pumpkin cake made by Dada
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Originally Posted by Kmama2 View Post
Soooo cute!! He has such fabulous dark features, and thick hair! Happy birthday!
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I can't believe our babies are so big! Malcolm has been walking since 10 months and is really keeping us on our toes. He's a wild man. He's climbing EVERYTHING (just like his big sibs did) and is a little hurricane. Teeth have been tough but he just popped two molars this week. I think he's been the toughest teether of the four of them. So far he's saying mama, dada, papa and bebe (nursing). He's still not really eating solids and we're just nursing all the time. He has no interest in baby food and chokes on solid stuff so we're just taking it slow. We had some good luck the past week or so but he just isn't wanting any volume yet.

Nursing has been tough this time, we've had thrush all summer and he's been biting and slurping. Major ow. I really wanted to let him self wean but I'm just taking it a day at a time. The pain is unbelievable! Started with AF at 7months and have had three cycles so far (every 8 weeks). No fun but at least I went longer this time then I did with the other kids.

I'm not on MDC all that much these days but I saw the update on Facebook and popped back on to say high.
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Enjoyed reading everyone's updates!

Lucia, I think we might have finally kicked the thrush we had. I started putting stevia into my tea instead of honey, and feeding her organic yogurt. That's the only thing I did different. I had been using miconazole on my nipples whenever I could get a break from nursing, but I did that for months. It is so hard to get rid of, and so painful! Hope you can get rid of it soon.
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Hey everyone! I can't believe our babies are one!

Jaim has been walking since 8 months! Well, he took his first steps at 7mo, but wasn't really walking more than a couple of steps at a time until 8.5mo. Crazy. Now he is almost running, but not quite.

He's saying Mama, more, and sometimes I think he says cat, but not sure. He's recently gotten into signing and can say: more, nurse (milk), all done, potty, and we're working on Help. He often gets them mixed up though (except nurse - he's got that one down! ). He'll sign potty when I know he really wants more, etc. It's so cute to see him try so hard to communicate with us though!

He's really into nursing right now. Which is nice, because he's never been that into it, just basically for calories. It was like he never really enjoyed it. But now he's wanting to nurse all the time! I would be annoyed, but it feels so great to know that he actually uses it for comfort now. Weird, I know. I remember really enjoying the second year of nursing with DD too.

He's a tiny little guy - 17lbs9oz at his 12mo appt. He's still not totally into solids. Every now and then we'll find something that he really likes and he'll eat a whole serving or two (usually soup). Most of the time though he just takes a few bites here and there.

Here is a picture. This was his birthday. he was sick. But still managed a smile.

ETA: Oh, yeah I also wanted to add that, like pp, he LOVES to climb and get into the garbage! He also loves pulling all the books off of the lower two shelves. It's difficult to keep the house clean at this stage!
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DD just climbed the step stool for the first time today. She is a bit more tentative than some of your kids -- she looks at the garbage but hasn't gotten into it (it helps that it has a lid that is hard to open on it but I'm sure that wouldn't stop some of your more adventurous ones). Happy birthday to all the new one year olds. We still haven't really decided what to do for dd's bday.
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Originally Posted by zjande View Post
I finally had my 1st PPAF, which is why I was over there lurking in the DDCs. Maybe I'll get to join the party over there again soon.

I'm not kidding, this past year has whizzed by so fast that it feels almost like a Twilight Zone episode or something. Like, people around me must be lying- didn't I just give birth to this baby?? Er, I mean..... toddler!
i just had my 1st ppaf too. i was secretly hoping i may just get pg. again. this time dh & i are having a lot more fun ttc (last time after nearly 2 years of ttc we had just about had it).

vlad is pratically running (started walking at 8 months so he has had a lot of practice) & climbs everything. at my mother in laws he was surfing on a plastic car (standing where he should have been sitting). the kid has no fear. he will go head 1st off anything. this morning he just broke a standing mirror over his head (he's fine, not a scratch). does this mean he will have bad luck until he's 7? j/k

after months of showing him signs and vlad lauging bc he knew that what i meant and that i wanted him to do it, he finally signed "finished" during a photo shoot with his great grandfather (who lives far away so he doesn't know him that well). i was laughing my head off, but i didn't let gg pop know what vlad meant (didn't want to hurt his feelings).

this weekend vlad was holding toys/remotes like a phone next to his ear adn saying "hi." too cute.

here he is cleaning

we are getting ready for his 1st b-day this sunday.

Kmama2 & AuntieLiz love the pics!

Maela, i couldn't view your pic.

abeecharmer, congrat's!
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We had B's birthday party on Sunday, on his birthday. Here he is before the party, demonstrating his favorite noise, lol.

He liked the presents... well, he wanted to eat them and didn't want to play w/ the paper or anything, lol. He wasn't such a fan of the cake, though. He just poked at it and wasn't interested in it at all. Please, Mom, am I done w/ the cake yet?

Those who remember our eczema story, I am really excited how great his face is doing now, which you can see in the pictures.
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Anyone want to post 1 year stats? Israel was 17 lbs 8 oz and 28 inches. TINY!!
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Bridget had her appointment on Friday. It had been a year since she had seen the ped. She started out at 9 pounds 2 ounces and 19.5 inches and grew to 19 pounds 3 ounces and 28.5 inches.

Andrea-I'm so glad to hear his eczema is better! That is wonderful news.

Those of you just getting your first PPAF, I'm jealous. I got my period back 3 months to the day after she was born.

astar-Enjoy the birthday party!
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amelia was 6lbs 7.9 oz 19.5 inches at birth (35 wks) and was 21lbs and 30" at one!!!

great updates ladies!
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