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It's interesting to me to hear how different people handle their pregnancies and births too. Particularly since I plan on being a CNM later in life, I like to get a fuller picture of the various options and preferences. I love to document stuff. I'm not sure if it comes from my slightly neurotic need to plan everything, my nursing school training, or even my awful divorce (where I had to document every little tiny encounter) but I really like keeping records of things. Even if the ped never sees it, I'll have it for my records and the baby book. I also got a few labor flow charts as well. I may not ever use them, but knowing that I have a place to document things should I feel the need helps me feel more secure somehow. I got the paperwork from Cascade Healthcare Products,, along with some other birth supplies that I'll need.


My son goes to the ped about every 6 months for med checks, but my daughter hasn't been in for a well-child visit (except for a check when she was really sick and ended up in the hospital for a week) in at least 4 years. I'm not vaxing my kids anymore, except for tetanus since they run around barefoot all the time, so there's really no need for the annual ped visits. We're in Texas and it's actually a pretty good place to be a homebirthing, no vaxing, hands off kind of mama.

I love to document too. That is why I have always wrote my own prenatal care down. I like looking back at it as well in future pregnancies.