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I want your hummus recipes!

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I am a hummus addict... I have a stock pile of chick peas and want to start making it myself rather than spending way too much on the quick and convenient store bought stuff. What are some of your favorite recipes and varieties? mmm my mouth is watering already!
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2-3 garlic cloves, juice of 1-2 lemons, maybe 1/4-1/3 c. tahini and about a cups worth of chickpeas (cooked), plus a good splash of olive oil, and cooking water. and salt to taste. adjust until it tastes just right. That's a half batch (I cook 2 c. of chickpeas, and make it into 2-3 batches, because mroe doesn't fit in the blender. I also mix everything but the chickpeas first in the blender, making sure there is a bunch of liquid. it's easier to add more chickpeas than more liquid.
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I'm a hummus head and will eat it with just about anything.
Here's my raw version using no chickpeas, but trust me, it's yummy!
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I always wing it, and my hummus is so inconsistent. Yesterday I tried this recipe and it turned out perfectly.

Also, I used dried chickpeas and made them in the crockpot. Soaked overnight in the crockpot, drained and rinsed, covered with water again and set to low for 8 hours. I will be doing all of my beans this way from now on because I didn't have to think about them, it was so nice and easy.
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My favorite hummus recipe EVER is the Spicy Red Pepper Hummus from Fat Free Vegan.

I make it for all our parties/potlucks/playdates and it's always a huge hit (with the grown-ups, it's really spicy for kids).
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For me, I've discovered that if I cook my beans the day before, drain them and refrigerate them, I get a better texture to my hummus for some reason.

I believe I started with 2 c of dried beans with my last batch, soak overnight, I overcook them so they puree easier, drain and refrigerate overnight.

In the FP I toss about half a dozen cloves of garlic, about a tsp of salt and the juice of half a lemon. Puree that until there are no chunks left. Add the beans and a generous amount of olive oil. Puree a bit, scrape down, puree a bit more. I add about 2 heaping spoonfuls (serving spoon, not cereal spoon, so at least 1/4 c) of tahini, puree a bit more. I needed the juice of 3 lemons, a lot of salt and at least 1/4 c of olive oil. Once the puree starts working nicely, I just let it run for several minutes, taste and adjust the salt and lemon juice as needed (if it needs more garlic, it needs to be pressed before adding). This made about 6 c of hummus - it filled a quart jar and a soup bowl.
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