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me too!

I'm here- today I'm deep cleaning the bedrooms (we have 2)- in the process of cleaning the windows (fully removing them, etc.) I'm working on these two rooms until they're DONE with a few intermittent breaks for inspiration. I'll hopefully be posting pics tonight.
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I got the top shelf of the linen closet done yesterday, that doesn't sound like much but there was a lot of stuffed jammed into that shelf that I had to sort through! Cleaned it all down too and only put back what needs to be there.

Today I will do another shelf.
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I haven't been posting, but I've been following the digest! Okimom you are inspirational. I love the wings.

Coconut Chronicles--you are really getting HUGE projects done! Yay! You are reminding me that my house is just about to the point where I really should repaint. That is not happening anytime soon.

Melissel--I'm really sorry for your loss. I hope you have lots of support and comfort. You are still being very productive.

Welcome mooshersmama and cece!

As for me... it's slow going. I have a six week old and a 2.5 year old who are not terribly patient with being ditched with my husband. I have moved most of the big stuff out of the shed and gotten it to the garage and on shelves. I made a rather large donation run and I have more ready to go. I have big piles of stuff that needs to go to various people and getting all that out of my way would help but I'm not sure when I can get rid of it all. UGH!

Right now my problem in the garage is I'm storing stuff to sell at the next big consignment sale in March and trying to find good permanent homes for the stuff I'm keeping long-term around that pile. The garage is mostly my daughter's playroom so I'm trying to be very careful to keep my storage stuff to just one corner and out of her way. It's a pain in the butt.
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Thanks rightkindofme.. I enjoyed making them. As for your storage problem, is there a way you can divide the garage like curtains or a false wall? That way you have defined spaces and less worry your toddler would get into it. I know with my girls if they see boxes lined up for to long they will want to know whats in it.

I finished DD2s wings and tutu as well so those are checked off my list. I was going to work on more today but instead I slept .. I think anytime you can take a 4 1/2 hour nap and still wake totally exhausted your body is trying to tell you it needs the rest.
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I'll join.

1. Sort/file/toss the stacks of paper all over my office.
2. Deep clean the car.
3. Clean/organize the guest room and closet.

Honestly, none of these should take me *that* long. The office is definitely the worst. But I'm so unmotivated! We're going on a road trip this weekend, so I need to do the car first. And I'd love to get the office done, so we can come home to a lovely uncluttered space (and have the motivation to start writing and sewing in there!). The guest room can wait until we get back, because we don't have guests coming for another couple of weeks.

Thanks for the kick in the pants! I needed this thread!
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Going to have to get a move on with my projects for this month...realised the days are going so fast it's nearly halfway through October already!
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Originally Posted by clutterwarrior View Post
Going to have to get a move on with my projects for this month...realised the days are going so fast it's nearly halfway through October already!
Don't remind me!! I haven't done anything this weekend and I had planned on doing alot. DH is talking about taking the kids tomorrow though and letting me spend the day doing birthday sewing for DD2. If he does my plan is to concentrate on her clips, purse, dress/apron and blanket. If not then Im going to take some of the felt projects I need to work on or some of the knitting to do on the road.
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Originally Posted by clutterwarrior View Post
Going to have to get a move on with my projects for this month...realised the days are going so fast it's nearly halfway through October already!
Ugh I know what you mean! I completely lost momentum over the weekend and started focusing on DS's Advent Calender. I really need to pick up the pace this week.

OkiMom hope you're feeling better this week! Love the wings and tutu

Originally Posted by Coconut Chronicles View Post
7) Finish DS's room (hang shelves, finish closet system, finish toy boxes for bookcase)
Finally finished hanging DS' shelves! So now his room is finished

I've been totally procrastinating on moving the furniture back into the guest room ....I really need to get on that today. I'm hoping to paint the butlers pantry (its such a small area it shouldn't take me long) and hang the artwork. Better stop wasting time on here!
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Originally Posted by doubledutch View Post
paint the upstairs (one big room with low walls due to sloping ceiling, shouldn't be too awful)
winterize - meaning, raise the metal awnings that keep the heat out of the south side of the house during the summer, and put up window plastic. ideally, also caulk windows.
paint the floors downstairs, one or two rooms at a time (or in some other way that allows us to live there while painting the floors). when i paint over our route to the bathroom, well that will have to be on a day when we are going to leave for an overnight visit! it would be silly not to do this now, though, because most of our living/dining furniture is at our other house for staging.
make curtains . . . this is less immediately needed, more of a want than a need, but it would be good for stash-busting!
hmm. it's almost the middle of the month. i did a ton of work this weekend, but not the stuff on this list!

after getting back into our house, i've looked at the walls upstairs and decided not to paint. i'm just going to try to clean up the scribbles with a magic eraser and call it a day.

winterizing is definitely on the list for this week! at least the outdoor part of it.
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I have made progress in DS's room, which I forgot to add to my list but as I have been working on it this month, here is a bit of a before and after.

I can't find the actual before photo I took early this year, but this one of him sleeping in bed shows how messy it was on the floor, just try to imagine the whole side of the room looked like that before, big piles of toys and boxes and clothes everywhere!



Also have done one shelf of hall cupboard so here are photos of top shelf before and after.

Shelf before

Shelf after
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I got nada done this weekend. But! One of the moms from my playgroup wants to come get my shed when it is empty so uhm I uhhh made arrangements for future progress? Does that count for anything?

This whole week is super busy...
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But wait there's more!

Three shelves done now.
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Coconut , thanks! Im hoping this weeks is a better one as well. I keep reminding myself that it can't last forever (and it can't, by the middle/end of Feb I can guarantee I won't be sick anymore.. tired on the otherhand is another story)..
Clutter- Good job on the shelves!
doubledutch- I avoid painting as well! My apartment could use a good coat (they used the wrong type of paint when they painted last and now its peeling) but Im putting it off.
rightkindofme- I think it counts! Having someone to get the shed and giving yourself a deadline of sorts goes into planning in my book!

I got the dress and apron done today! As well as the blankets for both girls and the baby. (Ill post pictures tomorrow, Im to tired to do it today and its way past my bedtime!) Tomorrow Im going to try to work on the purse, clips, banner and monkey vest/blanket (can someone please tell me how to say no to my almost two year old when she gives me her special mommy smile and says "Mommmmy plllleaaaseee" I can't say no). Also, DD1 has decided she wants to help me inventory the baby clothes. Personally I think she just wants to play with them!

I just realized tomorrow is Wednesday! Im not use to DH being off on Mondays and Tuesdays! This is going to be a short week so I better get cracking tomorrow. I never get much done with DH home.
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Originally Posted by clutterwarrior View Post
But wait there's more!

Three shelves done now.
Awesome job on those shelves Clutter!

Originally Posted by Coconut Chronicles View Post
1) Paint main guest room upstairs

3) Paint butlers pantry
Finally moved back all the furniture in the guest room but I haven't taken a picture of that yet.

Butlers pantry is painted: Click and Click
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Couldn't sleep last night so I finished up the monkey's vest and apron then took pictures of the projects I finished.
DD2's dress with apron
Dress without apron
All 3 blankets
Monkey in vest sitting on top of his blanket
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Thanks guys!

Coconut I really love the colour scheme in your kitchen, it looks great!

Oki that monkey sitting on his blanket is just so cute!

I think today I will do a bit of work on my garage...I need a break from doing the linen cupboard.
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Clutter, thanks! Im glad the vest and blanket turned out well. DD2 is going to be so happy when she gets them on her birthday.

I got the purse and headband done while DD2 was napping (excuse the crabby face, she just woke up and didn't want her picture taken). I also started going through baby clothes but only got through the neutral/boy 0-3 month clothes before I decided it was time for a break. Im dragging today.. Im going to go monitor art time (aka make sure the girls don't get paint all over the front room.)
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One cupboard and medicine cabinet organized! I did these while watching the girls wash off paint and instructing on the finer points of a water fight . My house really is never dull.
Cupboard in hall bath- I got the small containers at the 100 yen store, they fit perfectly in the cupboard and Im hoping it keeps the girls from getting into things.
Medicine Cabinet

It stopped raining!! So Im taking the kids out to the park instead of doing the other bathroom. Im sure the mess will wait for me
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Got the other bathroom done this morning! Again I didn't take before pictures. Its slipped my mind and the girls were impatient to get started.
Cupboard- the only container with anything in it is the green one on bottom, it has all my Betta supplies. The cloth bag on top has my husband's clippers in it. We stock up on hygiene items during case lot sales since they are about 75 cents cheaper per bottle that way and you can still use coupons.
Medicine chest Most of what was in there to begin with was trash so it was easy to clean out.

ETA: DH picked out fabric for the girls Christmas dresses and ordered it last night so thats another thing done.
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The baby clothing is done! I purged 3 large trash bags full of clothes. I went through and saved just my absolute favorite girl outfits in case one day we have another girl. DH is going to put them back in the cupboards tonight and then Ill take a picture. The last of the dreaded "whats in that" cupboards are cleaned out! Only cupboard still having to be sorted through I know what is in, it just needs to be organized. Oh and I cleaned off a shelf in the storage closet which will help a TON with storing things in there.

ETA: I think the Christmas dresses are cursed!! They sold out of the fabric before filling my order AGAIN. Ughs! Back to the search again.
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