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Queer Conceptions - October

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Welcome October!

Lets make those babies!

Waiting to O :
* AmandaHope
* chiquitayy
* Mizyellow
* kgulbransen
* gellybeangrl
* 2ezforyou
* Smilingsara

Waiting to Know... Braving the 2WW :
* Prettyisa
* Miss Scarlet

Waiting for AF :
* AmyPDX
* seraf

Working on IVF :
* MaxK- December or January
* starling&diesel- December
* Shadow22 with DP's eggs

Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready :
* escher12
* rubygirl36
* Carmen358
* Indigoscot
* BunnyLullabye (Taking September off too, hopefully back in October)
* Iheartsheep (Trying in December)
* Sarahcecile
* FiveGrandBaby (starting back around November 2010)
* vannienicole (starting ICI in September 2010)
* AmandaMom
* Newbian Mama
* giggleblue & DP
* Astro & DP Fozziebear
* katherinerose
* Hoping2bMoms
* Joyseattle
* Cejae (gettin' ready for IVF in the spring!)
* Milletpuff (taking a break until sept or oct)

* CassnBeth
* MujerMamaMismo
* dykemom
* kkearney1982
* lauren726
* j_on_planet
* Tigerlily1

2010 Graduates!

September * solejean * painefaria

August * bttrflygypsy 4/10/11 * 2happymamas EDD 4/15/11 * LibraryLady EDD 4/15/11

July * Beastie * gumshoegirl007 * wehrli 4-1-11

June * Coco & DP (twins) 2-14-11

May * burg 2-4-11 * korey 2-1-11

April * calimeow * mtnlisa - 12-9-10 * kimlyn - 12-12-10

February * Mistral - 10-17-10 * Quasar & smartycat - 10-26-10 * Monarchgrrl - 10-31-10
* erthe_mama & DP - 11-04-10

January * lyndzies - 10-4-10 * FtMpapa - 10-10-10

2009 Graduates!

December* osker * megan sacha * mkpgoddess

October * JJNoho * Mommies 2 Be * megincl & ktcl

September * elismum1908 * KSDoulaMama * pleasantlyfurious

August * chicagoml * wishin'&hopin'

July * hbog * kimlyn32

May * indigoscot's dp

April * Kelmendi * KJM * whoabethy * carmen

March * scalpel * katwomyn4

February * deny_zoo29

January * jodybird511

2008 Graduates!

December * DM630 * raene * wazzmum

October * JennM1021 * lexbeach's DP* QTRANDI

September * Ellie74

August * heart-n-bones * Love My Family

July * giggleblue * pranava * MamaCaveBear * quasar (and DP smartycat)

June * starling&diesel * PiGirl * Erica12009

April * tigermiep * MujerMamaMismo * tiggerkong22 * simcon * 2happymamas

March * JenInMpls * mahrens77

January * cookie70

2007 Graduates!

December * Scalpel

November * mamimapster * AngelaM * solejean * lmh222[/QUOTE]
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Woohoo! Thanks for creating the new thread!

Can you please move me to 'waiting to O'. Hopefully a new thread will bring lots of BFP's for us this month!

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Wow, October already!

I'm meeting with KD tomorrow. I'm assuming I'll get my answer re: ttc #2!

Hoping to see lots of BFP on here this month
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Max: can you move me to Braving the TWW please? Thanks!
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Hi Everyone!

Look at this shiny new thread, so full of potential. May it bring us all bfps.

Max: Thanks for starting the thread! I hope that it brings you lots of threadkeeper's luck. I think that dykemom and MujerMamaMismo may be MIA since we haven't heard from them in over a month.

Krista: Last cycle my period started about 36 hours after I took my last dose of prometrium. I don't know if that is typical or not.

Alison: I hope that the second insem goes well, and that your DP's back feels better soon!

Chiquitayy: It sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. I look forward to hearing about your time with Painefaria!

Library: No real symptoms, but I've had more dramatic and hopeful symptoms during the cycles when I wasn't pregnant than I had during the cycle when I was. I don't expect to know anything until I test. I'm hoping even without symptoms that implantation is happening around now!

Solejean: Hooray!

AmandaHope: I'm glad that you and your DP have found a comfortable decision. Good luck choosing a donor!

AFM: 7dpo. I'm starting to get a little bit more antsy about the wait, but I'm trying to keep myself calm. I seem to be getting a cold, so I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend!
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oooh, fingers crossed carmen!! if he says yes, when do you plan to start ttc? we won't get going again until may or june 2011.

we have 2 baby showers this weekend - one that we're hosting (we resolved all the drama thank goodness and then the prego one started having ctx and is on modified bed rest and meds) and one that we are just invitees. i'm sure it will just fire up my longing for another babe. ds2 is crawling and pulling up and not so much a baby these days!!

good luck to everyone, let's hope the october thread is lucky!

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Krista- I was told the night after you ovulate. I actually had my period even while taking Prometrium. I think everyone is different. I have also stopped taking it with a BFN. I am glad you found a new RE that is looking at your TTC with new eyes. That can be so helpful. You must feel really supported by the new outlook.

Ruby- for you on your 2WW!

Escher- Sounds promising that you are playing it cool so far with the 2WW. I hope it can be a relaxing week for you ahead. Keeping fingers crossed! Thanks for the thread updates, I’d be lost at this job without the help from all of you.

AmandaHope- I am so sorry about your disappointment. I would like to hear what you decide about your new cycle and IVF.

2ez- I feel for you sweetie. s PMS and the emotional ride of TTC is a double whammy. I am glad to hear you will be trying Femara now, I think you will have really good luck with it.

Solejean- congratulations. That is so exciting to hear the heartbeat.
Library- Wonderful. I love prediction dreams, they are my favorite. Keeping fingers crossed for you that you get everything you want.

Carmen and Indigoscot- I moved you to waiting to be ready. I hope that was right.

chiquitayy- I know exactly how you feel. I think I have cried when AF appears for the last five cycles. Unfortunately I don’t feel like I can take a substantial break because of my age. However, to cleanse my body before IVF, I think I may take this month off. My heart goes out to you. I understand all the pressures you are going through. I am also in school, work full time, and we just moved. Stress can be extra hard on the body and I agree, it’s difficult to get pregnant with so much going on.

AFM- Having trouble staying positive; there seems to be a string of that running around these parts…
I keep trying to psych myself up and stay positive but it’s a flimsy effort. Today is CD7 for me and I’m pretty sure I have decided to not try this cycle and wait for IVF next cycle. The main reason behind this decision is last cycle was 23 days and my usual is 26. I also only had a 2-day period. The new change in my cycle has me feeling that my body is failing me. I will certainly talk to my RE about this on Monday.
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Oh, I’m so late on these—Sorry if I miss anyone! I’ve been reading but not commenting and now am woefully behind.

Sara—I doubt we will, but I passed on your list to my friend anyway. As for Midwest, I’m pretty sure Joanne (the woman who runs it) just looks at your picture and decides which of the donors is the best fit. She gave us a #1 and then two runners up as suggestions. It’s not as good as actual pictures would be, but I figure one solid opinion is better than nothing.

Library— oh well, no Ezra for me, then. On the up side, I don’t see any of my other favorites on your list! Although now that I know ‘Young Gun’ is an option… Also, so, so sweet about your PE colleague. Hopefully some of your good baby-luck will rub off on him!

Hi Ruby—welcome to the group! Sorry to hear about your DP’s back issues. My stepmom’s been having a lot of those lately, too, so I know how awful they can be. Fingers crossed for your tww!

AHope—I’m sorry September wasn’t your month, but it sounds like you have a good plan for this cycle! Maybe a change is just what you need.

Painefaria—that sucks about your midwife not having hospital privileges—does she work privately or with a clinic of some sort? Glad to hear everything else is going well!

Chiquitayy—I hope you have a great weekend! And I’m glad you’ll still be here, too! I wish I could go to Asheville—I bet they have the best Pride…

2ez—sorry to hear about the PMS! I think September was a hard month. I found myself crying at things like your football practice, too. Maybe something was in the air? Anyway, I’m hoping this month is much better!

MaxK—yay, new thread! And one I actually get to move around in! Could you move me to Waiting for AF please?
Also, I’m sorry to hear about the strange cycle. Hopefully your RE can help figure it all out.

Carmen—Good luck!

AFM—Things have been a little strange around here lately. I just got my pos OPK—about three days later than I expected it. And this morning started picking fights crying at DP (which is NOT like me at all). Even she pointed out that there must be some kind of crazy hormones going around. I think I’m just overthinking this and stressing myself out. So here’s a QOTD: What was your first insem like, and what would you have done differently knowing what you know now? I get beginner’s anxiety…
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Hi Ladies, I would like to good luck to you all!! I am I guess in the 2ww, my donation should be here tomorrow morning. I am nervous and excited! This is our first attempt! I am excited to have found this thread! Feels good to be amongst friends!
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Hi Max...can you move me to waiting for AF?!? Thanks.

AFM~We sat out this cycle and we are hoping to give it a go in October...we are waiting on KD to get tested and the attorney to call us re: the donor contract. I am hoping to know something by this time next week, cause that's when AF is supposed to show up.
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gellybean ~ it seems healthy to take breaks once in a while. time to get yourself emotionally together and focused on your own health. hope your break is a productive one!

mizyellow ~ i'm kind of new here, also. this is a great thread! welcome! we can work the 2ww together.

isa ~ is there a place where you can get a cheap massage or facial? this is a time when we need to treat ourselves. i'm planning on being a massage therapist, so i'm a big advocate for them. just taking down some tension can help to regulate cycles and hormones. just food for thought.

max ~ sounds like you could benefit from a mayan massage. i was taught by my therapist how to do the massage on myself, and it's worked wonders. it slowly coaxes your uterus into the proper position and it's effects are known to help infertility. if you, or any of you girls, want the how-to, just pm me!

indigo ~ i made it to the thread! thanks so much for telling me about it!

escher ~ i decided to test on cd28 since my cycles are generally 25 days. i hope i can wait, too!

i'm really against getting a u/s, except to find out if there are twins. (they run in both sides of my family.) but i promised my partner, for her peace of mind, that i'll get a check-up and u/s with her awesome gyni as soon as i get a positive. it's sweet, us making out first decision about our future kid.
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maxk - yup, that's the perfect place for me for now. thanks.

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Carmen: I have my fingers crossed that you'll hear good news from you KD tomorrow. How exciting!

Indigo: I'm glad that baby shower mess got sorted out. Will your kids be there or will they go somewhere else?

Max: I'm sorry you're in a tough emotional place right now, and I'm sorry that it feels like your body is letting you down. Do you do acupuncture? I can't remember, but I know that has helped me sometimes when I've felt like my body is failing. I hope that your RE has some good ideas.

Prettyisa: I definitely felt nervous before our first insems. We had been planning them for months, and I couldn't believe we were actually doing them. I know I spent some time questioning everything--our finances, maturity, relationship, everything. There are some emotional pieces that get harder the longer it takes, but I do think that I am much less nervous now than I was the first month. Good luck!

Mizyellow: Welcome! I'm glad you've found this thread. I hope you get beginner's luck!

Gelly: It's exciting that you're so close to getting started with your KD!

Alison: I definitely agree that decisions about u/s have to be made as a team. It's exciting that you've decided what you'll do!
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Anyone here have PCOS and have used are are using Metformin?
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Thanks, max!

indigo, we're starting whenever you are, you know, so we are pregnant together again

I'm not sure when we'll start. AF is nowhere to be seen so if we decide to nightwean at 12 months maybe next spring? The sooner the better...I'm turning 40 this year! Eep!
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Esher- Thanks! I sure do hope so too, I doubt it though. I don't think we have seamlessly prepared for the sperms arrival. I have to work ALL day tomorrow, so instead of this loving insemination and an hour of laying down with my hips up, Chels will shoot it up in me, I will throw an instead cup in and head to a 10 hour day of potty training ( I work with kids on the autism spectrum) So I just have this feeling tomorrow is not our day. No harm trying though.
Ruby- Yay! A new TTC friend. What's your story?!
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lol carmen!! it would be fun to be your preggo buddy again. i hear you on the age thing - while i'm not going to be the one trying (dp is 34), i will be 41 this month! in order to be healthy and active enough to run around after 2 boys, i've been exercising and eating better and have lost 30lbs since the beginning of the year!

escher, we compromised about our kids and they will be staying home with our friend for the baby shower. now that the mama is on modified bed rest, it's probably better for her not to be stressed out about kids running (and crawling) around. the other shower tomorrow is kid-friendly!

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mizyellow ~ you're right that it doesn't hurt to try. is there no time to get a quikie in? even if the cervix just pulses a bit, it's better than nothing.

oh, and my story, since you asked: my partner lisa is 36, and i'm 30. we're using a kd (who is loving her video games at the moment. haha.) he's a dear friend of lisa's and has been staying with us all week. we've done 3 insems this week. we were considering a 4th, but murphy's law has been ruling us this week. so we're avoiding a possible jinx. i ov'ed yesterday, so hopefully the spermies have been hard at work. i wish i could see in there to know! haha!

i love the feel a fresh new thread. i don't feel so lost!
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Ok ladies I think I am out this month. I didn't receive the Spermies until noon today. (Stupid FED EX) and I am pretty certain I O'd yesterday. My temp went from 96.8 yesterday to 97.7 today. Ugh I am so frustrated. Waste of time and money! We went ahead and inseminated just in case but what are the chances really that I o'd today?! Not likely huh?
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Prettyisa- moved you to waiting for AF! Glad you had your positive OPK, better late than not at all! I am very sensitive to my hormones changing; my body feels all sorts of changes throughout the month. I can relate to what you are going through. Just try to be gentle with yourself. Everything you are feeling is ok. My advice for beginners is just to try to relax. DP and I were so nervous the first couple of times we did it that we would get in little tiffs about how to do it. So, just relax. I know, it’s easier said than done!

Mizyellow- Welcome, may your stay be short and sweet. I will add you to the 2WW. It really depends on your body. Can I ask your age? Younger eggs tend to have a larger fertile window. I would not give up hope, stay positive because you never know. My cousin had a lot of fertility issues and every time she became pregnant, she was not expecting to.

Gelly- Moved you to Waiting for AF. I am in the same boat as you. Looks like we are skipping this month as well.

Ruby- I definitely want to know about massage techniques. I really need the extra relaxation and calming energy. Here is some baby dust to help your insem

Escher- I did try acupuncture in January for several months. Unfortunately I started spotting mid-cycle at the same time. I eventually stopped and I stopped the additional spotting. Perhaps it just wasn’t the right person for me but I haven’t been back and now I’m to the point of IVF. A friend suggested visualization and massages, those sound really good to me right now.
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