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Holy belly!(ie.what do you wear???)

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Ok,so I am ONLY 20 weeks.......um, yeah. I am barely fitting into my large maternity clothes I bought. What do you wear those last few months of pregnancy?? I am not going to go out and buy a lot of stuff...but I cant live in my pink fluffy robe 24/7..
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First off we need to see pictures Because we have to see how big that gorgeous belly is before determining what to help you wear

I am 29 weeks.. and I"m about as big as I was at 35 weeks with one... so stuff is really just starting to not fit. But I've just been wearing big t-shirts and sweatshirts when weather is cooler. lol that's the blessing about winter coming up.... sweatshirts... You can buy em big and wear them.

I"m having more of an issue in the pants department.
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Dresses. Like, I lived in dresses the last couple of months, and I am NOT a dress person. I also had to stick to slip on shoes. So, it was a bit cold in teh winter, but what can you do. Oh, and make sure the dresses are reasonably long. As teh belly sticks out more, the front of the dress comes up. Tee hee.
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After growing out of my second size of maternity clothes, I moved to XXXL buttondown shirts from the cheapest source possible and yoga pants that I wore under the belly. I only made it to 33 weeks with triplets, so I was as big as plenty of twin moms at term. I can't imagine what I would have worn if I had gone another month.
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By the end I had two tanks I would wear (Liz Lange) and one pair of yoga pants. That's it. And I also wore pajama bottoms (men's, from Old Navy). I wore those few items for about.....three months.
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My DP is big to begin with, plus pregnant with twins (30wks) plus needs to dress "professional" for work. I bought her a bunch of Mens XXLT (the TALL is important) polo shirts from the jcpenney's mens big&tall section. She also has some womens XXX shirts, and she's popping out of those but she actually has a fair bit of growing room in the mens shirts. The talls are very long so they give her belly coverage. She is big in the shoulders by nature though, so they don't look weird on her.

She also wears Motherhood's 1X maternity pants. And sllip on shoes or shoes that I tie, lol.
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I am only 13 weeks. This thread is terrifying me.
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I had a friend give me all her plus sized maternity shirts, which was awesome.

I had one pair of jeans - Gap XL boot cut. They were awesome. They had an adjustible waist and fit from the first to the last and home from the hospital too.

For at home I bought a couple pair of xxl sweat pants from Target when they were on sale for $5 each.

If it were me, I would hit Goodwill or a resale store and see if you can find some plus sized tops or dresses.
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I agree with Julia--I find that dresses are the best thing but now that it's getting colder what to wear to work is becoming more difficult.

I did have 2 friends give me a bunch of their maternity clothes but I can't fit into 99% of them. I find that the styles for shirts are long right now so you just need to buy a bigger size and go check out some thrift stores as other posters have mentioned. I've also had a look at what DH has so I could find some sweatshirts/T shirts that I could fit into.

I don't think you need to buy a lot of stuff but you're going to need to get a few things that you can fit into and not worry about the fact that you wear them over and over again.
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my friend's husband lost a ton of weight and i got some old shirts from him. they were men's polos and t-shirts in size 3xl/extra-tall. that is what i wore the last month or two - with yoga type pants worn way low.

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I managed to find a couple of pairs of huge stretchy, drapy fabric black pants that I could get away with wearing to work. My belly didn't exactly stay inside them, so I found some huge, dress-like shirts. I got by with 3 pairs of said pants. I figure that they were plain enough so as not to catch peoples' eyes and make them recall that I had already worn those same pants twice earlier in the week. I figured that if I had a variety of tops to cycle through, it would be okay.

I bought one of those belly support slings (not for this purpose, but sometimes it came in handy). Sometimes the tops of the pants would slide off my enormous belly, and they were too big for my hips. I would tuck them up into the sling to hold them on, and cover the whole thing up with a dress-like shirt. A problem with the sling I had is that the shoulder straps came in pretty close to my neck, so I had to be careful with the necklines of my huge, dress-like shirts!

It's a little bit humiliating to recall some of my tactics. I had never been pregnant before, so I didn't realize how huge I was until I look back at pictures. No wonder people were so anxious around me! By 5 months, I looked at least as big as most people with singles look at 9 months.
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Th ank you for all the helpful replies!!!!!!! Right now I look 9months preggo at 5 months! I gained 45 pounds so far. I am into maternity pants size L for now but growing steadily. I am taking notes!
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I went through two sizes of maternity clothes (M and L) and still had belly hanging out of the bottom of all my shirts at the end. I lived in maternity yoga-style pants and skirts. and BIG tshirts!
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I'm 22 wks and looking like i did at 33 wks with a singleton. the most comfortable thing right now are my old navy over belly leggings, i hate under belly things they always fall down on me. I figure I'll go through fall/winter in leggings and tunic tops.
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