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Moms of more than one...

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When taking one of your children somewhere and they ask about that child's birthday (such as the emergency room, so of course a legitimate request), do you find yourself having to mentally flip through all your kids and their birthdays? When I'm especially stressed, I do. When I took the baby to the ER (she cut her finger and we couldn't stop the bleeding. She's fine now.) I'm like ok, which month was this kid born in? April, May, or June. Ok. April. Date? 19th? No. 29th? No. Ah, yes. 12th. Year? Ah, yes. 2009. Almost as bad as when I actually have to go through my kids' names before I get to the name of the kid I'm talking to. Maybe George Foreman had it right by naming all his kids George.
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Totally. What's worse (or maybe it makes it easier?) is that all four of my kids have birthdays within 31 days of each other. So, I'm like, "uh, March something, two-thousand something." The something's where I have to pause and rememeber which kid was born when.

Same thing when writing them out on forms. They all went to the dentist recently, so I had to fill out paperwork four times. If I'm writing quickly, it's pretty much a given I'll end up having to cross one of their birthdates out and change it.
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I'm so bad with this! I always say their birthdays v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y to give myself time to get it straight. Mine are all in different months, but dates are the 28th, 21st, & 23rd. I blame my poor memory on 6.5 years of sleep deprivation.

My parents only had two kids, but my dad used to throw the dog's name in the list when he was trying to figure out who he was talking to.
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I guess that's how you can have people who grow up thinking their birthday is, say June 17th and their sibling is August 20th. Their entire life/childhood. Until they get something where they need the birth certificate, then actually look and find out their birthday is June 20th and their sibling is August 17th. That mom or dad had accidentally switched the dates and didn't realize it.
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Both of our boys were born on the 9th of the month. One in October and one in May. Our girls were born in September and May, but one was the 15th and one is the 14th, and I tend to mix them up. I have the most trouble with the years though. It's all just a blur!

I always felt like an idiot at prenatal visits, because I needed to recall the dates of two miscarriage on top of the birthdays, plus our babies all weighed between 8 and 9 pounds. Our girls were only an ounce different, and I can't keep their birth weights straight either.
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DD is easy her's is Sept.11, so that's one that is just kinda burnt in there. DS is harder because he was a planned c/s for medical reasons and the whole pregnancy the plan was Oct. 1, but then there was a scheduling conflict, so his b-day is Sept. 30th. The other day talking to someone I said November 30th, I'm freakin confused.
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Yep, and I only have two kids.
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No, I'm pretty good about remembering them.
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Even worse- I couldn't remember if my ds had any allergies at our last doc appointment. I felt terrible. I couldn't for the life of my remember if he was also allergic to sulfas like my two youngest kids and for some reason the doc who referred us to the specialist didn't send chart info that would have it in there. I felt like the world's worst parent.

Birthdays I can get, though.
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I remember that my oldest was one day before her due date and the younger is one day after her due date. And the due dates were the 25th and the 27th. So uhm I get confused as to whether I am remembering the due dates or the birth dates and which is one day ahead or behind or.... ACK!
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Only with my second. I'll have to actually think about the day and then the year. I have no idea why my oldest's is easier to remember. It only takes me a second, but I do have to stop and think.

And I totally throw the dog's name in when I'm trying to talk to the kids. I feel really bad, but I have to stop all three of them about equally from doing things they shouldn't.
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Originally Posted by VBMama View Post
My parents only had two kids, but my dad used to throw the dog's name in the list when he was trying to figure out who he was talking to.
This reminded me, my brother's name is Chris and mine is Kim. When my dad would get mad at one of us, "Chr..uh..Ki..uh..KRIM!!!" LOL
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With the youngest 2 I never have a problem remembering but with the older 2 i have to say it slowly to mentally give me a second to think. DD birthday is on August 20th and DS is August 19th I always mix those 2 up for some reason
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Thank goodness. I've been feeling like the worst parent ever. I mix up the birthdates of my youngest two, March 25, 2004 and February 22, 2006 if I'm in a hurry or stressed.

The really embarrassing one that I ALWAYS do is mix up my birthday with my eldest. He was born Sept 15 and my birthday is Sept 19th. When I am filling out paperwork for myself I routinely put his birthdate as mine. I get really funny looks when I hand in paperwork stating that I am 15!
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I get years confused a lot, DH and I were married in 2005, DD1 was born in 2007, DD2 was born in 2008 and Im due in 2011.. I get all the years mixed up.. the other day I said DD1 was born in 2005 then got confused because I wasn't married in Jan 2005 and I was in Iraq, the two together means no way DD1 could have been born then.. THen I realized nope, she was born in 2007, we were married in 2005.. case solved.
I also get our anniversary, DD2's birthday, my birthday and my DH's birthday confused. My birthday is November 9th, my husband Nov 11th, DD2's Nov 13 and our anniversary Nov 26th. Oh and my inlaws anniversary is November 21st.. anyone else confused? Just typing it out Im sitting here thinking "did I get the dates in the right order".. I spent 5 minutes once filling out DD2's birthday and when the doctor teased me about it I told him all the birthday/anniversaries and he said that he was totally confused now so no wonder I am.
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