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30-something mamas TTC #2 or more - October

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Welcome to October 30-Something Mamas
TTC #2 or more

No tricks, just treats!

Our Members
bunziemom (Dee)
emski4379 (Emma)
Kokopelli-mana (Maria)
kristenyostdc (Kristen)
Mama~Love (Mollie)
MichaelsSahm (Ann)
sweet tea
Tulpen88 (Callie)

P.S. New members are welcome! Just post and say hello! Please try to join the group early in your cycle (pre-O) so that we can get to know you and cheer you on during the 2ww!
P.P.S. If you used to post here and don't see your name on the list, it's because you didn't post in the last month. just let me know if you want to be added back to the list.

Our success stories!

mija y mijo, slinkyfish
CarolinaKel, mclisa (Michelle), jr'smom
Lousli, forest~mama, Gabesgrrrl, phillybama, milosmomma, love_r4ks, suzywan, mamalove1

Please check out the sticky at the top of the TTC forum for a very helpful list of abbreviations!
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I hope ya'll don't mind, I went ahead and started the thread for October!
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Well, I am on CD 27 and really hoping that AF stays away!! I have symptoms but they are also symptoms I get when AF is coming!
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I'm still around. Sorry not many posts, I've been a little exasperated lately. This is cycle #24. I'm 14 dpo and hoping no af. opk yesterday had a faint test line, but I think it has to be darker than control for BFP? Good luck to all this month!
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Ok ladies,

Im super confused here.

I got crosshairs on FF that has me Oing on Tuesday. My first temp spike was tuesday morning. I got a positive OPK tuesday night (didn't take one on the am) and a negative one on wednesday night. I went for tests at the docs on Tuedsday morning around 11 am. She told me that I hadn't O'd yet, but I could expect to within the next day or 2 based on what she was seeing in the ultra sound and my labwork.

So this info is contradictory. She told me I wasn't going to O until wed or thursday, yet FF has me Oing on tuesday. Here is my chart and Im afraid if FF is correct, our timing was OFF yet again. SIGH What do you all think?

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i'm still on the list! lol i wasn't sure how it worked so i was looking for myself.

cd 22 here
don't know if/when i ovulated. i seem to have errrrr a lot going on down there pretty often. hopefully the right stuff went on this month!!
much like a PP, i have symptoms that could be pregnancy or AF. grrr. why do they have to be so similar?
been going over boy names with dh b/c it takes us so long to decide. girl names are easy. why do men have to be so difficult about names?? he should just let me pick and be quiet about it. we have tons of time though, i'm sure.
feeling down. i have myself convinced we didn't conceive this month. i have no real reason to believe that but just negative feelings getting to me.
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october already? yeesh


jazzy- just stay positive! We had a hard time naming ds, he was a week old I think before he had a name so it's never too early to start thinking bout it.

marnie- I'm so bad at charts. Can you just try every other day? Or are you saying you missed the window? Don't give up hope yet.

koko- Can't wait to hear! When can you take a pregnancy test?

sahm- baby dust!

AFM- Had my u/s today and we have two good eggs!!! One in each ovary! So I got my HCG injection and should O within the next day I'm so happy the Femara did what it was supposed to do. Now for the fun part!
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Yay! a new thread!

Marnica, im not sure what to say :| I wouldnt skip any days just to be safe!

sweet tea, thats great news! good luck!!!

AFM: nothing new to report.. its CD11 today, I can expect to O between CD15 and 21 if im within the clomid 'norm'. I think it will be closer to CD21..
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Soooo...do I count as TTC when *I* would like to conceive but DH isn't really interested yet?
We're not 'actively trying' but we aren't avoiding or 'actively avoiding'
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Hey, thanks for the October thread Callie!!

My temp was even higher today, the spotting is just brown now. Another BFN today though. I don't know what to think!
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AF found me this morning! Oh well, try again when I am ready for the big O!!! But apparently my period is regular, it was CD28 to the dot!
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Mollie, maybe you should get a bloodtest done? you might just not be responding to PIOAS's?

Ann, *hugs* sorry to hear that but hey, a regular cycle is awesome!!!!
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argh. AF is here today CD 30. I SWEAR we conceived this month but clearly my body couldn't hold on to it. Or maybe I am just going loco. seriously. it's possible. back to the drawing board....

what is hard about this whole TTC process is getting your head in the game and then realizing you need to get your head out of the game but then you need to get your head back in the game for the next round. i liked it better when we weren't TTC and got pregnant by surprise and then we didn't know about it till I was 8 weeks along. that was the best!

good luck to everyone this month! Here's hoping to July due dates...little Cancer babies!
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Yey for the new October thread- thanks Callie!

Ann and JonahRoo- Sorry for the AF s I know how that feels

Marnica - I don't know...it seems to me like you O'd according to your temps, but I agree you should dtd everyother day just in case- good luck!

tjjazzy - Sweet that you are thinking up names already. I have already been eyeing cloth diapers, lol.

sweet tea- Yey for the two good eggs! Thats fabulous. Sending you good vibes your way...enjoy your fun time.

Serena - Hang in there - are you doing OPK's or will you only know after temp rise for O timing?

Mollie - Don't know... I really hope you give us some good news soon!

AFM - Had my acupuncture appointment today. I almost fell asleep on the table - it actually was relaxing to my surprise. I go again next week. Not sure if it will make a difference on this cycle, but I am hopeful, as always! Waiting to O.
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No Junebug for me, AF is definitely here . On to another cycle .
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Aw, crud. I'm so sorry for all the AFs. Booo!!!

My body is not being any more helpful. I had very heavy spotting last night and this morning. It's sucks. Bright red blood on 1 or 2 dpo is just not fair. I started the progesterone last night, so hopefully it'll get things under control. I wonder if I should start taking the progesterone before O? Or if it would inhibit O? I wouldn't do it without a doctor telling me to anyway. Thank goodness I have an RE appt in a couple of weeks.
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Ann and Mollie

I wish we all weren't here again this month but it is nice to know that people understand the disappointment that comes along with AF showing up. I tried to keep some detachment from TTC last month thinking it would spare me an emotional ride if AF showed up but today (CD 2) I am just bummin'.

Callie! I am glad that you get to see an RE so you can get some questions answered and just get some more support on this journey. Keep us posted on how the appt goes! I have no clue about the progesterone although I thought you were supposed to take it before O and quite after O??? I could be wrong on that so don't quote me on it.
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I want AF to be gone already!
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Callie, so sorry about the spotting! No idea if taking it pre-O would inhibit Oing or not.

I try to distance myself from the TTCing too, but just when I start feeling a tad bit hopeful, the hag shows up. I guess having a pretty chart doesn't mean squat. I'm pretty emotional right now, it's coming up (next month) of the one year anniversary since we started TTC, and only have heartache and a loss to show for it. This sucks!

I'm not looking forward to going to work tomorrow, as AF is of course going to be at its worse the next few days. I don't have any vacation time available til November 14th, so I don't know what I'm going to do if there's a repeat of last month .
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Originally Posted by myorianna View Post

tjjazzy - Sweet that you are thinking up names already. I have already been eyeing cloth diapers, lol.

sadly, it's necessary for us to start with the name choosing as soon as we can. it takes us ages to choose boy names! ds1's name was decided on in the labour room. have you found any cute dipes?

cd 24 here...waiting to see if AF comes this week (likely wed. or thurs. if i'm still on the same sort of cycle i was on the pill)
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