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Congrats Southernmommie!
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Oh and i forgot to add that I still haven't had ppaf.....isnt that crazy?! Do you think milk over production can cause it to take forever to come back?
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Oh I forgot that my pictures on FB are set to private.
Here he is on Halloween.

Originally Posted by MeredithK View Post
We did find out last week that he is allergic to eggs. I had him allergy tested as I was still convinced that his fizziness and lack of sleep was attributed to something. Eggs it is.

Then, today, he had his well baby visit and he is too small. He is only in the 2nd percentile. He had been keeping in the 5th. I feel like a horrible mom. He doesn't really lime to eat very much so I haven't forced the issue (we still bf mostly). Anyway, we are going to work on getting up his weight. I am just feeling like I did something wrong.

Anyway, enough sad stuff. I love reading about all the babies and how far they have all come along!
My DS is also "too small." (in that picture, his legs look skinnier than they really are) He's in the middle for height and head circumference, but less than 1% for weight. I can't get any more solid food or breastmilk in him than he's willing to eat. He's very sure of when he's hungry and when he's not. He won't budge. So I try to give him lots of healthy fats.
Now I'm wondering if he could have an allergy?

I also haven't had AF come back yet. I got pregnant before she came back after DD (DD was 17mo), so it's been four years!
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Hi everybody -- I love reading all our updates about our babies. Congrats to those who have had or will have another one soon. You are brave, brave women. I celebrated nearly-1-year by getting an IUD placed.

DS turned 1 on 10/24, but we had to cancel his party because everyone was sick. It's supposed to be tomorrow now. DD keeps bugging me about it because she is under the impression that he can't ACTUALLY be 1 until he has his party.

At 1 year, he was 22.14lb and 30.5" tall. He only gained 14oz between 9-12 months but 1".

Nature -- we are only having one baby at our party, and mostly because her mom is one of my oldest friends. The other kids are all DD's age. We invited 2 other babies Tristan's age but they couldn't come on this weekend. If we didn't have my family locally it wouldn't be worth having a party. I've found that it's really HARD to meet people with babies when you have older kids as well, because all the playdates are either during DD's naptime or scheduled to conflict with preschool pickup or whatever.
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Oooh sorry. Baby Aidan (boy) was born weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz. He was 20.5" long. We went to an LLL mtg and they suggested he might have tongue tie. Called and they had an opening yesterday so I grabbed it. The next one wasn't open until the 16th! He did have tongue tie. It was posterior at 6%. We are doing so much better now! But now I have an infected tooth that is swollen and HURTS. The dentist told me what to take and to call again on Monday.
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Congrats, Southernmommie!!! Glad the latch is getting better now.

I woke up to my period today. It's a welcome surprise. I've been struggling with some mood issues, so I'm hoping that it helps to have my cycles back. I never thought I'd go 22 months without a period!
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MeredithK- I hope I go that long!! I need the break between kids! These loast 2 came way too quickly behind the previous one. Although I think we are done but not making that decision just yet.
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I haven't had mine PPAF, either. It took 11.5 months after DD, and it's been 12.5 now.
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congrats, southernmommie!!!

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congrat's southernmommie!


vlad has been growing up so much lately. he has been announcing he has to "poo" and we only used 2 diapers all day yesterday. we have been ecing with him since he was 3 months. we don't push it, just offer it throughout the day. maybe i don't need to fear 2 lo's in diapers? we met our HBAC midwife and heard the baby's heartbeat. crazy! it's all becoming real now.

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hi everyone!!  so, my daughter has been getting fussy when we have to take her in and out of her carseat and i have noticed that the straps are kind of tight, even though they are on the highest setting.  i didn't think she was getting too big for it, because the weight limit goes up to 32 lb and she was only like 23 lbs or so at her 12 month visit a month ago.  i did realize though that the height limit is 32" and @ that visit she was 31 1/2" tall.  which means that it's time for a new carseat.  does anyone have any reccomendations for forward-facing carseats?  i'm just not sure what ones are good and which to stay away from, since i don't really have any friends with babes reagan's age.  thanks!!

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Hi mamas! It's been soooo long since I've been here and it's great reading about all the not-so-wee ones smile.gif

Jack is doing swell. He's currently working on cruising and throwing his toys all over the living room. And he dances! So adorbs!! He says mama, dada and itty. Loves to feed himself - was using a spoon at four months and getting the yogurt into his mouth most of the time wink1.gif

The only problem is the sleeping. He's never slept more than four hours without waking and that was only once or twice. I don't know if it's the constant teething (almost every day since July) or something else, but he's waking me up every hour or two all night. Exhausting! And painful!

He's getting better with being taken care of by daddy more and more, which is great because now I have a little more time for me - showers! Designing books again! READING A CHAPTER IN A BOOK AGAIN! WOOHOO!!

No PPAF here which is surprising since J only nurses a few times during the day. My hormones feel so out of whack (pimples and mood swings) that it must be coming back soon. That won't be a pretty first flow - yikes! LOL
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well... as it turns out.. i was WRONG!  We have a BFP!  Hilda will have a little brother or sister in july if all goes well.  oh man, 2<2 here we come!

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I did! However, I did it before she was born when I still had free time & didn't know whether she was boy or girl :) Want to make a couple of gifts for them too for the holidays....we'll see how it goes.


HOLY MAMA's!!! Congrats to ALL on their new bellies!!! wow!! I'm kinda wishing it were me! heshehe! I love being pregnant :) Oh well, I had my turns.

Originally Posted by hildare View Post

Originally Posted by cinnamongrl View Post
1 year update:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/barefootstudio/4879333284/ (think I posted this pic before, sorry if it's a repeat)
cinnamongrl- did you make that tshirt? i love to make those you-can-do-it-while-they-nap appliques! she looks fierce!
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Originally Posted by hildare View Post

well... as it turns out.. i was WRONG!  We have a BFP!  Hilda will have a little brother or sister in july if all goes well.  oh man, 2<2 here we come!

congrat's! i'm also nervous about the 2<2, but i figure this was meant to be.

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congrats hildare!!! :)


thomaturtle - we have an evenflo carseat we really like.  the shoulder straps are easily adjustable and, best of all, it connects to your car's LATCH system very easily.  our previous infant seats had staps you had to pull to tighten - we could never get enough leverage to get it as tight as we wanted.  the evenflow is more like an adult carseat strap, it retracts and locks on its own.  very easy.  in fact, im stopping at target on my way home tonight to pick up a second one (for our sitter's car, we are retiring the infant seats all together).   also, wanted to mention, the new recommendation is to keep all seats rear-facing until 2 years old. its much safer for baby's neck in the event of a crash (lots of articles/info online if you want to read about it).


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Wow, I can't believe all the pregnancies in this thread (and at least one birth already, right?). DD is still so young I can't imagine dealing with another already. But each of us has our own challenges to face regardless. In our case, ds has been agressive toward dd, and has even given her a black eye (he says it was an accident although I'm not totally sure about that). Sigh.

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congrats hildare and angel!

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congrats on the new arrival, southernmommie!

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ok am annoyed am nak and typed up a big update and won't post and disappeared - arg will try again later
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