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Diarreah, vomiting children and I'm overdue. HELP!!!

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I am pregnant and overdue and both my children 4 years old and 20 months old have had vomiting and diarreah for 2 full weeks now. We took my DS to the ER last night because after having a wonderful day with no throwing up for at least 3 days and only semi diarreah once in the morning, he threw up his guts and had diarreah again. It is coming and going with them both. Neither are running a fever, except maybe one degree on one or two occasions, the throwing up has been one time with my 20 month old and about 7 or 8 times now with my 4 year old. The diarreah has been everyday with somedays running to the bathroom 5 or more times a day and other days only once a day, it is crazy. There is no pattern, we think they are getting better and then BOOM it happens again. My daughter went two days with regular poops, and no throwing up and then started with the diarreah again. As of today she has had one regular poop, and no throwing up, but my son threw up again twice at home and once in the ER and bless his heart exploded with diarreah in the ER while we were waiting on them to figure this out. I am close to tears as I hurt when my babies are sick and I am so frustrated because all they did was do a stomach X-ray to check for constipation (he's never been constipated one day in his life, he's got diarreah!!!!) Nothing came of the x-ray. They did end up getting a stool sample to check to see if this is viral or bacterial, but told us we wouldn't know anything until Tuesday of next week. They sent us home with some plastic toliet bowls to catch some more poop samples for taking to the peds if this continues, but am unsure of what that means. I am sure we aren't suppose to collect samples over the weekend, but again wait it out until Monday and call if nothing has changed. Although both my kids are eating and drinking and don't seem to be dehydrated, my 4 year old DS is loosing weight because he isn't eating his normal amount. Like I said I am overdue and will be having my baby at a birthing center and coming home the same day and that can happen at anytime. I am overwhelmed with what the heck to do. They've both been on probiotics, I even got the suggestion to put them on Culturelle a probiotic that is suppose to really help if they have Rotavirus, but after giving my son two doses he had the throwing up and explosive diarreah again and we decided to take him to the ER. Even the doctors said to keep him on the probiotics, but is there anything else we can do? This just seems to be going on so long, I've never known of any kind of virus to last this long. Please help with any suggestions on what this could be and what else we can do to help them.
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What a lot to deal with at once.

Since they sent you home with the sample bowls, I would suggest called your health care provider to see what they want you to do over the weekend.
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I am so sorry you are going through this! Is there anything they're consuming that could be causing this like contaminated drinking water? ALso, I've heard that some GI viruses can last 10 days. Yikes. I really feel for you. Hopefully, this is the end of it.
Please keep us updated!
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I've got an appointment with a pediatrician Monday at 10:30. Both kids had a better day on Friday after the ER visit, but that has been the typical pattern, it comes and goes. They've each had diarreah a few more times, and my son had one small solid poop, which is his first in about 14 or more days, but then Sunday evening he had more diarreah. He is acting more his normal self, saying he's hungry again and eating better. My daughter is definetly not as sick with whatever this is. I am praying that the probiotics are working and it is getting better, but still afraid to say that just yet. It will be really interesting to see what the peds does if anything. The swab test results should be in by Tuesday and we can rule some things out I hope. I will know more tomorrow I pray.
I know that our water is fine, we filter it, and they have not had any other changes in their diet. The only thing I can maybe attribute this to is the trip we made to McD's to play in the indoor play gym. We don't do that very often, but it was really hot and I am very pregnant so I was looking for an easy way to give them some exercise. I won't ever make that mistake again. They came down with this shortly afterwords. The ER also mentioned parasites and I guess that is a possibility, we live in the country, they play in the dirt, we have horses and two dogs, but they get a bath or shower after every playtime outside just due to the heat, and getting sweaty. It is cooling off now, but they still showers or baths. What is the likely hood of them both coming down with parasites at the exact same time?
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Rota Virus can linger on for a while. Did they eat anything at Mc Donalds? I almost wonder if it was food related rather than viral?

Either way, there's not a ton you can do to hurry it along except tons of probiotics (some vitamin C if they can handle it) and wash wash wash your hands.

I hope everyone is feeling better soon!!!!
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The only thing I can maybe attribute this to is the trip we made to McD's to play in the indoor play gym.
Maybe a really bad case of food poisoning?
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Did you get your kids' test results back today? Hope they're feeling better!
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Wow, this sounds really overwhelming. The timing is horrible, and poor kiddos.
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How are you doing OP?
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