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If the goop is green, it sounds to me like he might have a little infection, maybe a sinus infection?
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That's what I'm wondering. Dr wonders it too. Gave me a Rx for pink-eye meds just in case... Just seems like if it was an infection it wouldn't come & go. Wondering if it's possibly from refluxing??? I don't know. This LO has stumped me. Amazing to think that I'm still so confused by him after having 3 others. Just proves that they're all different/unique!
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Well, we've been told hers is a blocked tear duct by our midwife and to use breastmilk to keep it from getting infected. The goopiness has gone away and then come back again. We are massaging and using breast milk, warm wash cloths to clean and soothe and it's not as bad as it's been but I guess, it sounds like, it could stick around for awhile!
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blockage don't come and go but sometimes the duct can be so narrowed or shaped oddly enough that it clogs really easily. This at times can account for the coming and going (not always, I am not a doc but this is what occured with our dd2).
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