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I can't afford a new Maya, help me find an alternative?

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Hi, I am trying to find an affordable ringsling for my 4mo DD. She's about 18lbs so is hard to tote around all the time! We've had a jellybean pouch since she was born but now its too small.

I love maya wraps, so I know I want a ring sling. But I cannot spend the 50-60 most go for. Can anyone recommend a place to buy a cheap ringsling, onsale Maya wraps, or something?

If not Maya brand, maybe recommend a similar ringsling. I want one that is made like a maya, I am in TX though so thin fabric is good since it gets hot.

She likes hip carry, forward facing, and likes sleeping in them when I clean so we need one that allows all of this.
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try Etsy? i got a beautiful RS for my sil for less than $40
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Etsy didn't have anything under 40, unfortunately. I need to find something in the 20-30 range......
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Get an account on The Babywearer.com and stalk the For Sale or Trade boards. Great deals on previously loved carriers. You can find DIY ring slings up there for $20 if you look hard and stalk often.
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Try this link

It should bring you to the search results for "ring sling" between $15 and $30. Some of the results are pouches and whatnot, but the majority are ring slings you could look through.
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Can you sew at all or do you know someone who can? My first ring sling was a maya knock off that my mom and I made together from a pattern that used to be on the maya website. I don't know if it still is but there are tons of patterns out there. The rings are from slingrings.com (I think?) and the fabric ws either walmart or HL - undyed 100% cotton muslin midweight type fabric for around $2-3/yd. THey still have it for about that price because I saw it just recently. The sewing is VERY basic - straight lines. Took us less than an hour to make - just be sure to prewash the fabric.
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Diaperswappers.com!! They'll have a ring sling for you - I'll bet you can find a Maya for around $25 and a mama-made ring sling for around $10. Plus, a lot of parents there are willing to trade. You have to register (like MDC) but it seems worth it!

Also try the TP here and place a "ISO". Maybe someone will sell you one for cheap.
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Sleeping Baby Productions sometimes has in-stock ring slings in the $20-25 range, although I don't see any on Jan's website right now. Here's the link anyway, maybe you can try to email her and ask:


Honestly, though, for a baby that's already 18 lbs at 4 months old and being on a limited budget, I'm not sure I would invest in a ring sling at this point. My 8 month old is around 20 lbs and although I love my linen ring sling (made by Jan at SBP!) I can only carry her around for short periods of time in it. By the end of a shopping trip, I'm ready to get her out!
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It would have been worth it to me!! I carried DC until she was 6 (and for one event when she was 7)!! She's pretty small though. I could easily carry 30 lbs in a Maya.
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I also suggest looking on FSOT on thebabywearer.com...lots of good deals on there. It's also not that hard to make your own RS, just make sure you use good rings, from slingrings.com.
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