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Waiting to Adopt NON DDC ~ October 2010

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This is a "Non Due Date Club" for all the Mamas waiting to adopt kiddos, whether newborn or older. We can share our stories, encourage each other while we wait and be patient (or not) for our little ones to arrive.

Feel free to join in if you are waiting for a foster kiddo, a relative or an adoption in any stage. We're not trying to be exclusive at all. Mamas who don't have any kids yet but who are waiting to adopt or foster a kiddo are also welcome. Also feel free to chime in if you have previously adopted and have stories or advice to share.

Please keep this thread supportive and gentle. We all have different journeys and different ways of "getting there".

Here is the link to September's NON DDC


Waiting to adopt DDC Roll Call!!!

**Waiting to Start/Research**

Whistler (Erin)
International Adoption from Ethiopia
Waiting to apply

HeatherAtHome (Heather)
Hoping to foster/adopt
Bought a house, renovating before starting the process

Adoption plans on hold

International Adoption
Thinking stage for #2

Bella Catalina
Hoping to adopt from Ethiopia
Researching agencies

Hoping to adopt
Researching programs

Researching domestic and foster-adopt
Waiting to get on orientation list for foster care

Domestic Public Adoption
Starting classes summer '10

International adoption from DRC
Just beginning the process

MovingMomma (Shannon)
International adoption
Rwanda closed, considering options

Sbrinton (Sara)
International adoption
Rwanda closed, considering options

**Waiting for Approval**

Working on paperwork

SimplyRochelle (Rochelle)
Hoping to adopt from foster care
Working on paperwork

ladycop79 (Heather B)
Hoping to foster
Taking MAPP classes

Domestic Infant Adoption
Applying with agency
Waiting for homestudy

Licensing for foster hoping to foster-adopt
Working on home study

Foster to adopt
Waiting for approval

Fostering and Foster to adopt
Waiting for homestudy

State Foster/Adopt Program
Older Child Adoption
Waiting for homestudy

**Waiting for a Referral/Match**

BeckC (Rebecca)
Domestic Transracial Newborn Adoption
Homestudy approved 8/09
Waiting to be matched

Domestic Newborn Adoption
Licensed and waiting to be matched

sesa70 (Theresa)
Domestic Transracial Infant Adoption
Homestudy approved 11/09
Waiting for a match

Hoping to adopt current foster kiddos
Starting process for domestic transracial newborn adoption
Approved 11/09
Waiting for a match

Adopting from Thailand
Waiting on referral (hopefully summer/fall 2010)

Domestic Newborn Adoption
Homestudy approved
Waiting to be matched

Mama K (Kim)
Domestic Transracial Newborn Adoption
Homestudy approved 12/09
Waiting to be matched

Adoption through state foster care system
Matched with a 4.5 year old boy through state

Domestic private adoption newborn through 2 years
Homestudy approved
Waiting for a match

Domestic Adoption
Waiting for a match

Foster to adopt
Approved 8/10

**Matched/Waiting to Travel**

International African adoption
Received referral for 2.5 year old boy and 5 mo old girl!
Waiting on a court date

raqmykds (Raquel)
Transracial domestic adoption
Matched with an emom due 5/8/10!

Homestudy approved 07/09
Hoping to adopt an older child (girl)
Matched with a 9 year old girl
Waiting for ICPC

International adoption from Taiwan
Received referral 4/10 for a little boy!
Waiting to travel

Adoption through state foster care system
Matched with a 4.5 year old boy through state

**Waiting for TPR/Finalization**

Domestic Newborn Adoption
Baby boy is home 9/09!
Waiting for finalization

Foster/adoptive parent, hoping to adopt DFC
Moving towards permanent legal guardianship

crl (Catherine)
Updating homestudies for China and Kyrgyzstan
Homestudy for domestic adoption approved 12/09
Matched with an emom having a girl due in April
Baby girl is home 4/10!
Waiting for finalization

azedazobollis (Christine)
Domestic Newborn Adoption
DD came home 12/08
Waiting for finalization

Polliwog (Beth)
Hoping to adopt DFD who is free for adoption
Hoping to finalize summer '10

Matched with sibling group from foster care
Ages 6, 9, 10, 11, and 13
Kids are moved in!

Domestic private adoption
Baby boy born 10/09!
Waiting for finalization

Foster parents to 3 yo, 3 yo, and 5 month old.
Moving towards adoption with 2 out of 3, but maybe all 3.
TPR hearing for 1 or 2 of them in Jan.

Hoping to adopt 2yo DFS and his 8 yo sister

State Foster-to-Adopt Program
Waiting for a placement
Matched with a 3 year old girl
Waiting for TPR


Whistler (Erin)
Domestic Transracial Newborn Adoption
Baby boy born on 9/29
Home on 10/9!
Finalized 4/10!

International Haitian adoption
Finalized, our son and daughter are home!

Domestic adoption
Baby girl born 11/10/09!
Finalized 3/10!

someonenamedleah (Leah)
Domestic Transracial Infant Adoption
Baby boys born 1/09!
Finalized 5/10!

Private domestic adoption
Baby girl is home 2/10!
Finalized 8/10!

International adoption from Ethiopia
Dossier approved
Received referral 4/26/10
Our son is home 7/17/10!

christophersmom (Carly)
Hoping to foster
Approved 10/09
Baby girl placed 1/10!
Finalized 8/10!

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October DDC is posted. I'm taking a break from well, everything for a while. I'll be back prob next week to add the updates.
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(((Hugs Rebecca.))) I know that it was likely a tough decision and you've been in limbo for so long. We'll see you when you choose to come back.
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We have a little bit of progress on our case...right now we're waiting for the birthparent appeal to be denied, i think we're getting close to that, and we have adoption consents back from the state capital, which means once we get the subsidy contracts i can file for the adoptions (which would make my kids adoptive placements and not foster, giving me alot more power as a parent)...the thing that will hold up subsidy though is that i need to get a higher foster care rate approved for my daughter so THAT amount can be sent to the state, and my agency was really dragging on that. But from what i understand its been sent to the county for approval and they have 30 days to do that. She was approved for the higher rate with the previous foster parent so i'm hoping it wont be that big of a deal. Regardless i'm told we should be able to finalize on both kids by December (well my son should finalize when we file i think, but my daughter has to live here six months so that would be the middle of December.)
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On Friday, I have an appointment to fill out the adoption paperwork and I should be able to file the adoption paperwork in the next week or two. If all goes well, I should the finalization call in November.
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I hope it all goes smoothly from here, polliwog!
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Thanks. There's no reason why it shouldn't but you never know. It's all paperwork from this point out.
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We are waiting to be matched. Eek!
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I'll be filing the Petition for Adoption on Thursday morning. I should be notified that everything's final next month.
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Our homestudy has just been approved and completed by Catholic Social Services. We're waiting for a match. Also considering applying for foster-adopt and signing up for MAPP classes . . .
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Still here, still waiting, still nothing.

To make things worse, our agency has experienced a significant slow down in placements. The last two months there only only 2-3 placements, and so far in October there have not been ANY!!! This is bad news because there are about 135 potential adoptive parents in the pool waiting, and they used to average about 6 placements per month. So, its quite possible this may not ever happen for us now.
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Well, I guess I am done here... DH talked to the agency and they can't place a child with us because of the pregnancy. I am one mixed up ball of emotions right now. Thank you for the support over this last year!
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I decided that this would be the best place to introduce myself. I've been lurking on the board on and off for a while, but my DH and I have finally decided that we will probably adopt our next LO! I've wanted to adopt internationally my whole life, so it's so amazing to feel like it may actually become a reality.

We have an agency picked out and are doing a lot of researching right now. As of right now, we are thinking we will adopt a baby from Ethiopia. We will start the process of apply to the agency Summer 2011, so I have a long time to wait!

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all and join you in this journey.
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