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Sorry, Sarah.
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hugs sarah! I know well the frustrations of ttc over the holidays..I did it twice...while on clomid. lol! I was the evil daughter-in-law till they figured out what was affecting my mood! Hang in there mama!

mommymcnair6: A csection should not have affected you at all. And an 8-9 day lp isn't sufficient...it is most likely that the cycles you conceived your other children while nursing were the cycles that your lp stabilized. Four cycles postpartum, while still nursing, isn't abnormal at all. And each pregnancy affects us differently. I personally, while frustrated, wouldn't worry to much until you've been at it for at least six months, or your lp is not increasing as your nursling decreases what she takes in. And you said you were 39...age does play a role. Give your body time. Short of weaning, it may take a few more months. But be encouraged by your previous successes! Good luck!

So. I'm on day 3 of soy, and I'm not feeling any headaches/hotflashes/moodiness or otherwise. I've been a little more weepy (not my typical) and went to bed early for me last night, but other than that not much at all! AND my baby is refusing the breast. really struggling with that emotionally. She is NOT old enough! We may have a battle on our hands...which corrisponds with her new mobility. Grrr.
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Originally Posted by jillybeans View Post
And an 8-9 day lp isn't sufficient.
Oops, I missed that detail when I replied before. As jillybeans says, your LP will come back up. I bet it will just take a couple of cycles.
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I am starting provera tonight. I am excited to be close to being able to really ttc... I well take my 1st pill tonight when I put the kids to bed...
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I just ordered a BBT thermometer (no backlight, sigh) and 25 OPKs and 10 pg tests. So I will never again be able to complain to you all about how I don't have any tests and am too cheap to go buy the cheapest ones that one can get in the stores around here (2 for 5 euros).

I don't know how to use OPKs, though. When do you start? I have been ovulating around day 19. Do you use them daily from day 15 or something and then twice per day when they start getting darker or whatever it is they do to become positive? The company I ordered them from sells them in three sensitivities, 20, 30 and 40 micro-whatevers of LH. They recommend the 30s for people who have no reason not to believe that they are typical. So I ordered those.
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Sarah how long are your cycles? Usually opks come with a little chart that tells you based on how long your cycles are, which day to start using them. For example, I *usually* O on cd 13 or 14 (last cycle was an unprecedented 16) so I start on cd11. You can use chart like this to figure it out.

Congrats on the new therm and hpts, too! Always exciting!

AFM - I caught the whole surge w/opks, how exciting. I saw it go from almost positive, to positive, to extremely dark (darker than the control) back to just barely positive, down to completely negative. So neat. We're planning to dtd tonight, and I'm still really hoping my temp is up clearly tmw. Like a good, solid, 97.5 or higher. We shall see. I've definitely been pep talking to my temp telling it to rise up nice and high!! I'm so ready to be in the 2ww and out of this guessing game, lol! At least once I've O'd I know what's done is done and I can just let whatever happens happen.
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I'm checking in to give an update. I haven't had a PPAF yet so I don't have much to go on, including not temping. However, I am still feeling "off" going on a week now. I am planning on taking a test this weekend...

DS always nurses to sleep and for two nights this past week he has nursed and then cuddled to fall asleep. Last night he was really tired and fell asleep nursing. This has correlated with my nipples being sore the first minute or so.

I went for a morning run and could smell the cologne of the people going to work, the breakfast being cooked in the houses, etc. Wow.

The grocery store last night was an adventure. Lots of aromas hitting my nose at the same time I had to grit my teeth a few times.

Also, I feel the pressure on my sacrum and pelvic area with bloating, gas and sometimes nausea/indigestion (not so much).

Finally, I don't want coffee (I love capucchinos!) and alot of food just tastes like cotton in my mouth.

Yesterday I lay down on the rug in the family room out of sheer fatigue. Soo...I'm going crazy trying not to think about whether I could be pregnant or if this is just my body transitioning into the first PPAF...

It just seems so early for me to start feeling these things so early to be preggers. (If I did O around the time of BD and ewcm then I would be around 13 days now and starting of "symptoms" around 6 dpo).
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Exciting, sraplayas! I'm looking forward to hearing your test result. Symptoms starting at 6dpo would be really early, but it sure does sound like you have a lot of them!
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In reading that link above about OPKs I saw the price charged at early-pregnancy-tests.com and I think I've seen people refer to purchasing there before. The place I just bought from is a lot cheaper so I thought I'd pass it on: http://www.homehealth-uk.com/medical...tion-tests.htm

The prices range from 14 pence (UK pounds) to 18 pence per test depending on volume and the international shipping isn't expensive.
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Oh mamas, I have a dilemma!!

I usually temp at 6:45 am. This morning I woke up at around 5:05 and said, why not, I'll just adjust the temp. It was low. Super low. 96.8. Ugh. Are you kidding me? So I was mad, but fell back asleep.
Woke w/my alarm at 6:45 and temped again -- expecting 96.9 or so.


What do I use?? Should I bd tonight just in case? Or do you think we're covered? I'm afraid to use the higher temp even though it's exactly what I wanted to see, b/c we all know pretty charts mean nothing if they aren't accurate!

my chart (w/o today's temp).

I think what I'll do is see what my cm/cp do today.
Yesterday I had the whole peak opk and neg opk, so I'm pretty sure O is done. I just wonder if bd last night was sufficient or if we really ought to try to do it again tonight. Decisions, Decisions!
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Hm. Did you temp twice at 5am? I always do it again right away if I get an unexpected result, just to be sure.

Have you done another OPK today? What does that show? I've just been reading about OPKs because I was buying my first ones last night and I read that some women can get positive readings for several days in a row because the test is a bit too sensitive for them. What's the sensitivity of the test you're using? Do you normally only get positives for two days?

I think I'd be inclined to use the higher temp but be mentally prepared for your temp to be low again tomorrow and to BD tomorrow. But given that you've gone three days in a row it's not like there's no one swimming around up there looking for a friend.
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mommymcnair6~ 4 cycles isn't that long in terms of trying.

I'm currently in limbo re-guarding this pregnancy

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SoCal - what do you mean? You have me worried. I hope everything is ok. Please kup.
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Kami! Hugs!
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link to the positive thoughts thread i started in the june ddc, that talks about everything that's been going on.
link to thread talking about it

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SoCal - I pray everything will be well with your pregnancy and baby bean. I wonder why the tech/nurse didn't measure the baby from end to end?

My babe has been nightweaned for a week now. I keep going through these pesky cycles of a couple days with lots of ewcm along with cramping, irritability, higher sex drive, and tender breasts followed by a couple days of thick creamy cm and the other above mentioned symptoms gone. Even my cervix is playing the right role, but alas, my temps remind me that my body is just pretending to be fertile or possibly ovulate again.

Anyway, sweet boy is down to 4 nursing sessions within 24 hours and I don't want to initiate weaning any of those sessions down. For those that didn't get their ppaf until after nightweaning, how long did it take?
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kami, hugs and more hugs! I replied to your thread. Don't let that progesterone number make you lose hope ! There is always hope! I have a healthy 2.5 yo to prove it.
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so I'm on my last day of soy tomorrow. My temps have been really high for me! Typically they are between 96.8 and 97.1 pre-O (30 cycles worth to prove it.) and yesterday was 97.4, today 97.5! I'm wondering if they'll go back down when I'm done with the pills tomorrow. Gives me hope that they are doing SOMETHING!
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Thinking of you, Kami!

Jilly - interesting about the soy!!

AFM - here's what I decided to do, just in case anyone was wondering. I adjusted the early temp and left it alone. And we bd'd just in case. My temp today is up! I need 2 more to confirm!

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Keep us posted, Kami. We're thinking of you.

Jill, when you say you're taking soy what exactly do you mean? And are you taking it just to increase your pre-O temps or is the idea that low pre-O temps are linked to some negative thing? Is this related to the whole Clomid discussion that we had the other day? I also have low temps, usually around 97 or 97.1. I'm not aware of anything problematic about this, though, other than the potential for it to indicate a thyroid problem but I don't have any other symptoms of that. Nice temp jump, by the way.
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