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Didn't get the memo...

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Apparently I'm suppose to be super miserable this close to my due date. So many people seem surprised that I'm not ripping peoples heads off and cursing at them.
I've had several strangers this week ask me when I'm due and when I saw Saturday they all say they are surprised I'm out of the house and even had one clerk ask if my husband knew I was out walking around doing errands because I COULD HAVE MY BABY ANY TIME!
Uh ok.
Thanks for the concern strangers!
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yeah people are like 'really you're on the playground with your daughter and due next week?'. Umm yes, would I rather be cooped up at home with her? he!! no! I do get tired and try to rest, but otherwise what am I supposed to sit here for the next 3 weeks doing nothing? That isn't much fun
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Hey, if you're not miserable, ENJOY IT!!
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I'm glad I'm not the only one! Honestly, besides the lack of sleep (which is only partly due to the pregnancy), I feel... fine. Really. The weather cooled off considerably this week, so I'm sitting here on my due date feeling better than I did at 38 weeks -- my feet are hardly swelling at all now, for example, now that it's not 95F+ every. single. day. It's actually possible for me to stay hydrated now that I'm not sweating every time I pass a window. I feel great!

Do I have (pregnancy-related) stuff I could complain about? Sure. I pee so much it's ridiculous. No matter what position I sleep in, whichever hip is lowest aches. I have an irritable muscle around my sacrum that has been giving me fits lately, no doubt because of all the extra weight and my newly exaggerated lumbar curve. Okay. But it's not miserable. Also, just because I'm "due" anytime now does not mean I plan to jump up on your counter and squeeze out a baby, thank-you-random-checkers-at-various-stores.
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Also, my MIL seems completely convinced that no woman can give birth until she starts waddling. Seriously. She's said it so many times I think she actually believes it.

"Oh, well, you can't be anywhere near having this baby, you're not even waddling yet! EVERY woman waddles! Just wait."

I'm 40 weeks. And waiting.
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I even got it from co-workers, a short walk to lunch and everyone was asking me if I wanted to take a taxi. I was like "how do you think I got to work? I don't drive!"

Oh I've got the waddling thing(not waddling yet!) and the burst of energy thing, which every day when DH comes home he asks if I had a burst of energy yet. I finally had to tell him that not everyone gets it. I think he was mostly hoping to come home to a crazy clean house. hahaha
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I get the looks of concern and furrowed brow "how are you feeling?" questions, too--I just say, "fine, thanks, how are you?", very chipper, like they aren't making a funny face at me. lol. It's kind of nice, really--I mean, it would suck if it were the other way, feeling like crap and everybody assuming you should be totally fine, right? Like ABPTlover said, I have pregnancy stuff I could complain about, but nothing so bad I need to be telling everyone about it.

As for waddling, I never really did last time. This time I sometimes waddle a bit the first few steps after sitting for awhile, thanks to achy muscles and joints, but it wears off quickly.
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Count me in. We have had about 2 weeks of rain so I haven't been out power walking, but I totally could, and my due date is Sunday. I feel good. About the only thing that makes me grouchy is being asked how I feel.

Oh and I waddle in private . But if anyone else is around, waddle I do not .
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Originally Posted by APBTlover View Post
Also, just because I'm "due" anytime now does not mean I plan to jump up on your counter and squeeze out a baby, thank-you-random-checkers-at-various-stores.
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Yes LOL. I'm nearly 41 weeks, still driving my car, and out with my 3/yo running errands. People really give you a look of concern like I am suffering a horrible disease. I get phone calls with a deep concerned voice asking how I'm feeling, I feel totally good, the aches and the prodromal labor doesn't affect my mood, in fact I'm so glad I am where I am! Everyday is a reason to be happy and joyful... People really are surprised to see me respond so happily, genuinely positive and full of energy.
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y'know, for weeks 36-38 i was MISERABLE really MISERABLE, but for the past few days (im due tomoro sunday 3rd) i've felt....less pregnant. i can't really put my finger on it, i just don't feel pregnant anymore, im not feeling like labour is coming anytime soon and i don't really care actually... like i woke up this morning and DH was like - ooh due date tomorro! and i was like "is it? oh yeah, well that means nothing" i feel like im gonna be preggo forever, not cuz it's dragging anymore, but just because i "am" pregnant, that's me now, who i am and i can't imagine/remember what it's like to not be anymore lol

and when i do get impatient i remember - i'm garaunteed to be holding sweet baby in the next 14 days, after nearly a year of waiting, 14 days arent that many....
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[QUOTE=corban's mum;15906089]i feel like im gonna be preggo forever, not cuz it's dragging anymore, but just because i "am" pregnant, that's me now, who i am and i can't imagine/remember what it's like to not be anymore lol[QUOTE]

I was just saying this to my bff the other day! I just don't seem to remember not being pregnant anymore. I know I wasn't this time last year but I can't really picture it in my head.

The only thing bugging me really is the hip I sleep on, no matter which side it is and what position I'm in or any of that after a while of laying on one side it just hurts. As soon as I get up out of bed I'm fine. I really miss sleeping on my back!
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yup pineapple - i can't wait to sleep flat on my back, with my arms flung above my head, legs spread out and needing only 1-2 pillows, though i'll probably be suffocated by my breasts... lol ah well

im slightly dreading not being pregnant anymore actually, because then i'll just be fat and saggy rather than bumpy and radiant lol
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I love this thread!!! I was just about to post a similar one when I found it! I'm 38 weeks today and at my appt today I told my MW, "I don't think the baby is coming yet...I feel too good!" At this point with my 2nd, I WAS miserable... I feel great this time! Yes, sleeping is a challenge and I wish I could go more than 20 minutes without a bathroom trip, but life is good! Baby is happy and head down (was breech at 36 weeks), I have decent energy and in general I'm just happy. I know Baby will come eventually and I know it will for sure be this month (my MW induces at 42 and her EDD for me is the 15th).

But man I miss my normal wardrobe, sleeping comfortably and being able to fit through doorways without bumping into people! I'm so excited to meet my Baby and have my body back to myself (except my breasts of course which will seemingly forever belong to someone else ).
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Originally Posted by CherryBomb View Post
Hey, if you're not miserable, ENJOY IT!!
I second this!
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Wow, all so true. I think, secretly, people want us to feel miserable. I don't know why, but that seems to be the sentiment underlying the "how are you feeeeling??" question, since when the response is, "Great!" everyone seems to be a little disappointed.

Alas, maybe next time I'll say, "Well, my pussy REALLY hurts when I squat! And how are YOU?"
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I get similar comments. And everyone seems surprised when I say I'm not really ready to have my baby, yet. (I'm 39 weeks).

Since my baby dropped, there has been some discomfort when s/he pounds on my bladder or drums on my cervix, but this positioning is actually more comfortable all around, because baby is no longer throwing my hip out of whack.
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