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Originally Posted by peaches' mom View Post
Sarah - I really hesitate to comment because I realize that I am seeing things through thyroid-coloured glasses lately (due to my recent diagnosis & all that I've been learning). However, what strikes me about your charts is how low your BBT is. Low temps occur with hypothyroidism (one of the symptoms is infertility). Apparently temps under about 36.4 Celsius are worth looking into.
FWIW, in years past my average pre O temp was 36.45, but in recent months it has been closer to 36.2. I was diagnosed as hypothyroid in September.

Also, I don't know if this is connected or not, but I had been having EWCM even after O & throughout my cycle. After being on the meds for a month, my CM is textbook.

I hope I'm wrong, but just in case it may be worth looking into. Best of luck to you!
That's pretty scary. I just did a chart overlay with your chart sarah and our temps are very similar. I had my thyroid checked when I was pregnant with DD and everything was fine. Is it possible that things could have changed?
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I'll have to look into the symptoms of hypothyroidism and see if anything sounds familiar. I've always had a low temp. I was charting in F back in 2004 and my recollection is that my temps were right around 97 even back then. So this isn't a recent change for me.

Hm, now it's a few hours later and I came back to post my thoughts after looking at the symptoms and see that I never posted this. Oops. Anyway, none of it really sounds like me, so hopefully I'm just chilly.

Are the concerning temps below 36.4C pre-O or post-O numbers? My post-O is usually in the vicinity of 36.6 to 36.9. Pre-O is most commonly 36.1 or 2.

Thanks for pointing this out to me!
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Savah & Sarah - Please don't be worried about it, low temps are not definitive for hypothyroid (and I am not a health professional....). In no way am I trying to scare you. I just felt the low temps were worth pointing out, and possibly looking into further. Keep in mind the normal TSH range (which is usually done with any CBC blood test, and is used as the gauge for thyroid functioning) can be off for many people. My suggestion would be that if you are having symptoms you may want to ask your HCP to run the free T4, free T3, and antibodies tests to be sure all is well.

BTW, the <36.4 C refers to pre O temps.

I am really sorry if I have caused you stress. Totally not my intention.
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No stress here. I appreciate your advice. I'd much rather be made aware of a possibility that is'nt the case than miss something that other people can see in me (or my child) that they're afraid to mention to me.

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Is there always an implantation dip? If you had one before are you more likely to always have one on pg cycle?

Just wondering. I have a few days left before I'd expect to see one but wanted to ask in case!

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Interesting. You know, over the years of temping on & off, I was always surprised by how low my temps always seemed compared to others' charts. But I don't think I have any sort of thyroid problem. My temps were always below 97 degrees before O & the highest they ever reached was 97.6, crazy high for me. I don't believe I've ever been tested for any thyroid related stuff, but haven't ever had reason to. I suppose some women are just cold??

So I'm 7dpo. I am a ridiculous POASaholic so of course I already tested this morning. LOL Negative, of course. My cervix is soooooo firm & high & tightly closed. Definitely different than usual! But who knows if that means anything at all. But at least it gives me something fun to secretly obsess over!
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Hi mamas! Just jumping in here to introduce myself, since I seem to be lurking.

My LO is 12.5months old and still nursing strong, still 3x a night as well as a lot during the day. I am still waiting for my fist PPAF. I never thought I would go this long without AF. . .it's not a bad thing exactly, but my DH and I are starting to talk about TTC #2 (we ain't getting any younger!). Ideally, I'd love to get pregnant this coming summer (he'd like to get pg now, but he won't be the one home with two under two!). It's drives a planner like me crazy to not be able to predict any of this TTC thing! I have no idea how long it will take for my cycles to return or to normalize. I don't want to force any changes on my LOs nursing at this point. Hopefully in the next 6 months I will get my fertility back without having to do any sort of weaning (although I would love to STTN again!).

Anywho. . .we aren't preventing anymore. So maybe I'll catch that first egg? But I imagine I'll be hanging out here for awhile. And that's okay, I'll be able to see lots of BFPs while I am here hopefully. I am a total POAS addict, so being here is almost as good as a "fix".

I guess add me too Waiting to be Ready.

Also, I'd love to start charting again, but my LO still gets me up so much at night, I'm not sure its worth it. I have been watching my CM (which isn't much). When did you start charting again? After the first PPAF or before? And what's the best way to chart with night wakings?
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-Kismetbaby~ Hope ur stay here is short!!

Cindy~Sorry to hear about your FSH #..... Hoping its just due to bfing, but I have no knowledge about its relation to that hormone .

Nolliesmama~Definately not!!!! non pg charts show an "implantation dip" sometimes, and a lot of pg chart don't have one. So, it really doesn't mean much!! Two of the 3 pgs I've charted have had an implantation dip; the other just showed triphasic at about 10 dpo. this is it for you!!!

My ultrasound is tomorrow !! My doc appt went well last week, but of course I'm not looking forward to all the bloodwork . She ordered lots of extra stuff to cover our bases like the thyroid panel, metabolic panel, uric acid screening, protein screening, etc. All of that on top of the usual pregnancy panel!!!! Ohhhh boy, I'm gonna be a pin cushion!! I don't think I've ever had an u/s this early....but she wanted to check dates since my cycles have been between 24-46 days!!!!! I did tell her I think I'm not as far along as what she thinks. They give me a due date of 6/10! I think it should be 6/14 based on my O day. But I'm sure she prob won't change it if its only off 4 days . Just wish they would put more stock into when I THINK I got pg LOL!!!! I'll keep u all posted on how it goes tomorrow.....
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kismetbaby: Welcome! I'm waiting on my first PPAF as well with a baby who is turning 11 months this week. She only wakes up once a night (or less) so I just chart temps anyway although I know other ladies who only chart cp and cm when they have multiple night wakings.

I will tell you that it is frustrating charting without PPAF though. I have had lots of returning fertility signs, but I think my "cycle" is annovulatory and I'm about to stop charting for a few months I think because it's kinda driving me crazy.
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kismetbabyWelcome to the group.

Nolliesmama~ I've seen lots of charts without implantation dips that were pregnant . for you.

zjande~ for you.

Jessica~ They should change your due date based on the u/s, that is the point of having it done is for a accurate due date based on measurements.

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Daisy: My midwife argued w/me over my due date w/DD. I was charting and knew exactly and had short cycles and they went based on their wheeel. I ended up being closer. I doubt a few days makes a difference, except when you end up going late and start running out of time to birth out of hospital.

AFM: Well ladies, I've bit the bullet and weaned! DD hasn't nursed since Friday night. I'm not calling her officially weaned yet - will give it a few more days to make it official. I just have to know if my body is messed up from nursing or from something else. DD hasn't batted an eye about it so I feel ok with it.

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Thanks for the welcomes ladies. I never thought I'd be looking forward to AF showing up like this! It's just so weird to not know when or where. ..

Daisy: I wound up cheating and telling my MW and the u/s office that the "first day of my last period" was two days later than it actually was. . .b/c that is what corresponded with what I was pretty sure was my O date. And the u/s confirmed that date. Don't know why they will never believe that you know your own O date.
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Kami~You would think they would want the edd to be as accurate as possible, but when I was pg with ds#3 they gave me an u/s to determine dates also. Even when the u/s said my dd should be 10/16, she still stuck with the original edd of 10/11 since it was pretty close. I O'd on cd 26 , but of course she didn't belive that was possible lol (that was a different MW, though.)

My neighbor is due in May and goes to the same OB I do, and she had an u/s to check size and dates, the u/s gave her a edd of 5/27, but the OB still stuck with the original edd of 5/22 . So, IDK . We'll find out tomorrow since they screwed up and scheduled my appt at 3 pm instead of 9 am and I had to change it for tomorrow since I have to get the kids off the bus . Just praying everything looks good and maybe we'll be able to see a heartbeat ! And I guess the edd doesn't matter much.....The baby will come when he/she chooses to anyway LOL!

BTW~My neighbor officially thinks the father of her unborn child is either her dh or my dh's friend by about 60/40....so it may end up being VERY ugly when they request a paternity test after the baby comes . I tried to convince him to pay for a CVS test from 10-13 wks, but i think its too expensive for him. Its just going to be a mess legally and emotionally since the husband will be assumed to be the dad and will be on the birth cert. If it ends up not being his, it'll be true crazyness, getting forms filled out, going to court to change the bc not to mention will probably result in divorce!!!! It just makes me so angry, especially knowing he has no clue that he may not be the father!!!!

Cindy~Wow, I hope it continues to go smoothly for you in your journey

Kismetbaby~That's a great idea, wish I would've thought of that b4 lol!!!
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Haven't been on for awhile...but wanted to pop in to say, I got a BFP
DH and I weren't actually going to try until next month. So, we only DTD once and it was several days before I ovulated, but I guess it was meant to be and now I am so happy! I was thinking that I would wait until November so I could enjoy some drinking at Halloween...but now I can't even care.

I have to catch up on the rest of you ladies, I haven't had much time this month...and now, wow, so much to do!
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Congratulations aleatha5!

Please move me to the TWW. My very first TWW since the birth of my DD! 3DPO, we'll see what happens. Our timing/frequency wasn't ideal but you never know.
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aleatha5~ Congrats

Jessica~ That is crazy about the obgyn not changing the due date. With my son i told the obgyn what date it was and after the measurements were done that was the due date so she went by that. I expect the same with this baby. i hate that some still think that every women o's on cd14.

Cindy~ Glad having weaned has gone smoothly.


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Daisy ~ Congrats!!! Your edd is going to be the day dh and I have been married for 7 years.. I am so sorry about what happened at the docs office.. HUGS Wow you ahve a lot of bdays together too.. We are not doing good with the tta..

GReenmamma ~ I am taking maca in pill form and I am waiting on ppaf.

Mamaw/two ~ were do you get your maca? Congrat!!!

SoCaliMommy ~congrats!!! How scary that that doc was being like that I am glad you got them.. Great betas....

Marnica ~ I am taking the pills too but I only take 2200mg...

lifeguard ~ I am so sorry about your FIL

Naturallyspeaking ~ I hope to tandem nurse I wanted to with my 1st but then he weaned long before I got pg with the twins. Somy goal is to get pg while he is still bfing...

sarahmck ~ So sorry to hear of your miscarriage

Wendlynnn ~ I am so sorry Hugs!!!

zwitterion ~ Congrats!!!!

swimming-duck ~ Congrats!!!!

zubeldia and kismetbaby ~ Welcome I hope your stay here is short and sweet..

aleatha5 ~ Congrats!!!!!!

Well I am still waiting on ppaf. We are tta but we are not doing a good job at it at all. We dtd last night and I had strong cramping on the left side like o pain but no ewcm. So I am guessing that is was nothing and our dtd does not matter at all. I am getting so tired of waiting on ppaf. DS is bfing all day and night with no slow down at all. He bfs more then my oldest at this age so I am guessing that ppaf is not going to come like it did with him at 15 months cause then it should be here Nov 5th. I have started taking the maca(I have not been good at taking it every day but I am trying to do better), B6, B-complex, and prenatal vit.
I am thinking of buying opks but hate wasting money when I have no clue when I well o at all.
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aleatha: hooray! Congrats!

CrunchyKatie: Good luck!

littlestinkers: I'm waiting on ppaf too! I know it an be a bother.

AFM:Just hanging out, thinking of stopping charting until ppaf. And hating Fertility Friend, who still says I O'd.
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Jumping in from lurking! WE are TTC #3. We have a three year old (this coming Sunday) and an almost 1 year old (two weeks from now) who is still nursing. PPAF came back at 6 months and now that my cycles seem to have regulated, we feel ready!!! Ovulation tomorrow (?) so we'll see!!!! Please add us!!!!
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Please move me to 2WW.
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