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jkseawell- Welcome & congratulations on TTC! Yay! My youngest just turned 1 on 10/12.


KaliShanti- I hate charting before my 1st PPAF, too. I prefer to just keep very close tabs on my cervix instead.

littlestinkers- I hope you see that darn AF soon!

Daisy420- Blecch, what a depressing situation your neighbor's in.

As for me- 10dpo & no signs of AF! I actually started feeling a little hopeful yesterday as I felt a little queasiness on & off. But then this morning I def had AF-like cramps so I announced to DH that "all his sperm swam the wrong way." But... the cramps have since stopped so who knows! I tested last night, BFN. I didn't test this morning because my mom's here & doesn't really like kids or large families or anything & I would have an impossible time *not* bouncing out of the bathroom squealing in joy, sooooooo, I'm waiting to test again til dh is home.
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Hi ladies!

I haven't been on in over a week. Life/work got crazy. I have been sick. DS has been sick and now DH has it and I have so little time as it is!

Congrats to any BFP's and sorry to anyone who got AF while I was gone.

Had the HSG test yesterday. All is well with the tubes just like I knew it was. DH dropped off his SA today. Im sure that will be fine as well. The thing that is weirding me out if the possibiltiy of a thyroid/adrenal problem. None of my alloptathic docs are taking me seriously and insisting lab work is "fine". My TSH is slightly elevated by the narrowed standards at 3.05. Free t4 and Free t3 and smack dab in the middle of the "normal" range and antibodies was negative, but I know that I need to have the reverese t3 tested. My hypothesis is that I may have a subclinical hypothyroid (hence all the hypo sxs) as a result of adrenal fatigue. (have alot of sxs of that as well although there is some crossover with the thyroid sxs. My ND is trying to help me out, but I think I need an MD as ND's cannot prescribe in my state. I have an appt with a MD who specializes in this type of stuff on 11/2. He is an MD but is into alternative medicine as well. The only problem is that he doesn't take insurance and he is CRAZY expensive. I mean it's extortion, but he's the only game in town or anywhere around here that I can find.

I just feel like maybe now is a terrible time to get pg. If my body is run down and fatigued and my adrenals are shot, pregnancy would only add fuel to the fire. I really don't know what to do. Feeling very confused/pressured(cause Im 38 already!)/and worried about how much seeing this doc will cost!

Im on CD 12, no EWM yet and Ive been bad bad bad about taking my b6 and vitex because ive been sick....sigh
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aleatha5 - Congrats!!!!

I'm still in the TWW. It's 9dpo for me today and I'm holding out trying not to test early. I've had random sickness since 1dpo which is odd for me as I haven't been sick in almost 2 yrs. My temps are still up but no implantation dip yet so I'm not too hopeful.

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jkseawell~ Welcome to the group. I put you in the 2ww since you think your O'ing soon.



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I'm getting really excited & totally impatient to test tonight. And tomorrow morning. And probably tomorrow night.

I've felt a little bit queasy on & off today just like yesterday...
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Congrats to all the new BFPs!!

I've been having lots of ewcm every day now, but my cervix is closed up tight. Bah.
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I'm very annoyed that my chart this month isn't quite so clear as usual. There are three possible O dates by my reading of it and with one I'd be pregnant now, one I'd probably be pregnant now, and the final one I would still be solidly in the 2WW. Aargh. I've been slightly nauseated in the afternoons for the last three days. But that would be REALLY early for a symptom, wouldn't it? I'm only 12, 10 or 7 days post-O. My LP is pretty much always 10. I don't want to test until I'm pretty sure that it will be positive because I don't have a stash of cheapie tests. Just one drugstore test and no place to get cheapies here except mail order from the UK. Anyone have any opinions about my O date? If FF is right, my CM was seriously badly timed.

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Well we were to tta but lets just say we are not good at that at all.... But I am pretty sure that we have nothing to worry about at all... I just want to either o and catch it or start my cycles so I have something to look forward too. I hate this waiting when you have no clue when it might come at all... I don't even remember the last time I had ewcm. I did have very strong o type pain but with the lack of cm I am sure it was not o. I tried to get lo to bf less last night but he would not lay down unless it was in his mouth. I just dont know what to do. I don't mind bfing once or twice but all stinking night... Between my nipples getting sore and knowing that ppaf will never come until he bfs less at night. I just want to scream
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Maca users how long have you been on it and what have to noticed it has done so far? How much do you take and where did you buy it?
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Darn, AF found me yesterday and I was soooo hoping that this was our month. One the bright side my LP was 3 days longer than it was last cycle and I'm trying out the mama pads I made. So far they are great

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Okay guys, FF took my crosshairs away this AM. My temps are really low and it is concerning me. I don't have much to compare it to, aside from the half chart I have from when my DD was conceived, and my temps were much higher. All CM signs point to ovulation on CD 21, so I feel like I should be 4 DPO, but my temps aren't shifting up like they ought to be. I am worried about progesterone levels. What can you guys tell me about it? Can it be treated at home if this is the case? I am taking a B complex. It also doesn't help that my waking times have been somewhat erratic. I did adjust two of the temps which brought them each down 1/10th of a degree, but even when they were higher still no crosshairs. At this point I am for all sakes and purposes dry so I am thinking either my body made an attempt to O and then didn't, or it did and my progesterone levels suck. My most fertile CM (sorry is this is TMI, but hey!) was def. not as egg white as I have experienced in cycles past. It was more like abundant creamy CM with stretchy (2"-3") globs within. I know this is my first PP cycle so things may take a while to work themselves out, but I'd like to be proactive if at all possible... Here is my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/209e1b Any thoughts mommas?
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That chart looks anovulatory to me, CrunchyKatie. But it's your first cycle post PPAF so that's not at all something to worry about, as far as I'm aware. In my case my first few cycles after PPAF were crazy long and probably anovulatory (I wasn't temping).
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Earthmama - Sorry about AF finding you . But hey 3 more days on your LP aint to shabby! Are you doing anything special to make it longer?

Crunchykatie - I agree with PP. looks like a anovulatory cycle to me, but give yourself some time. Things should even out. If they don't then get your PG levels chcked maybe, but since it's the first PPAF, I wouldn't fret just yet!

Littlestinkers - I have been using Maca for about 6 weeks or so. I have to admit I don't notice anything yet, but I also forget to take it sometimes. I take pills (which Ive heard are not as great, but they are easy to take with me to work and to travel with. I use Navitas Naturals Raw Maca powder and I take 3,000mg/day in 2 divided doses. I bought it online.

Sarahmck - I can't really tell by your chart either. Im inclined to say CD 13 but I can see why ff has it on CD15. Your LP is always 10? Isn't that considered a too short LP?
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Thanks guys, I think you're probably right. I was pretty excited when I got crosshairs - things were shaping up for a second there and it feels like I've been waiting for so long! It is still only my first cycle, though, and today it looks like there is a bit more CF after a few dry days so who knows what is going on. I guess move me back to waiting to O, please. :/
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Originally Posted by Marnica View Post
Sarahmck - I can't really tell by your chart either. Im inclined to say CD 13 but I can see why ff has it on CD15. Your LP is always 10? Isn't that considered a too short LP?
I've always seen 10 days referred to as the shortest LP that can allow for a pregnancy. I have two kids (and a third pregnancy), so I guess it's possible. If I really ovulated on CD 13 or 15 that would be absurdly early for me. I think the shortest cycle that I've ever observed in the last 10 years (including 5 years of pre-kids) was 27 days. This is only my second full cycle post completion of my miscarriage, though, so I guess that could account for weirdness. For me, ovulating on day 13 would correspond with a 23-day cycle. The "normal" woman ovulates on day 14, but I am usually more in the neighborhood of 20. Given that almost all my EWCM came AFTER FF's O date, I'm kind of inclined to go with day 19. Of course, I'd love it if FF was right because that would mean that I'm probably pregnant!
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earth-mama- Bummer! I'm sorry to hear AF came. But you're right, that's great about your LP being longer. I think we had about the same O date so I had already started fantasizing about joining a ddc with you. It may still happen!

I'm sorry to say I can't be helpful in the charts or maca areas. to all.

As for me, BFN last night, & BFN this morning at 11dpo. I was a little surprised & disappointed. I've felt my queasiness & lack of AF to be keeping my hopeful. Oh well. Hopefully more exciting things are happening with you guys! I love seeing BFPs posted!!
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Hi Mamas--

I hope it's okay if I just jump in here, I'm on the roster for this thread but just lurking mostly...

The reason for my post is that I am having definite AF or preggers symptoms yesterday/today. (mild on/off nausea, craving carbs & chocolate, lower back and pelvic aching and--ugh--sore nipples--that creepy-crawly feeling while nursing). Took a test this AM and BFN.

The thing is, I haven't had a PPAF yet! Now, I know that it is possible that this could be the month it finally comes (DS is 20mos), but who knows--after DD I waited 3 years for AF and I had a little herbal help .

About two weeks ago I started taking a homeopathic treatment for something entirely different and I'm wondering if this has "kick-started" my body?

Right now we are not officially "trying" but I do admit to not being very conscientious about "prevention". (And, also, why am I posting on the TTC thread?? Need to be real here ) We are going to "officially" start trying in the spring.

It's been quite a while since my first PPAF after DD and so I am trying to remember if it felt like this. Nothing has changed in my nursing routine (if you want to call it that) with DS. He co-sleeps and nurses at naptime and then for a snack or cuddle. One of the reasons we are so-called "waiting" to TTC is b/c I want to give DS two solid years of nursing before I even get pregnant (even though I hope to nurse through pregnancy as I did with DD).

Finally, the most recent episode w/out protection was five days ago and I'm thinking that even if I did ovulate that would be too soon to feel preggers-right?

Those of you who have gone through this recently could you help me remember what it's like?
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Well, my response won't be very helpful at all, but I'll share anyway. With baby #3, I started feeling pregnancy symptoms at only 4dpo. Nausea & boob weirdness. I knew I was pregnant by only 9dpo even though a test didn't show it for several more days. I've not felt symptoms so early with any of my others.

But, I've also felt very similar symptoms before my 1st few PPAFs! It's all just hormonal I guess. I've gotten all excited about a potential pregnancy because I'm having the nausea, but it all disappears the day AF shows up.

Statistically, women who don't get their 1st PPAF until around 12mos PP or later, tend to ovulate before their 1st period. Women whose periods start up again before 12mos PP, generally will have an anovulatory cycle once or more before finally Oing. So it's quite possible that you ovulated before seeing your period & are in fact pregnant! But it's also possible your hormones are just gearing up for AF! Makes you wanna tear your hair out doesn't it!!

Whatever the case is, keep us updated & good luck !

As for me, my queasiness continues & I couldn't finish my coffee. I've stared at my bfn test so hard that I've started hallucinating a line. Good times.
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sraplayas--I don't have any experience either, but just wanted to say that I'm right there with you! My guy is 12.5 months old and I haven't had my first PPAF. But the last week or so I am getting chin acne, and crampiness, and chocolate cravings and the occasional food aversion. . .but I am almost 100% that I am not preg (and yes I did test, b/c I always want to test :P, but it was BFN). But I think it's just my hormones playing with me. I don't think I ovulated yet though, so not sure whether AF is on its way or I am gearing up to O or what. Its so frustrating though to just not know what the heck is going on. I have certainly not had any EWCM since I conceived my DS, (almost two years ago now!). . .so I am waiting on that as my definitive sign that fertility is returning.

zjande--you aren't out of the game yet! You could certainly still get your BFP, since you are only 11dpo. I didn't have one with my son till I was 14dpo (course I wasn't so obsessed about testing then either!).
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