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Triangle Book Club First Meeting Date - Page 3

Poll Results: When should we have our first book club meeting?

  • 36% (4)
    Sunday, October 10
  • 45% (5)
    Sunday, October 17
  • 18% (2)
    I don't care
11 Total Votes  
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I've never read Enders Game, but it sounds like something i would love.
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My comments below in red!

Originally Posted by rhiOrion View Post
So, here are a few books that I've never read that I'm interested in:

Big Fish Never read it, but I'd like to!
Middlesex Again, never read it, but sounds interesting!
Chocolat I've read it and loved it and would happily read it again.
Memory Keeper's Daughter I read it and, to be honest, ended up mostly skimming the second half; I really didn't enjoy it.

And here are a few that I've read and loooooooved and would absolutely read again (I've read 20something of these books, and there were many that I love, but I'm trying to narrow it down!):

Ender's Game (one of my two favorite books) I've read it and enjoyed it!
Fried Green Tomatoes (one of my favorite books- and my very favorite movie) Never read it, but would give it a try
Bell Canto
Secret Life of Bees
Poisonwood Bible
All three of those I've read, and they were ok - I enjoyed them well enough but they aren't huge favorites.

There are many others that I'd happily read or read again if others have suggestions, though! I'd rather NOT reread Time Traveller's Wife or Marley and Me, just because I am not sure my hormones can take that level of emotion again! Personally, I LOVE the Time Traveller's Wife and would happily read it again, but I am fine skipping it too! Also, I hate to admit it, but I am NOT a Jane Austin fan!

I will post more later when I get a chance to look through the book club kit list - I'll post which ones I've read and loved, which I'd like to read.
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Do you hae B&G's list?
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I've never read any of the mentioned books, but I've seen movie versions of Chocolat and Fried Green Tomatoes.
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Originally Posted by rhiOrion View Post
Do you hae B&G's list?
She does not have my list. We had friends in town all weekend and were busy busy busy.
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I've actually never read any of these...

Big Fish
Memory Keeper's Daughter

Ender's Game - Read and love
Fried Green Tomatoes - read
Bell Canto - haven't read
Secret Life of Bees - read
Poisonwood Bible - haven't read

But I'm open to whatever
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I'm also open to ones I didn't mention. I just figured I'd get the ball rolling.
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I really wanted to go, but I had forgotten about a good friend's birthday. Had a long lunch with her instead. I have read several of the books but would be glad to read most of them again. It might be fun to read something like Chocolat (which I really liked as a film and as a book) and compare book/ film versions. I will read whatever the group decides.
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Eek--sorry I didn't respond sooner, but we were out of town last weekend & I'm still trying to get caught up on everything. Anyway, I'm not a picky reader at all, so I'm up for anything, though I do like the idea of being able to get the book kits rather than having to buy the books ourselves.
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Should I create a new poll with Big Fish, Middlesex, Chocolat and Memory Keeper's Daughter as choices?

I'd like to add The Book Thief as a nominee, which is amazing.
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Originally Posted by April Dawn View Post
Should I create a new poll with Big Fish, Middlesex, Chocolat and Memory Keeper's Daughter as choices?

I'd like to add The Book Thief as a nominee, which is amazing.
Definitely. How about we give it until the end of the day and ask:

Does anybody else have anything they'd like to add for nomination?

Also, maybe Ender's Game? I know we've read it, but a couple other people seemed interested.
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I'm very late to this discussion, but I'd love to join the book club if I can. Durham's a long haul for me, but I can probably head out there one weekend a month.
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We don't always have to meet in Durham, either.

If anybody has anything else to add, post it by the morning. If April doesn't get a chance to post a poll thread I'll do it from work tomorrow.
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Has this been going forward? I would still love to participate if so.
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Hahah, it hasn't really.  But not because it can't, but just that I got sidetracked and never picked a book.  We need a better person in charge than me.  I'll show up when you tell me to, but organization is not my strongest skill!!!

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What if we just do Chocolat to start since it seems popular and approachable? We can either try to meet before the holidays or wait till the new year. Would November 21 at 2pm work for most folks? We could all watch the movie by then, meet to talk about it and just see who's there, then read the book over the next month and either meet before Christmas or after New Year's.
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Sounds good to me.

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I will make a fresh thread to see if others are interested, then.

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