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Maggie Frances is here!!

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Maggie Frances Hi||
10/01/10 -10:06pm
10.6 lbs - 21.75" inches

C section...Pix on flickr user name is knadine or nadin522 im not sure what im under. I can't pull the links using iPhone. Thank you guys so much, for the help and Suggestions!

I will write my whole miserable story some
Day soon. I will just give you the most brutal..
I'm just happy she's born and
Healthy and I cant wait to hold her. ( yes
My hospital doesn't let csec moms hold, touch or see their freakshow weight babies until the next day. She had low blood sugar and drank a bottle of
God knows what right after birth.) I touched her cheek during surgery with one hand that wasn't tied down. I had to scream at the nurses very embarrassingly in order to Hold her for 1 minute on the way to my room@ 1am. I cannot even believe what went on tonight I have never cried so much. ( still crying) I actually screamed @ them I'm not going To fu(#ing kill her. My husband yelling let her
Hold the baby WTF is wrong with you people??!! all over this hospital you have posters touting breast feeding is best and skinto skin contact but your all full of f'n s!!!! So yeah that's the end of my day. I don't hurt bad I cant sleep because I
Am gross and dirty and can't wait
To touch my baby @7am!!
I will write my whole story soon.
Oh I heard them Say they found some myomas on my uterus and I heard them saying send them
And my placenta to lab. I do think I had/have pre-e & GD. Both undiagnosed during preg. Nice.
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we're all here, thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery, i'm sorry theyre treating you and your baby this way! use it to draw strength and become a feirce mama, once she's back in your arms don't let them take her again, I went thru similar with corban and he learned to breastfeed like a champ don't worry too much about that, this is not your fault and you have every right to feel hurt and angry.

apart from that - WELL DONE MAMA! and welcome to the world little maggie i'm glad you're here safe and well
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Sorry you had to go through that! Hope things make a dramatic turn for the better and stay that way!

But congrat and welcome baby Maggie!
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Oh, mama, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience!! I wasn't able to hold my daughter for hours and hours after she was born because they rushed her to the NICU to get fluid out of her lungs and then she had to be in an oxygen tent, and then when I did hold her for the next couple days she was all covered in tubes and wires, and she had a terrible time trying to nurse with a tube up her nose--so I know at least about that part of it, and it is painful and hurts so much when all you've been wanting to do for all these months is hold your sweet babe in your arms and give them a mother's love. But like corban's mum said, this part will soon pass and little Maggie will be in your arms whenever you want and nursing like a champ pretty soon--hopefully she is in your arms right now.

Congratulations on your sweet babe! I love her name, too!
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Aw Nadine, I'm so sorry things went so bad I was really hoping it would go well for you. Congratulations on your little girl and I hope you get to hold her soon Dd1 was c/s and I didn't get to hold her for 4 hours, dd2 was c/s too and had serious health problems, I didn't get to hold her for 5 days It really REALLY sucks to not be able to hold your baby.
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Oh Nadine I am so sorry to hear that Maggie's arrival has been such a terrible experience so far. It's past 7 now and I am hoping with all my heart that she is in your arms and that the ordeal can be forgotten for a little while. Hope you're out of that place soon and congratulations!!!!! Welcome Maggie Frances!
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So sorry to hear about the way you have been treated. I hope you have your sweet baby girl in your arms as I type this. Congrats on the birth of your daughter...I love her name!
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Congrats on baby Maggie! There are a lot of 1's and 0's in that birthday!

I hope you get to bond with her soon. I am so sorry they are treating you so awfully at the hospital. I hope you get lots of snuggly loving time soon.

x 100
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I'm so sorry . It sounds tough for you and your little babe. I hope everything gets only better from here. My thoughts are with you and your family.
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Oh Mama, I am SO sorry you have had this horrible experience. I hope you are now holding your sweet baby and wishing you a speedy recovery.
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First of all congrats on a beautiful baby girl!
I'm so sorry things are going this way. It sounds like you've been through some horrible things. Hang in there mama! I hope you are cuddling your sweet baby girl right now!
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Hang in there! We're all here for you!!
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A big welcome to Maggie

So, so sorry that your birth experience was so awful. The way the hospital responded sounds horrific. I hope that you recover soon and can spend the time that you deserve with your beautiful baby girl.
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My heart breaks for you and I know you'll be home soon with that big bundle of joy! You'll still bond with her and she'll know your voice the second she hears it. She spent 9 months listening to it. Get well quickly and more important - get home!!
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Congrats on your baby girl! I love her name

Sorry your having such a horrible experience at hospital, and I hope she's in your arms now and you get to go home soon.
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Congrats on your healthy baby girl! I love her name!

I'm so sorry they are treating you so terribly. I've never heard of such an absurd rule. Hopefully she will be in your arms soon.
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Sending you lots of love and healing. I hope you are loving on your beautiful baby now. Congrats. It sounds like you have been through alot and are such a strong, wonderful mama.
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Congrats mama! I'm so sorry your birth didn't go the way you wanted. I hope you've been snuggling your Little Maggie all day. Welcome to the world, baby girl!
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Hello all and thank you sooo much for your support! I did get to spend all day with
Maggie. She's so wonderful. This morning @ 7 after 2 hrs of sleep I Was supposed to be allowed in a wheelchair
To go see her in nicu, when he nurse came
In I asked and you woulda thought I was asking to go home. Absolutely not you had the duramorph you can't get up! So of course when They took my bp it was high cuz I was flipping out. I called dh said get here soon so you can go spend the day with her ( they said I could Get up at 2) so he gets here and at 9 comes in With wheelchair and he's like
Come on just get in.. So I did And we went right in got to hold her for A half hour they said they
Were going to do one more blood test and I cold have her by 11. Woohoo! I had her all day she latched right on at first (little piggy) but just now it was time and she would not take it I
Think I'm not producing cuz I'm on a liquid diet and
I prob ate like 300 calories today. Hope tomorrow goes better. Oh and as soon as they let me
Have my baby my bp's are 120/60!! Really can't thank you all more for
Keeping me positive during the best/worst time of my life! I love her soo much!!
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high five to your DH! grr at the staff!
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