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I didn't dare to plan for anything at the beginning of October since there are so many tasks I still have un-done

but I've been lurking now and then and am now quite pleased to realise that I did actually tackle a big project that has been pending for 2 years; we have a very small windowless place with just a washbasin in there (which we don't actually use) and the owner gave us a credit note for supplies so that we would scrape the flaky paint and repaint properly .... so we've had the supplies for 2 years and DH was not going to do it, I wasn't going to do it either => when I heard of a reasonable painter, "no job too small" on a network I'm part of, I got that project going, getting all I had stored in there out, getting a quote, being there when he was available to work, getting a new light fixture, ... as well as baking a cake for the children of the neighbor who helped DH with the complex wiring of the light fixture (which had not been working for 2 years)

am so glad that this forum exists, it's really helping me out, I don't despair as much now that I can see that I'm "in progress"
& also getting inspiration from others is a great help