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Thanks for the hugs and good thoughts.

jillybeans~ what was your progesterone # when you were pregnant with your 2.5year old ?

Baby_Cakes for you this cycle

GreenMamma~ I'm not sure, but i seriously think she has issues with measuring since i had her with my 2nd m/c that she measured that baby at a 6wk range and a wk later when i started bleeding i went to the ER and they measured the baby in the 8wk range that is a big difference over the span of a week.

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Originally Posted by sarahmck View Post
Jill, when you say you're taking soy what exactly do you mean? And are you taking it just to increase your pre-O temps or is the idea that low pre-O temps are linked to some negative thing? Is this related to the whole Clomid discussion that we had the other day? I also have low temps, usually around 97 or 97.1. I'm not aware of anything problematic about this, though, other than the potential for it to indicate a thyroid problem but I don't have any other symptoms of that. Nice temp jump, by the way.
I have a luteal phase defect. Low temps are a symptom of lp problems occasionally. I'm taking soy because it's "nature's clomid" and I've always had to use clomid to get pregnant. I'm hoping that soy will work.

Originally Posted by SoCaliMommy View Post
jillybeans~ what was your progesterone # when you were pregnant with your 2.5year old

I was wrong...it was the one I lost at 12 weeks (due to chromosomal NOT progesterone btw) and it was 5.8 I *believe* it went up to around 15? in the following weeks after I upped it.

Have you guys heard about those new super sensitive black dye hpts? Someone on ff used one at 4dpo and got a faint line! I guess they test down to about 2miu! And that if a faint line shows after the time limit, it's likely you have hcg in your urine and it's NOT an evap! They are called OSOM tests. She said google dealmed.com so I'm off to do that!
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I wouldn't want something that could be positive at 2miu when on a blood test anything over a 5 is pregnant. If those really pick up that early there are going to be a lot more moms that realize how common it is for chemical pregnancies.
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Eep! Hmm, it seems like it would be great to know so early, but I don't know if i could handle that emotionally!!

AFM, I got some CH's I that I agree with, so I am waiting to know!!

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Well it looks like we are not tta now after all. I told dh after our 3rd time dtd after our cut off date and he didn't do anything to prevent at all. I told him that if he didn't want to have a Aug baby that he needed to take care of preventing that I was not going to even remind him.
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Good luck BabyCakes! Timing looks great.

littlestinkers: yay for TTC

SoCali: How are things??

AFM: Huge temp spike today. Hmm. Been off soy since Wednesday. I wonder if that is doing something or if it's a fluke.
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hope all of you are hanging in there today!

i haven't slept great this week--maybe all of the wondering and weird dreams--but this morning i was nursing DS in the wee hours and feeling raw and then got a shooting pain up my breast. ugh. has this happened to any of you?

either way, something is going on hormonally--preggers or maybe my first PPAF.

looking forward to closure...testing tomorrow am!
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Tested this AM and BFN.

Still having some "symptoms" so I think I'll start temping and see what's going on. I am guessing that PPAF might come in another few weeks?

Not excited about co-sleeping and temping, it's never been my strong point!

This whole drama has moved us from "Waiting to Be Ready" to "Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg"!
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November Thread Is Up
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