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AmandaHope: I'm sorry. We of course all know how you feel. I just wanted to reach out and give you a hug. When you're ready to discuss next steps and talk it out here, let us know. I'm behind you by about three months. I'm doing Menopur come January. Don't know what your response on Clomid has been and whether it's dried up your CM, etc.

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Aww, crap, Amanda. I'm sorry it's a no.

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AmandaHope: I'm so sorry. I was really hoping this was your time. It is totally getting old that you have to go through this. Next cycle had better be your turn or I'm going to have a very stern talk with the universe.

Library: What top secret information were you going to give us that the computer kept eating? Oh! Maybe the secret password you have to say to get pregnant?

Krista: I'll keep my fingers crossed that your O and your KD's schedule line up perfectly!

Mizyellow: It sounds like you are getting close to O. How exciting!

Scarlett: I don't know anything about ultrasound monitoring or follie size, but I'm sending you lots of good wishes for making a perfect decision! I wish I loved shopping...

Seraf: It will be interesting to see how you both feel once you're actually insemming and dealing with wondering if you're pregnant. Thanks for sharing how it is so far!

Gumshoe: Congratulations on making it to almost 18 weeks!

Bunny: I don't know anything about saliva, but I'm excited you have a new donor!

Gelly: I'm sorry you're in a hard place right now. I hope that things feel easier soon.

Milletpuff: I have everything crossed for you. I'm sorry the TWW is so dang hard. I hope that you will be worrying about a two-headed baby very soon. Will you please let us know the result once you've tested?

AFM: I LOVE fall. The tree colors are terrific right now.
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AmandaH~ I'm so sorry. No kidding this is getting old! I'm glad you have a plan in place to move forward, but that never feels very good right at this moment. Have a glass of wine or something and focus on the future. It will happen. Biggest hugs xoxoxox

Escher~ I DID have magical wisdom for everyone, but apparently the BS filters on the website thought otherwise.
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AmandaHope- I am so sorry. I can tell you that Follistim is not bad. It’s pretty easy to do. I know this is a really rough time, I hope you feel all of our hugs.

Escher- I think if you want to inseminate after your HSG you should. I haven’t heard that you have to take that cycle off. If you have it earlier in your cycle I would think that would be better too. Good luck figuring out what you are going to do.

Milletpuff- Oh joy! I will move you to the TWW!

Gelly- Take the KD for 3 months. It’s definitely better than nothing and I find after time they really are in or they are really out. Should I move you to waiting for AF?

Seraf- My DP is on testosterone and I often ask myself why we don’t kill each other. I think we both remember at opportune times that we both have a lot going on. I also remind DP to be gentle or ask him to re-phrase something if it feels biting. We get in little tiffs but it never lasts long. We’ll see what pregnancy brings!

How exciting! The insem is so close! I would say do it! Your follicles sound good!

Bunny- I have no idea but I wish you luck with the insem!

SmilingSara- I think that your temperature dipping is a better sign of ovulation. The spike in temperature indicating an increase in prometrium. Wish I knew more to help you…

AFM- DP remembered that I was supposed to be on 150iu of Menopur, not 75iu. So I I called the RE today and found out that I was supposed to be on 150! She said just the first two days on 75 won’t do anything bad and I should continue with the cycle. I’m a little peeved but glad we caught it in time. I’m a little sad about taking more of the one that hurts more but the RE gave me smaller needles so I’m hoping that makes it all bearable.
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Facebook led me to an interesting article today that I thought you all might like to see: Blood Type Affects Chances of Getting Pregnant.

I'm not even going to attempt personals, but know that I'm cheering everyone on from the sidelines and reading every day. School and work are still kicking my butt, sadly, but I'm not giving up on that diploma that says summa cum laude, darn it! I have a GYN appointment scheduled for this week, and I'm going to have to reschedule because I didn't think to check and of course, AF is starting as we speak. Hopefully she'll be able to give me some ideas without having to go for the heavy artillery yet. And of course, my blood type is O, which is apparently bad according to the article above. Who knew?

Hope everyone has a great week...
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AmandaHope -

maxK - nice catch, DP! And good luck with the upcoming injections.

Mizyellow - I agree about O'ing on the weekend (or even thinking you might). Such a pain!

Miss Scarlett - I think kgulbransen's right about how fast this little things grow. Sounds like you have a few days yet.

BunnyLullabye - Dr Jen Gibbons at the Natural Childbirth Clinic in NE (Gateway). Her vitex instructions were one capsule every AM until O, then two capsules from ovulation to menstruation (it has a 'progestogenic' effect, and she wants to lengthen my luteal phase). I'm not going to stress about it this cycle, as we're going to wait until the next 'good' cycle to insem, but thanks for that reminder - I'll be sure to double check that it's safe during the TWW. It's certainly impactful - it's so funny to see my chart take such a sustained dive in temp, starting literally the day after I started the vitex.

AFM - CD 44! I really hope this one ends soon, O or no O. I need a fresh start and a clean slate chart.
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chiquitayy - interesting article but can probably be taken with a pinch of salt! my parents are both o (mum opos, dad oneg) and had three kids (one while on bcp).

i am opos and got pregnant on my second try. my sister is opos and got pregnant first try with each of her boys.

amandahope - i'm so sorry!! i hope you have better luck next time.

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AHope, i'm so sorry... i wish there were better words to express my sympathy and frustration for you... i'm really hoping yours is coming soon.
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Morning All...just a quick before work post.

Thanks for you kind words and for the insigth on the fresh sperm.

MaxK~ Yeah...move me to waiting for AF.
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Amandahope: big hugs to you! I'm so sorry this time wasn't your time, it will happen soon soon soon.

Maxk: thanks for looking at my chart. I don't know what's going on with it. I have a doctors appointment next month to get a check up and a script to order sperm and I'll ask them all my questions and everything. Hopefully that will make things more clear for me!
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Amanda--I hate it for you. It has to be just around the corner, I hope you can get some rest and have clarity about where to go next. So. Sorry.

Max--Hoping the shots aren't too bad. I'll be interested to hear more about how all that works.

AmyPDX-- CD 44. Ouch. My DP would have killed me by that point if I hadn't already done myself in. HOPING that things start over very very soon for you.

AFM-- The ultrasound report left me even more confused than the original appt, and I was pretty beside myself, but THEN I remembered that I have a friend who is an ultrasound tech and she answered ALL of my questions, and gave me some much needed reassurance. I was cramping yesterday, and had some free fluid in my pelvis (which apparently indicates that at least one of the follicles collapsed/ovulated prematurely) but since there were so many follies Im not too worried. I also got a ovulation confirmation with the ovacue last night, I expected, and got multiple ones last month on Clomid.

Basically, she thought my plan of another US on Wednesday am was a good plan and then we'd go from there. My lining looks great, so I don't have to worry about that.

The main thing that I took away from this is that on Clomid, with so many follicles, it *is* possible to ovulate multiple times. I just need those follies to hang on and grow a little more so I can trigger.
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Good morning all~

Amy~ YIKES! CD44?! I hope for the sake of you and your partner that this show gets on the road pretty soon! My hormones have messed up my DP's cycle, and it was over 45 days before she got her period. Ugh.

Chiquita~ Nice to see you! Keep plugging away at that homework, it'll all be worth it!

Max~ Sorry about the needles. I had a flu shot this morning, plus blood drawn by an incompetent hack who had to jab me three times and ended up taking it from the back of my hand, so I'm giving you extra special sympathy. Hopefully the agony will be worth it.

Scarlett~ Keep us posted. I think with all the follies you got marinating, success seems likely. Fingers crossed! I want to see your micro-bump when you're in OKC in December.

AFM~ All's well. Went to see the midwife this morning and all's well. My initial result from my sequential screening came back so very wonderful I don't think we'll bother with an amnio. The worst bits were the evil needle lady and the nurse who gave my flu shot who kept talking about how my husband should take me out to dinner since I'm doing such a good job protecting his baby. DP and I kept giving each other the eye behind her back. Sometimes I confront people, but she just kept yammering on, so I didn't bother. Also, though I've been having 'it's a girl' dreams, last night I had a really hilarious 'it's a boy' dream. My mom had bought an ultrasound machine and kept taking scans of my belly, all of which came out with--shall we say--with GRAPHICALLY OBVIOUS indicators of maleness. It was pretty funny.

Hope you all have an excellent day. Rocky Horror Picture Show on Glee tonight and I for one am thrilled.
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Originally Posted by LibraryLady View Post
Also, though I've been having 'it's a girl' dreams, last night I had a really hilarious 'it's a boy' dream. My mom had bought an ultrasound machine and kept taking scans of my belly, all of which came out with--shall we say--with GRAPHICALLY OBVIOUS indicators of maleness. It was pretty funny.
OMG! this is exactly how it's been for me... except it wasn't my mom who had the u/s machine, we just had one at the hospital. but we saw, very graphically, that it was a MALE baby.

so both of us have had strong boy feelings from the beginning, then lots of girl dreams until this one very GRAPHIC boy dream? weird, no doubt! it'll be very interesting to see the outcomes...
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Two quick things. My cervix is SUPER high today which has me a little nervous...I'm gonna have Dp check me at lunch.

Two, I might have to watch Glee for the first time ever tonight *just* because it's Rocky Horror..... *it's just a jump to the left*

Oh, and the swim team arrived. The Fed Ex guy looked a little nervous when I came running out at him....
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Scarlett: Interesting that your cervix is so high! How is your CM?

Wehrli and Library: What crazy pregnancy dreams! (And Library--hooray for a good appointment!)

Bunny and Amy: Isn't it weird how different people have such dramatically different advice about when to take vitex? I started a thread over in TTC a week or two ago to try to get a sense of when people take vitex. I didn't get a lot of results, but most people seem to take it the whole cycle. My acupuncturist thinks you should only take it during the second half of your cycle. I took it all cycle this month, but I have no idea what I'll do next cycle.

Christie: Let us know what your Dr. says. I hope the appointment (whenever you have it) is useful! Good luck with your work and school!

Max: Ouch! I hope the smaller needles help!
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Wehrli~ Wow! That is really interesting (and hilarious). Now I'm even more excited for both of us to find out.

Scarlett~ I'm cracking up at the idea of you running madly out to meet the Fedex dude. Bonus points if you're yelling 'My sperm is here! My sperm is here!' Everything crossed for you xoxo. And YESYESYES to Glee! I love the show anyway, and RHPS is another of my favorite things. It's going to be SO GOOD!
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Well the good news was the smaller needles helped and I was just getting a hang of this whole medication thing. The really bad news is at about 10:30pm last night I was chasing my dog down our back porch stairs and I missed a step because it was too dark. I fell and heard cracks. Ends up I have two fractures in my right leg. I'm on percocet and I go in on Thursday for my consult/cast. My RE says she recommends me canceling this cycle. DP agrees. It's really hard for me to let go and cancel, I'm very stubborn. But I think everyone is right.

If anyone wants to take over the thread for next month, I think I need to take a break. Just the thought of sitting this cycle out makes me feel depressed.
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Max: OMG! I am so sorry. I had a similar situation a few months back. I know how disappointing this is. I hope you can get the cast on quick and get to healing and you're not hurting too much. One step at a time (figuratively, not literally).

MizScarlett: does your cervix usually start hiding right after ovulation? What's the story on CM? Extra, extra points if you convinced the Fed Ex guy to stay and *donate.*

Escher: I did some research awhile back because I had read somewhere that taking Vitex in the second half of your cycle (during ovulation) could be a problem for implantation. I can't remember where I found the final info but I stopped taking it. All I can say is I'm not a good example of whether it works or not either way...

AFM: I'm waiting to ovulate. I'm wondering if the Metformin could ultimately cause me to O earlier. I normally O on CD16 but I've read that someone take Metformin to ovulate more mid cycle. I don't think I've been taking it long enough to make a difference in this cycle (it's only been a week) but who knows. My temps are way wonky and I don't have much to go on this moment. Won't do OPKs until this weekend. CD10 right now. Ultrasound on CD16 which is pretty late but I think could be veeeeerrrry interesting. I usually do around CD12/CD13. I'm not going to stress if I miss this cycle.
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Max: I'm so sorry! How painful and disappointing! Does this mean that you'll have to go back on the birth control pill before starting again, or not? (I hope not!) I'd be bouncing between despair and rage if I were you. On the other hand, it would be better to be zen about it and give yourself some peaceful time to heal. Big s.
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