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Groundhog Day?

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Anyone else feel like they're living Groundhog Day? There are days where I enjoy our little routine, but then there are days where it feels very much like "Here we go again!". It's hard to even change the routine much, especially with naps and meals thrown in the mix. Weekends are different, but then I have DH to help out and we can get out the door a lot faster.

Do you think it's a matter of just going out and doing something different, damn the nap/meal/etc. consequences? Or is it more of an age thing, like having more freedom when the babes are down to 1 nap a day?

I'm curious, cause I'm feeling very déjà vu about my days right now..
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Yes, but this routine is the base of their memories. I surprise my kids once in awhile but they are much more likely to remember the thousand times we fed the ducks, walked by the post office or the very ordinary picnic suppers at the park.

Cheer up. They aren't little for long.
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That's a lovely way of putting it! I also notice that DD picks up words--like "duck" and "meow"--when we do the same things over and over. I suppose I feel less productive somehow, after years of working in fast-paced advertising, to now have very, very simple things to do every day.

I do enjoy it, though--and I've chosen to stay home with DD indefinitely. I just feel a little out-of-touch with the rest of the world sometimes. Thanks for the reply!
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