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I will be doing this too. Last timde I got around 20 meals frozen. I was going for 30, but didn't make it. This time I'm determined to do more because it was a much bigger adsjustment period than I thought it wuld be. I did about 2 meals/ week for the last few months before the birth.

But we are potentially moving to another state in the next few months, and I don't really want to drag a freezer full of frozen meals across country (We'll already have to dry ice our 1/4 cow and all the appleauce,etc & stock I'm making for winter.) So I'm thinking I'll have to wait until December. Crossing my fingers we'll be moved by then!
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I guess then we need to rethink our freezer. We have a new fridge with the freezer on the bottom, it's 2 drawers and it kind of stinks. Not as big as I thought it would be, although our last fridge died and was was a side by side which stunk even more because it was SO narrow nothing wider then a box of waffles could fit in there.

I want to get a small chest freezer, for deeper storage but we live on a dirt road kind of off the beaten path so if/when we lose power we may not get it back on for a day or two (or three). I'd hate to lose everything.

I would love to make some soups though, even just for me to heat up for lunch since it'll be winter and i love hot soup in the winter (with fresh baked bread). yum
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I got a cookbook of freezer meals today. Now I just need to wait on word our extension got approved out here before I start freezing.
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I got the best piece of advice last time I was pregnant and planning my freezer cooking and wanted to pass it on because it saved me so much heartache.

Try to cook some allergen free stuff too, mostly dairy and soy free. My daughter reacted to dairy and I was so thankful that I only made one pan of lasagna, and kept the cheese separate on my enchiladas. Most of my other stuff was dairy free. I made a point to use earth balance or olive oil in my baked goods too.

Luckily she grew out of the dairy reactions by about 6 months, but Im so glad I hadnt cooked my original freezer plan which was just chock full of dairy. My hubby would have been well fed, I guess. LOL
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