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Rearfacing and weight limit

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My 12 month old is 27 lbs. I know, huge! And he's 31 inches tall. He is in an Evenflo carseat rearfacing that we originally bought with our first child almost five years ago.

The Evenflo seat says on the back that it is only for rearfacing up to 30 lbs. Since I want to keep my big boy rf, I am in the market for a new seat.

I want a convertible that I'll be able to use with him as long as possible (hoping this could be our last purchase of a carseat??). What seats offer the highest limits on rearfacing? I can't tell on many of them when shopping online.

I'm not concerned about size too much or other features. I just want a safe carseat that will last us a long time, especially keeping him rf as long as possible.

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Some of the Radians (the "SL" models, I think) have a 45lb weight limit RF. They don't fit in all cars though, they have some install issues. It would probably be the last harnessed seat you'd need though (you'll still need a booster).

The other Radians have a 40lb RF weight limit, as does the Safety 1st Complete Air, and the Graco MyRide. The Complete Air would also likely be the last seat harnessed seat you need, but the MyRide might not (it has a shorter harness, so taller kids outgrow it by height forward-facing before they are booster ready. Also, some taller kids (such as my 30lb kid) outgrow it RF early.)

There are several other 40lb RF seats on the market, but they are generally on the shorter side, so if you're looking for a "last seat" they may not be the best choice. And with a 27lb 12 month old I'd definitely buy a seat with at least a 40lb limit.
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Complete Air or Radian.
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I briefly had a radian an couldn't get it to fit in my car (99 accord). I've since bought a CA for DH's car (03' civic) and it fits beautifully in there both rf and ff So, I'd vote for a CA
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I love my Radian XTSL Rearface to 45 lbs!

Also the Venflo Triumph Advance RF to 40 pounds I have the 35lbd one nad I love it!

Just so you know, my son was 22 pounds at 7 months and he is now only slightly over 35 pounds at 3.5 years. Their growth usually slows way down.
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