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Hello South Dakotans!

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Who here is from South Dakota?
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I am. Not very many of us here, I think. We live west of Sioux Falls and I know a few Mothering-type parents around here, but it's not real common. More common than it used to be, though.
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South Dakota here! East of Sioux Falls for me :)

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I'm a little late to the thread, but I'm in South Dakota as well! We just moved to Watertown from Sioux Falls.

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Way up here in the Aberdeen area!  I have encountered a few "Mothering type" Mommies here but they are few and far between. :)

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My DH has a job interview in SD, and we are looking at the Aberdeen area. Does anyone have comments on life in SD? What is rental housing like? 

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Hi! I am south of Sioux Falls, so not sure about the Aberdeen area. I am starting a local Holistic Moms Network and it should be up and running by April or May. Please message me, anyone, if you are interested in joining or helping me get it going!
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Hello from Brookings Sd, north of Sioux Falls.

You would be surprised how many mamas are near you who are trying to live as naturally! The LLL group is a great place to meet moms, at Elegant Mommy, a local place to get cloth diapers and maternity, and nursing needs.


:) hopefully we will meet up sometime.



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I'm way late to this thread, but I'm in Watertown.

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hi to all South Dakota mamas :)


We are in the process of selling our house and thinking of building a house somewhere in the area or moving to SD, where my hubby is from. we are considering Sioux Falls or Aberdeen (where his family is). so i have a few questions for ya'll:

which schools would you recommend in Sioux Falls (prefferably catholic)

we dont vaccinate, so would i need to jump through hoops to get my kid into school? (it was really no big deal here in NC)

what are better parts of town to live in?


so good to hear about "natural" mamas of SD! :)

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In Sioux Falls, there is a Catholic school system with several elementary schools, a junior high and a high school. I attended the junior high and high school and I really liked it even though I'm not Catholic. If you have more than one child in school, they'll give you tuition discounts and they're really good about helping you find ways to make payments on tuition if the cost is too much for you. I'm not sure if you'd have to jump through hoops to get your kids in or not. I think it might be easier with the Catholic schools since they worry a little more about getting tuition than anything else. There is also a non-denominational Christian school system if you prefer that, though I hear their tuition is a bit higher.


Better parts of town really depends on your point of view, I think. I will say to avoid the northern edge of town though. I grew up on the southeast side of town and really liked it there. Like I said, there are several Catholic elementary schools in town so wherever you choose to live, you'd be pretty near at least one and the junior high and high school are pretty centrally located.


I don't know much about the Aberdeen area so I can't really help you there.


And ditto to what suzhardin said, Elegant Mommy is a great store. I worked there before we moved (we're in Watertown now) and it was probably the best job I've ever had. Shelly, the owner, is an awesome lady and her main concern is helping mothers and families.


And Hi gentle_mama from another Watertown mama! Where are you at in Watertown?

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Thanks for your reply! :)

my husband is catholic, so catholic schools would be better option for us. dont need info about Aberdeen since hubby grew up in that area and knows it really well :))

we'll probably decided on the move during next couple months. i have to admit, tornados and cold winters scare me a little bit :)

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Hi!  I am in SF, and I am a homebirther, attachment mom, cloth diaperer, homeschooler (unschooler) non-vaxer, and SOOOOOPER lonely.  There is NO ONE.  Or so it seems.  I would love to join a group!

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I'm right outside of Pierre and Onida SD. Always been a natural health person and 5 months pregnant with first child.  I am planning an at home water birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and homeschooling at least through elementary school. May do some vaccinations after I've researched them. Pretty lonely out here on the farm as well.

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I'm here.  Melanie, kids age 6, 4, 2, 5 months---boy, girl, boys.  In Sioux Falls.  Oldest is in school and partially vaxed, other 3 are entirely unvaccinated.  We bedshare to around 15 months or so, cloth diaper, youngest 2 born with a CPM in Minnesota--waterbirths!-- due to the archaic laws in our state--working to change that!  I 3rd or 4th Elegant Mommy lol it's great.  I've 'done LLL' since the oldest was a newborn and we just went to our first meeting of the Sioux Falls Weston A. Price Foundation last week.  so I'd say I'm TF-leaning...far from perfection but *trying* it's the one 'plan' that has made sense.

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Hi all, I am new to this forum but have lived in South Dakota my whole life, I live in Sturgis home of the Sturgis Rally.



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This is an older thread, but thought I would say hello anyway!  Five months into my first pregnancy.  Natural mama in Wessington Springs!

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We moved to Sioux Falls last October and live near the mall. It's pretty lonely. We haven't met many people yet (been busy working and with the kids). We need to make being social more of a priority. We are liberal, don't vax, eat a restricted diet (GF, CF), are AP, etc. We moved from Portland Oregon so this has been a bit of an adjustment.

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dogmom, are you on Facebook? There is a Sioux Falls Natural Parenting group on there that I could add you to. That would help you meet quite a few like-minded ladies. I'm in Sioux Falls as well, born and raised :)

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I am! Currently living in RC
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