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SoCaliMommy Yeahhh on your Beta numbers


I am almost 100% positive that I am now in the 2WW. My temps finally went up. We were out of town over the weekend and this may have messed with my temps some. Do any of you know whether or not elevation makes a difference on temperature levels? We were at a higher elevation this weekend and I am wondering if that lowered my temps a little. I believe that I O's somewhere between thursday and sunday. I have been running 2 charts FF and TCYOF. I let the TCYOF charting software adjust my temps and leave the FF with the raw data--the time I take my temps is not consistent. I had a small rise and then fall back which is clearer on FF, I think TCYOF is going to place O on sunday, I'm not sure what FF will do. I should see tomorrow as I am at least 2 dpo.

Either way we dtd fairly frequently, so hopefully there is a little bean developing!
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Hi ladies,

I'm a bit behind on the posts from the last few days so I'll have to post again later to (I hope) congratulate some BFPs!

FF gave me crosshairs this morning, but I'm not sure it's right. My son has had a low temperature at night for the last three nights. Today my temp was at post-O levels for me, but yesterday and the day before it was just a bit higher than usual pre-O. I put that down to his fever and us co-sleeping and him lying on top of me nursing all night long. Anyone have experience with this? Does a feverish child affect your temp?

If I did O, it was on CD13 which would be super early for me. I normally O around day 18. My LP is only 10 days so this would be a 23 day cycle if FF is right. That's pretty short. Thankfully our BD timing is okay if I have Oed.

Here's my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/15c6bc. Thoughts?

On a related and humorous note, I had to get a sex babysitter for my daughter yesterday! I want to BD every other day in my fertile period and that always takes place after my kids go to bed and before I do. However, since my son has been a bit sick and feverish, he hasn't been sleeping properly and has been ending up downstairs with me until I go to bed because he simply won't sleep without me next to him (or more likely under him) and I can't stand spending 12 hours in bed at night. Also, we had houseguests arrive last night and these are ones who usually stay up until 3am with us chatting. So after I took my son to pre-school yesterday afternoon I asked one of my friends to watch my daughter (who was already home from school -- there's no overlap in school hours) so we could have sex. Then she didn't end up wanting to go to that friend's house so I had to get another friend to watch her. All my friends know what I was doing yesterday afternoon!
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Anovulatory Cycle?

I am new to this thread and have a 2 year old little boy who I am still nursing when I am home with him (I work outside the home full-time). When I stopped pumping at work at 15 months - I started to get my period back. It was pretty regular for the first 4 months but has gotten kind of crazy since I started to track it using the CBEFM. I also started taking B6 to lengthen my LP and now I am on cycle day 34 with no AF in sight, CBEFM didn't really pick up a peak - got up to medium and then dropped back to low and still have a bunch of what looks like fertile CM. Is it possible this is an anovulatory cycle? It'd still get AF, right? I am just confused why this cycle is SO long...
I just ordered Vitex and perhaps this may help get me back into baby-making shape?
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Updated List To Here


Marinca~ I'd say saturday is cd 1.

sarahmck~ I'd probably agree with the O date ff gave you

RImama179~ Yes if it's annov, you'd still get af.

My Progesterone level from 10/11 was 22.79 that was after being on progesterone for 3days,the level take a week ago on 10/4 was 8.

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sarahmck: Hmm From your chart I'd say maybe CD15? Good luck!

Wendlynn: So sorry, mama.

RImama179: You'd get AF on an annovulatory cycle but it might take a while. I had an anovulatory cycle when I was breastfeeding my first child and I had to induce AF with progesterone cream after almost 3 months!

SoCali: yay!!

AFM: I had TONS of EW cm yesterday and a good amount today too. But cervix is soft but not open. *shrug* I'm abut ready to throw in the charting towel until I get PPAF. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1553df
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Zjande~Welcome to the group Glad to see another mommy wanting a 6th baby **gasp** LOL! Best wishes to you and wow for oing b4 ppaf . you won't be here long .

Kami~Woooohooooo!!!!! Those #s are AWESOME mama!!!!!

Marnica~Sorry af found you I think a 10 day lp is still considered within the "normal" range, though. I think I did respond to another post to you in regards to the thyroid stuff. It is sooo difficult I'm sure for you, and I agree with the pp, I'd all but demand the T3 and T4 levels as well, not just the TSH! I have the opposite issue, hyperthyroid (pretty much just during pg.) My TSH levels were between 0.16 and 0.3, but the T3 and T4 were good, so I never actually needed medicated, though, I did exhibit some bothersome symptoms....it was much better not to medicate since I was pg. Curious as to what this pg will bring *sigh*. KUP on how things are going...

Crystal~Yaaaay! for the good thyroid #s

Sarah~I agree with FF also....it does seem weird to have a shorter than usual. What was ur usual cycle length pre-pg?

littlestinkers~LOL we have all of our bdays from Sept 30th-March 3rd(5 lil ones)
My neice is 9/28, my dd is 9/30 ,ds is 10/3 Then my SIL's neice also Katie (my dd's name) was born on 9/30!!!!! It is a lil frustrating! We actually had to do a double bday party for the 1st time this year because my BIL and SIL had her party one weekend, and then next weekend was after my dd's bday and fell on ds's actual bday. GEEEEE WWHHIIZZ! LOL I think tta for a while will be good

RImama~Most annov cycles do end up being a bit longer, and its not uncommon to have one once in a while


Sorry if I missed anyone, hard to keep up since I don't check in more than once a day anymore LOL. I've been cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!!! My 1st appt is on thurs I'm nervous and excited. I think I might be able to get an u/s though since my cycles have been soooo outta wack I'm already thinking about what bedroom I want for the baby, etc. I have my 3yo and my 1 yo sharing the nursery right now. I think my 3 yo may need to move out for the new baby lol, but my 2 older ds are sharing bunk beds now. So, I'm a bit confused! May have to move my 5 yo and 3 yo ds's into the empty room and seperate the bunk beds. That way the youngest 2 will be in the room adjoining mine .
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I saw the reproductive endocrinologist this morning.

I told her of my suspicions in terms of being boederline hypothyroid. I point blank asked her to certain tests. T3 T4, antibody test and reverse t3. She said my current numbers don't warrent doing those tests, but agreed to do them anyway because I asked, so that was nice.

I also got my records from my PCP from pre baby. I always had numbers on the the high side of what's "normal" apparently. So this did not effect my getting preggers in the first place, but certainly would explain why Ive had multiple symptoms for so long!
Here are the TSH/ free t4 numbers

2002: 2.04; free t4: 1.31 (not too bad!)
2003: 3.95; free t4: 1.39 (whaaattt??)
2004: 3.04; free t4: 1.67
2006 3.76; free t4: 1.39

We'll see what this expanded panel of tests reveals. SIGH
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Marnica - Glad your doc is being so cooperative. I'd like to add that my T3 and T4 and reverse T3 were all fine. The only # that was off was my TSH. But that was enough for me. The way my nurse practitioner explained it was that yes, my levels are fine, but my thyroid is working harder than it should have to in order to keep it that way. This could lead to worse problems later on. That's why I chose to go ahead and get on meds. I'm not discounting your experience or decision Daisy - I wasn't pregnant at the time and have strong suspicions that my lack of conception is due to hypothyroidism - so I felt like I needed to start a medication. When are you getting your tests done Marnica?

Kami - I'll take your word for it. Despite being on progesterone myself I don't actually know which numbers are good and which are not. So if you're celebrating, then that's good news to me!
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SoCaliMommy - I have no idea what good numbers are...but that seems to have gone up a lot! Yay!!

Marnica - That's very cool that your doctor agreed to those tests. I hope the results come back good.

AFM - I'm having a (mostly non-TTC) dilemma. My husband is going to London next month for work. I can go with him - all I'd have to do is pay my airfare and food. So a few things are complicating this:

1 - Money is tight at the moment. This is slightly unfortunate timing since we just, finally, got our crap together and opened a bunch of savings accounts. All our money is going towards these other goals.
2 - Considering the money situation, can I afford to bring DS and get him a seat PLUS get him an expedited passport in time?
3 - Would/could I leave DS (22m then) at home with my MIL for 4 nights? I mean I can do it, I've been away from him before for 3 nights when he was 11m, but I left him with DH.

I would hate to miss the opportunity. I've always wanted to go, my mom is from England and I have family there (Liverpool). Oooh what to do. All that plus this totally kills my November TTC time. He is out of town on a camping trip from Nov 11th - 16th and then in England from the 17th - 22nd. If I stay home, that means one stinkin' day TTC (Nov 16th)...Unless of course this is my month for my BFP then I'll be happy wherever I am.
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Kami: Glad your beta and prog. #s all looks so good!

Daisy: Good problems to have - not knowing where to put all your kiddos. :-)

AFM: Cycle day 3. Got blood drawn again for FSH test. New lab and the lady was awful and the wait was long. Blah. Hopefully last blood test until I am prego and need it drawn then! Hoping to get my progesterone #s from last Thursday and hear what my midwife has to say about it if they are low. Also trying to decide if I start soy tonight or wait a day or 2. I think you reduce your chance of multiples by waiting and I do NOT want twins! Most people start day 3 though - haven't figured out if there is a benefit to it.

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Crystal~no worries, everyone is different ! Plus, like I said, my issue was the opposite, over active thyroid (hyper.) At the time anything under 1 was abnormal; now i think its under 0.5 is abnormal. Regardless, I think any treatment for me would have been invasive...i.e. radioactive iodine or surgery and not indicative during pg. I'm already getting some swelling and I'm sure my WBC will be high ...which means its acting up already!! Good thing was I didn't have trouble gaining weight last time, gained about 30 lbs. I don't have much experience with hypo, but I guess the symptoms are much the same.....and many of my family has hypo as well.
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Got my progesterone test back. :-( 3.8 at 8 dpo! It was 3.8 at 2 dpo. My midwife thinks I didn't ovulate. How is it possible that I didn't ovulate if I had a temp shift from 97.3 to 98????? I have to see what the ob says but my midwife even mentioned clomid. I hope soy does the trick this month. I am guessing my ob won't even want to give me progesterone bc it's pointless if my levels are this low. If I am in fact O'ing, it must be VERY weak. She doesn't think progesterone can make up for that. Ugh. I am so sad!!! :-(
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Heavens, I'm so behind! Just got back in town from a family event. I am 10 dpo and still waiting on AF. I don't particularly feel pregnant (and I had strong suspicions during the 2WW when DD was conceived). However, my LP is holding out so far, which is a good sign, and a lack of symptoms doesn't really mean anything anyway. My temps, while still well above the coverline, have been slowly but steadily dropping. I have no idea what that means--if it means anything at all. I am tempted to test tomorrow morning, since I won't be running off to work right away, but I imagine it's just going to be a waste of a test if I do.

Good luck to everyone in the 2WW, and s to everyone going through tough times.
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Originally Posted by Daisy420 View Post
Sarah~I agree with FF also....it does seem weird to have a shorter than usual. What was ur usual cycle length pre-pg?.
It was always variable. Usually between 28 and 35 and generally towards the higher end of that range. Since my last baby it's been mostly around 30 and FF says that my average O date is 18. I had a very drawn out miscarriage recently (first missed, then incomplete) so I suppose FF could be accurate and it's just down to that, but if so I think that this would be my shortest cycle ever. I'm just not convinced that this isn't DS's fever messing with things.

Given how many other things a mother's body adjusts to in order to help her child (specific antibodies in breast milk based on their saliva, etc.) I could imagine that a mother's temp could go up a bit when her baby has a fever in order to sort of help with that fever and require less energy from the child to maintain it? Or it could just be him heating me up by lying on me. I don't know. I guess time will tell and I just have to be sure not to miss a day on my BD schedule until I'm really sure that I've Oed.
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Blah - big temp drop this morning at 10dpo. I'm still above the coverline, but it was a pretty big drop. Trying to hold out hope until AF shows.
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Crystal~Still holing out hope .....ya never know with ds#3, I had an implantation dip at the cl on 10 dpo

Cindy~Urrgggg!! Hoping you won't need the clomid; however, I guess any course to a bfp will do right .

Sarah~I guess the m/c could have messed with things a bit, but I would think it would make for a longer cycle vs a shorter one. Maybe your temps are skewed a bit due to ds's fever. Not sure, but I think your O day can vary from month to month....just the lp stays the same generally. Did you all get in any bd just in case it was o time??

zwitterion~...TEST, TEST, TEST!!! lol I'm such a bad influence
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Cindy~ hope you wont need the clomid.

zwitterion~ :fiingersx

Crystal~ that it's just a implantation dip

I had a email waiting for me when i got up this morning saying all the #'s were great. I replied to the dr asking if the progesterone could be the cause of the stopping and how i went a full day without spotting and how i woke to red spotting this morning.
I'm thinking this baby just thinks having a easy pregnancy is overrated

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SoCaliMommy: It is not too uncommon to spot or even bleed in pregnancy. It does happen with healthy pregnancies too. I'm glad your numbers are great and I hope you get your doubts eased as time passes!

zwitterion: hope you get a bfp!

Crystal: sorry temps are dropping.. *hugs*

AFM: Can yall look at my chart and tell me what you think, if I O'd or not? http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1553df

My temps are still up and FF gave me crosshairs. But they aren't that high and my cervix is not what it usually us in the TWW. It's still kinda soft and I still have fertile cm. It stretches a lot but it's really watery? Anyone else have that in the tww? I'm feeling kinda crampy today, like in the back. I think I'll just BD when we want to (we usually do every two or so days anyway except DH has been sick the past week so not much then) and see what happens with my temps. I guess if AF doesn't show in 11 days and temps are still above coverline, I'll take a test. *shrug*
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Good luck everyone!!

I think I'm officially in the TWW. Last month I O'd late so I started taking vitB6 hoping to get me back to regular. I think it worked. We dtd Sunday and Monday I had cramping, a drop of brown blood in CM, EWCM, and my cervix felt soft and high. My temps went up Tuesday and this morning.

The thing is yesterday afternoon after a day of backache and a little cramping I spiked a fever and got a sore throat. The fever broke during the night and by 3am I was non feverish. I temped at 6am so theoretically it could have been affected. I've heard of people getting sick in TWW but I can't believe it'd be PG related at 1dpo. I'm hoping if it's not PG that being sick doesn't ruin my chances. We can't dtd again until next weekend when I'm sure it's way too late.

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Alright, I was out of town over the weekend and having a hard time catching up with where everyone is at.

Here is for sticky vibes and O vibes for everyone.

I decided this month to make myself some mama pads. My reasoning is that if I spend a bunch of time making them then I will get pregnant and won't need them for 9 months But, that if AF does find me I will have something 'fun' to use I picked out a bunch of fun fabrics and found a pattern that I think I will like. Here's to hoping I won't need them until I'm PP!!

FF places me at 5 dpo and TCYOF places me at 3 dpo. Either way we dtd 3 times during the previous 5 days so I guess we are in good shape.
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